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RPG Parasite Eve 2(start)


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Only those who joined in the sign up thread may post.If you want to join PM ME!!!!!Do not post in this thread unless i say other wise.So let's start!
Kyle-Hey Astralyas....


Kyle-The boss called he wants us to go down to the Akropolis Tower.There's been "creature sightings"there.Total havoc.

Astralyas-Well.....let's move out.

Kyle-I'll get the car just grab me some extra ammo and get your stuff.


Kyle-I'll get some extra weapons.....
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Moving with her natural grace and stealth, Astralyas snatched up her sabre, and sighted it......checking it's edges.......satisfied, she threw it up, landing it on the sheath strapped to her back. Then she adjusted her gun on its magnetic holster and tied up her thick silver hair.[/i]

Aster: Ready.

Kyle: Peachy. Let's go.

Aster: I hope......you haven't forgotten my policy......

Kyle: Yeah, whoever gets the head gets the bounty...I know.

Aster: :demon: Exactly........when I signed up for this gig......there was one reason only.....

Kyle: Yeah, the money. :D

Aster: Right.[/COLOR]
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They arrive the Tower with Aya already there.

Aya-Took you two long enough.


Kyle-What's the situation?

Aya-Copter with civillians in it just crashed.We go in and help SWAT.

Aster-Yeah yeah.....

The three walk in ready for some NMC killin but walk in and take in the sight of SWAT members thrown against walls with their armor ripped apart and blood everywhere.


Aya-Oh......my god.....

Aster-.......bad luck.

Kyle spots a creature and fires at the creature's neck decapitating it.He takes out a pen and paper attached to a clip board.

Kyle-One for me and none for Astralyas.

Aster-You think your funny don't you?


Aya-Let's get to work.

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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Moving with a swiftness that was totally inhuman.......Astralys ripped her sabre from its scabbard and swung forward, decapitating two of the creatures at once.[/i]

Aster: Two more for me!

Kyle: Yeah yeah.....

Aster: :flaming: CHEW ON THIS!! LAGUNA BLADE!!


Creature: IOww.....[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Raiha [/i]
[B][COLOR=royalblue]Being a coward Siren? We'll have none of that......................if you can't play the part...................[/COLOR] :demon: [/B][/QUOTE]
You've turned into like a demon......nice.......
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i'm NOT being a coward... in fact i'm not evean backing out! i've got a back up char incase i can't play so:p i need to know the powers and persona of anya or i can't play her... but if you still need someone to play a part like that i can play her role as siren... unless that's what you where thinking in the first place...

now that i look over all that... did it make sense to you?
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You can play as who you wanna.You don't have to be Aya.I changed my mind.Now shall we continue?Oh yeah.It's Aya not Anya.
They walk to a restauraunt and spot a civillian.

Kyle-What the!!!

Aster-A civillian?What is she doing here?

Kyle kicks the glass door breaking it and they walk through.

Kyle-Ma'm?We are here to get you out of here.

Aster-Something isn't right......

The woman falls to the ground and starts to transform.

Kyle-She's one of them!!!!

Aster-Don't shoot!!

Kyle shoots at the creature's neck and the head flys off.

Kyle-More are over there!!

Soon they are surrounded looking for a way out.

Aster/Kyle-:therock: :demon:
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I'll put you in.You just have to post afterwards.
Kyle and Aster stand back to back waiting for them to attack first.

Aster-:mad: These are an unusual bunch..

Kyle jumps and lands on one of the creature's back and cuts the head off.

Kyle-Hey could you go call for back-up?

Aster-No way!!!I'm not letting you get all the bounty!!

Kyle-So you love me that much?

Aster-:therock: I'll go call for back-up!

Kyle gets jumped by a creature but soon breaks free.


Kyle starts slashing heads off left and right.But soon he is overwhelmed.But someone jumps from the counter and shoots some of the creatures while dragginng him into the kitchen.


Woman-Shhhhhh...don't talk.

Kyle passes out in the woman's arms.But he soon wakes up.

Kyle-Huh?W-Where am I?

Woman-Kyle?You alright now?

Kyle-Aya?Yeah i'm fine.What happened?

Aya-The creatures started throwing you around and you soon passed out.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Aster: *pop* I hope they hurry it along.

[i]She clenched her fists and charged up her energy. She spread her fingers out and summoned all her strength..........[/i]

Aster: You who burn eternally........I prepare my magic.......draw the blue fire.......

[i]As she spoke, she traced a circle of blue flames in the air, and the whole place began to shake with wild tremors........and suddenly, a huge ...something, crawled from the circle......[/i][/COLOR]
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Kathrine shifted uneasily in her sleep.

In her dream huge distorted ugly creatures were charging at her, screaming their war cries in a language she prayed never to understand. She was running....not afraid of the beasts themselves but of what would happen if one should touch her. She felt her feet give way beneath her and she fell outstretched on the cold damp ground. A black tentical grabbed her ankle and she felt herself being dragged into an eternity of heart renching screams and darkness.

She awoke in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. She shuddered to try and rid herself of the memory, and after a breif pause, got up to go to the bathroom.

How long had she been having variations of this dream? She didn't know...but she'd sooner forget it altogether.....
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Kyle-I have to go!

Aya-You need to rest first!

Kyle-Let me go!!!

Aya-Kyle stop!Rest!

Kyle-I have to go.....

Aya-Fine go get yourself killed.

Kyle starts to walk away but Aya comes up behind him.

Aya-I'm coming with you.

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