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Fromsoft Stuff (Souls series, and Bloodborne)


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I'm wondering if there are any OBers here who play the Fromsoft games (specifically, games like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, or Bloodborne).

I am a bit of a latecomer to these games; my first Fromsoft game was Bloodborne, which I've just about played to death (I'm on NG+ at the moment, playing it cooperatively).

But in recent times I've gone back and bought Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (the PS4 remaster of DSII). So far I am really enjoying it, although it's quite different from Bloodborne.

Does anyone else here play these games? And if so, is anyone interested in playing cooperatively? The co-op is a bit awkward to trigger, but it's so worthwhile once you get going. I've been playing Dark Souls II cooperatively with my sister a bit lately (it is a bit easier to coop in DSII than Bloodborne apparently), and it really enhances the experience. Plus, it's fun to chat in a party as you explore dungeons and fight bosses. :P

If you are on PS4 and you have Bloodborne or DSII (and especially if you need some help in Bloodborne...), put your PSN details here. I'd love to connect up with other players. :-)

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Oh my, what a troubled love-hate relationship I have with From Software. I love Demon's and Dark Souls but hate how those games make me feel (ineffective and inferior). I haven't jumped into current gen quote yet so there's a lot of gaming I'm missing out on but I'll get there eventually...probably. Maybe. Though I can't keep track of which Souls/From games is on which system and/or generation. I want to say...DSII was PS360? And Bloodborne/DSIII is PS4? Like I said, I've been completely out of most of the console space.

Then again, going PC gaming probably led to that a bit. Then again, *snuggles the 3DS and WiiU*

I definitely played more Demon's than Dark. Beat a few bosses in Demon's then life happened. Didn't get too far in DSI. At all. I vaguely recall trying to mace the skeletons near the start of the game, failing miserably at that, turning around, going the opposite way, getting further, then getting gored through by a gnarly giant, then...kinda stopped. I need to get back into that, though. Those skeletons just meet their end!

Right after I re-finish my basement. Heh

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Interesting, most interesting. ;P

To clarify, the Demon's and Dark Souls games were all on the previous generation platforms. Fromsoft released a remastered version of Dark Souls II for PS4, called Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. That's actually been my first (and currently only) Dark Souls game.

Bloodborne is exclusive to PS4. They are releasing the DLC for it shortly (end of November I believe), which is called Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. I believe it's a fairly big DLC pack, too.

And then you've got Dark Souls III, which is coming out early next year on PS4. As far as I know it's also PS4 exclusive; I'm not sure about any Xbox One release at this stage.

If you end up grabbing a PS4 at some stage, then I highly recommend getting Bloodborne. It's insanely awesome. It almost feels like a next-generation Castlevania...that is, a good 3D Castlevania. There's even a cane whip type of weapon. :P

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I've played my fair share of Dark Souls and a smattering of Dark Souls II. I'm terrible at them, and can't play them for long before I start to get twitchy, but I do really, really enjoy them. The lore, by far, was the best bit. James, you're absolutely right btw: DS is the next-gen Castlevania experience we should have gotten. 

If you want to see something interesting and don't mind some really not safe for work humor, look up Plague of Gripes' Let's Plague Dark Souls series on YouTube. It just finished a few weeks ago, but it's a really in-depth look at the game from a lore perspective. 

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