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RPG -Dark Armageddon [Play]-


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[i]The duel-propellered plane flew along, in the now jungles of Louisiana. The pilot sweated freely, fear consuming him, reckless. The dragon was behind him, somewhere. The co-pilot told him to speed down, and to pull up out of the trees, but the pilot didn't listen. Too bad.

The right wing snapped off, striking a rotting tree. The flimsy plane tossed around, left wing shreading off, metal grinding into nothingness. The plane now stopped, dinted everywhere, tail spoiler gone. The pilot looked at his co-pilot. The young boy stepped out of the cabin, trying to keep the passenges calm while the 'El-Capitan' radioed for help. The door was open, and suddenly, a lady passenger jumped up screaming, heading for the back.[/i]

Co-Pilot: Ma'am! What's wrong?

[i]The plane suddenly jumped, a great impact. The pilot screamed loudly, as the plane tipped slowly forward,.............

.............And fell

In a few seconds, the plane landed, crushing the pilot, the cabin, and the first ten rows. The plane then collapsed, on it's back. The dragon now stood on the ground, staring at the tube. It's mouth opened, expelling a black lava, engulfing the plane.

Suddenly, a blood-red vapor tail burst from the side of the wreaked bird, followed by a white one. The dragon was suddenly blasted off of it's feet, crushing the plane.

Neil flew in the air, firing lightning bolts, bolt after bolt, each one hitting the Dracoitc Beast, knocking it down repeatitly.[/i]

Ken: Ok, ok! Keep your shirt on, Neil. Jeezus...

[i]A white orb flew out of nowhere, blowing the dragon away. Ken suddenly appeared, hovering next to Neil. After a quick handshake, they appeared on the ground[/i]

Neil:......any survivors?
Neil: ****...........Dude, Ken, what the hell is going on here? Dragons? Undead back in San Antonio? Reports of demons in New York, all over the country. Hell, the world. And....those rocks.
Ken: Shiiiiiiiit, I dunno. Why you askin me?
Neil: Right...... Now, lets head for.........I dunno. New Orleans?
Ken: ..........We can try.........

[i]The two bros took off, into the air...[/i]
I know...... A serious biting off of JPIII.....bah.....It's still cool, so :p!!!
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[I]Cloud glided forward, his giant wings the perfect gliding instrument. He floated over Alcatraz Island, which seemed eerily silent. He'd have to check it out later. After a few minutes, Cloud finally landed onto Manhatton, which was filled with sirens, screams and unearthly roars. [/I]

Cloud: The evil is here...time for me to play exorcist.

[I]Cloud's wings retracted into his back, and he held up his giant 1 ½ metre sword in front of him. Glancing around, he saw that the alley he was just entering was bare. Walking down it, he glanced at the many charred and bloody bodies.[/I]

Cloud: They will pay...

[I]Cloud leapt forward onto the street in front of him, and was instantly surrounded by several demons.[/I]

Cloud: :flaming:

[I]In a quick flash of silver, Cloud had swun his sword. Slowly, two on the demons collapsed, blue blood flowing out of them. Two others demons were just lifted up into the air by Cloud's mind, and then thrown hard into a building. The last two looked at each other, before running away in different directions.[/I]

Cloud: No you don't.

[I]Cloud pointed one hand at the left demon, and muttered an incantation under his breath. It instantly froze. He ran forward, and just as the demon began to start moving, he slashed his sword across it's neck. His body fell down onto the ground, his head following. Cloud looked around for the other demon, but it was gone.[/I]

Cloud: There are more around...I can smell them...

[I]Cloud wandered forward, back into another alley...[/I]
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OOC: Whee . . !


[I] Katanga(Kata for short) ran through the sewers of New Orleans, a large band of demons on her tail. She slid around a corner as a voice came crackling through the headphones of the system she wore.[/I]

Voice: Hey, how you doin' down there Kati?

[I]Kata growled into her mic.[/I] I'm doing just fine thank you and for god's sake it's KATA, McCloud!!

McCloud: Whatever babydoll; you sure you're ok?

[I]Kata growled, and stopped, part of the demons in front, and the other half behind her.[/I] McCloud, when I get back up here, the first thing I'm doing is kicking you into the 14th Century, and then I'm taking a shower! Why can't [I]you[/I] be the one doing the dirty work?!
[I]She slammed her hand down on the button to shut off the system, after hearing McCloud's 'I'll be sure to catch you in the shower baby doll.' She didn't like that stupid idiot, and he was going to get his share once she got back to the surface. Kata turned to face the demons on both sides, then raised her staff high.[/I] SOUL'S TERROR!!! [I] She twirled, and brought down her staff. There was a flash of white, and then a giant boom. Once the smoke cleared, there were minature craters to the sides of Kata.[/I]

[I]Kata turned her system on once again, and was greeted by McCloud's lazy drawl.[/I]

McCloud: Wow Kati, that could have measured as a 5.2 on the Richter scale! Just how many were down there?!

Kata: It's Kata dammit! And there was the equivlant of a small army! Why else would you have sent [I]me[/I] down to take care of them?! [I]Kata slammed her hand down on the button, and climbed up the small ladder to the surface.[/I]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken came to a stop in a side street of New Orleans. His white wings shone out in the darkness like a beacon and he shrugged it off. Neil came to a stop beside him and ran down the streets, his footsteps splashing in puddles of rain... and blood.

Ken followed and came out. He looked around. It was quiet. Ken blinked and scratched the back of his head[/i]

Ken: Where's the screaming and ruckus?

Neil: Uh....

Ken: Erm. The hell's with this.


Ken twirled around, his sword appearing.

A minotuar around 20 feet tall stood above him. The minotuar's hoof stamped on the ground, as the warrior drew it's spear.[/i]


Neil: Shiiiiittt...

[i]The giant half man half bull beast charged foreward, swinging it's spear, hitting Ken in the side sending him flying right and crashing through a wall into a building....[/i][/color]
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Craig stands on the corner of Burbon street, in New Orleans. The rain hammers down like stones upon the ground..... and each tiny droplet smacks Craig like a block of dry ice. However, he stands perfectly calmly...... his trenchcoat fluttering in the violent winds. He looks at the blistered and cracked floor..........

Craig: Is this............. the apocalypse?

A woman runs past Craig clutching her child by the shoulders, guiding him. Craig looks on edgily at her.......... he can see.............. even feel the panic in her. Tears stream down the child's face............. he is just scared........ like this is a nighmare, and he will wake up soon. Craig looks away......... as suddenly the ground infront of them buckles, and a zombie lurches up from the ground, and in one swift strike takes the top of the womans skull clean off. Blood streams down her face..... onto the small child........ who screams in petrification. The zombie's long, oozing, slimy tongue slowly slithers from his mouth....... as he licks some of the blood up from the woman's face. He slowly moves up......... eyes closed, as if this is almost erotic.......... intimate to him.

Craig: Bastard.........

Craig looks up at the sky......... the icy rain beating fiercly down upon his face. The black sky............ scorched with fire...... red and black colliding in the sky, swirling around each other............ vicious fork lightning blasts down at the ground. Craig closes his eyes, and runs his hand along his face......... as the child issues a piercing scream.... which is suddenly cut off. Craig turns to the side........ and opens his eyes, to see the child's face missing.The zombie nibbles a piece of skin hanging from his mouth. The child's eye ball, half devoured, the rest dissolving in the rotting saliva of the zombie. The edges of the wound, caused by the zombie's feasting, fizzles greenly, as the rest of his cranium slowly burns away. The Zombie looks on in sheer delight.......... as he takes another deep gorge into the gaping wound that was once an innocent childs face. Craig starts beckoning towards the zombie. It tuns his head..... licking some of the puss of the child's brain from his lips. He rears his head back.

Craig: I've had quite enough of you!

Craig grips the hilt of his Dragon Scimitar....... as he storms towards the Zombie. He unsheaths the Scimitar, and yells as he drives it straight into the Zombie's neck. A green treacle type substance oozes out from the gaping wound............. The Zombie's eyes bulge out..... and he opens his mouth as if to shreik...... but no sound comes out.

Craig: Oh........ so I did hit your vocal chords......... I'm sorry about that.

Craig turns the Scimitar...... ripping the Zombie's neck wide open. In one flash he forces the Scimitar upwards..... ripping the zombie's head in two. Blood and puss pours from the gaping wound...... as his head separates.......... his brain breaking apartand oozing down into his eyes..... burning them. Maggots and flies crawl about inside his cranium. Craig sheaths his Scimitar. He turns and starts walking away........... as the zombie decomposes at an incredible rate.......... dissolving into the floor.
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[i]Neil rushed forward, sword matereralizing in front of him. He swiftly snatched it, before jumping up into the air, with superhuman strength. He looked like a normal guy, just very big and buff. He jumped high, feet landing on a buliding. He..was....standing.....sideways!

The Dark Shocker jumped to the side again, slashing the minotaur's arm right arm open. But the second Neil's blade sunk in, the butt of the spear slapped in the face, sending him flying. His entire body burrowed deep within the pavment, phasing him greatly. By now, Ken was on the offencive. He sliced the beast's knee open, tearing the cartilage open. the thing fell on that knee, black blood shooting out. Ken jumped back, blade still dripping of the vile liquid.

The man-bull was about to throw his spear, when a big-*** lightning bolt knocked him into a few bars, demolishing them. There, Neil stood, but with one exception: his hair. It was still the icy blue, but it was spiked crazily, in all angles. [/i]

Fury: Well, well, well. Ken, attack him from the blind site. That's his weakness.
Ken: Right......But, uhh......Neil is that you?
Fury: Not really. Kinda-sorta. I'm Fury, a transformation, etc. Yeah. Now, uhhhh......let's finish..........................it!
Note: Yeah, you can have several transformations! I forgot to add that in the sign-ups! In which case...

1) Neil (Partial control of both Dark and Electric powers)
2) Fury (complete Electric control, looks like Neil)
3) Wild (complete Dark power control, looks like Medra, only with glowing black eyes)
4) Medra (Complete Dark and Electric power control, you'll see soon)
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Great...I hate finding my way into a sorty late...

Marth:I said stay down!

[I]Marth released another round into the deamon that was follwoing him, but it still kept coming...[/I]

Marth:This is gonna be long!*shoots the deamon again*
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[SIZE=1][i]In the middle of what was the USA it is completly bare. The streets are empty houses are abandoned. Where did the people go? Dead. All of them. Killed by this evil that has entered this world. The only things walking the streets now are the evil. One seems to stand out from the rest though. A Mage for sure. Appeared more healthy, more... alive. He seemed to be holding his own. Not being bothered. Overhead a huge dragon passed by as a bolt of lightning dropped from the sky landing not far in front of this Mage. As soon as the lightning bolt was gone, there was a warlord in its place...[/i]

Warlord: [i]"You sure have a lot of guts showing your face here, mortal..."[/i]

[i]From the depths of alleys and sewer systems crawled the undead and demons. This Mage was surrounded. But the undead and demons were the least of his problems.. The Warlord stepped forward and the Mage took defensive action revealing his staff. The black orb on top began to release a dark mist as the Mage's eyes glazed over black.. The Warlord slowed at this. Then stopped and nodded to the undead and demons to attack him first. The Warlord faded out to behind the Demonic circle that encompassed the Mage, who stood calm in the center. The mist being release from the orb intensified. On the other end of the staff was a medium-sized blade. The Mage lifted the staff off the ground and held both hands in the air, one hand held the staff, as the sky above him began to swirl. The pitch black clouds looking more ominous now. The demons and undead that had been closing in on the Mage stopped in curiosity and looked up. The black sky then glowed a firey red-orange color. Summoned lightning struck the Mage in the eyes and left his eyes sparking. But the sparks soon turned to flame and the flame lifted from his eyes and became absorbed into the orb. The orb flashed brightly with the flame as the Mage grasped the staff with both hands as the orb then released the flame quickly into the air as it pierced through the clouds. It was still for a moment and the demons and undead were about ready to continue their attack when suddenly, one of them was beaten down by a magic flame from above. It combusted immediatly and turned to ashes instantly. The rest looked up as more flames of magic rained down from the sky all around. If thery missed the target they would explode upon the ground like molotov cocktail eventually, all demon and undead were nothing but ash, and the sky stopped raining. The Mage's eyes went back to normal and looked at the Warlord, apparently unimpressed. The Warlord drew his sword, and charged the Mage. The Mage smirked evily, for there was one thing about the Mage that the Warlord did not know... The Mage's eyes disentigrated and his skin faded, shriveled, hardened, as he took a more skeletal shape but he grew some. The Mage had showed his Demon side. His... dominant side.. The Warlord stopped in his tracks. He could tell this Demon wasn't like the others. He immediatly turned his tail and ran. The Demon watched him run and put his hand out, fingers outstretched and palm forward. The Demon then began to slowly close his hand as the Warlord grabbed his chest in pain as it fell over coughing up its putrid blood. The Demon then quickly closed his fist the rest of the way and the Warlord immediatly died. The Demon used its telekentic power to crush the Warlord's heart into nothing... The Demon walked to the Warlord's carcass and crouched down and began ripping off the flesh and consuming it..[/i][/SIZE]
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*In a small allyway in New Orleans, a group of children, driven from their homes, have been flocked into the dark corners of the ally. A group 6 of Undead soldiers begin to close in on the defenceless children. One reached out at one of the children with it's boney, cold hand. The Child screamed out in terror as the hand came closer and closer to his face. But the Undead warrior haulted, hearing a battle cry from above.*

Voice from above - YAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

* A man in a set of Mideval armor dropped down ontop of the Undead warrior, crubling his boney body to dust. He then swung around a gigantic sword, slicing 3 more of the Undead soldier clean in half. The upper bodies of the warriors fell to the ground, their legs falling down lifelessly to the ground.*

Children - Wow!

*The warrior then brought his sword up with his left hand, slicing another undead warrior in half, then reaching out his right hand, ripping off the head of another.*

Warrior - Pathetic.

*The last warrior looked at the dust on the ground which used to be his teammates. In fear, he ran towards the end of the ally. As he did, the warrior let out a peircing wistle. As he did, a large white winged horse dropped from the sky, landing on the undead warrior, crushing him into dust.*

Warrior - *smirk* Good Boy.

*The warrior walked up to the horse, petting him on the back. As he did, the group of children ran up to him, eyes wide open.*

Child 1 - Wow mister! Howd you do that.

Warrior - Heh, lots of trainin kid *mounts the horse.*

Child 2 - Hey mister, whats your name?

Warrior - Me, not even I remember my name. But people call me Outlaw. And this is my horse, Alexander.

Children - oooooooooooooooooooo, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Outlaw - Do you have anywhere to go kids?

Children - Ya, theres a rec-center down the street thats been turned into a safe-house.

Outlaw - Ok, then lets go their.

*Outlaw, Alexander, and the children walked out of the ally towards the center.*
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]From the peak of the Atenae Mountains........Aster Wallflower watched the world become chaos below. She adjusted her swords in their sheaths, tightened her sash, then roared aloud. Instantly, a huge black panther came bounding up next to her. She nodded once, and leapt onto his back.[/i]

Aster: Armageddon has come............

Pantara: And we fight?

Aster: Yes.........let's go.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][i]This Demon quickly went back to his Mage form and stood in the street with the Warlord's disebowled body below him. The Mage was revolted by the sight but, hey, a Demon's a demon.. The Mage was in need to find a more populous area, and area where people were still alive.. In search of a place, the Mage disappeared in a cloud of black smoke...[/i][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Aster: NOW!

[i]Pantera leapt upwards, coming down on the back of a demon, his teeth slashing his back open. Aster leapt into the air, and shouted...[/i]

Aster: FURY!!

[i]Immediatly, four fairie wings shot from her back and spread outwards in a flicker of blue and green. She blazed upwards and wheeled around the demon, charging her attack.......[/i]

Pantera: GO!


Demon: AGH!! :eek:


Demon: *extinguished*

Pantera: One down......

Aster: Five hundered thousand to go.[/COLOR]
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[I]Telekinus strides into the room, bringing a cold, dark aura with him. He stands in a massive cathedral, in New Orleans. He looks around... The huge stained-glass windows glow an eerie red, and there is blood splattered across the altar... Telekinus closes his eyes, and speaks...[/I]

Telekinus: Rise, army of the dead.

[I]Suddenly, hundreds of undead zombies and rotting corpses rise from their never-ending sleep on the floor of the church... Some missing eyes, limbs, others having massive chunks of brain ripped out, leaving the cracked skull totally exposed, along with the rotting brain, most crawling with insects... Some are missing jawbones, and some have a strange goo flowing from the missing slabs of skin across their bodies, revealing their internal organs--or what's left of them...[/I]

Telekinus: Arm yourselves.

[I]The Zombies all arm themselves, mostly with very crude materials, sticks, rocks, whatever they can find. They assemble in a straight line, as Telekinus orders them to... [/I]

Telekinus: Go outside, and bring chaos to the unholy.

[I]The Zombies all walk out of the cathedral's broken-in double-doors, and begin to cause havoc on the streets. Telekinus turns around, and looks at the massive cross behind the altar... It has a few cracks in it, and is stained with blood.... He holds his hands to the sky, and a dark ball of energy builds around him...[/I]

Telekinus: This was once a holy place... But not anymore. The demons are here.

[I]As he speaks, a huge winged demon crashes through the cross-shaped stained-glass window behind the massive stone cross at the altar... It lands not to far from Telekinus... It spreads its massive black wings, and screams a terrible, unholy scream... The sound of thousands of suffering and tormented souls can be heard in it's cry... Telekinus throws the dark ball of energy at him, and waits to see the result... The ball crashes against the demon, yet has no effect... The Demon is not harmed by the type of Evil Magic that Telekinus uses...[/I]

Telekinus: No more games.

[I]Telekinus starts drawing back, while still facing the demon... It steps towards him, slowly gaining pace... Telekinus glances behind the demon, at the cross... He pulls out his clawed hand, which is connected to a wristlet... And resting on this wristlet is his brace, a small projectile with razor-sharp blades... He aims it at the demon's throat, and launches it... It stays connected to his wristlet by a thin (yet unbreakable) wire, with impressive range. It latches onto the demon's throat, and won't let go, forcing it's blades in more every second... As he is doing this, Telekinus conjurs up a spell to knock the demon back... He releases the spell, and the demon is smashed backwards, crashing into the massive cross... Telekinus recoils his brace, and holds one palm out still, holding the demon up against the cross with telekinetic power... With his other, clawed hand, he creates 4 dark spires, insanely sharp, out of pure, condensed dark energy. He makes a throwing motion, and the 4 spikes fly toward the demon at breakneck speeds... The first one to his Pins him to the cross by his right palm, spilling blood over the church floor... The second spike pierces through his left hand, sending more blood flying through the air... Finally, the last 2 spikes connect at the same time, ripping through the demons feet, sending a last splatter of blood across the altar... The demon falls into eternal darkness, and crimson blood flows from his wounds... Telekinus turns, and walks out of the church... As the demon's blood trickles across the floor, it sets alight, charring everything in it's path, with it's hellish flames... Telekinus glances back, as he sees the church burst into flames...[/I]

Telekinus: Is there no sanctuary from these Daemons?

[I]He looks foward, and walks into the dark streets, leaving the hellish screams behind him...[/I]
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[color=crimson]Ken: Come on Neil... Erm.... Fury Demons to Slay, Monsters to inflict great pain on... no time to waste...

[i]Ken ran foreward, and threw his sword foreward high into the air. He front flipped a few times and grabbed the sword and swung it to the side, dicing a demon in half. He raised one hand and fired a holy orb into a demon. Suddenly, Ken was surrounded by Demons.[/i]

Ken: Alright... stay calm...

Demon: Te he he


Demon: He he he...

Ken: Uh.... Aight! *Flies up and flies off* Well it was worth a try...

[i]He flew backwards and fired a few orbs into the Demon crowd. The orbs exploded in white flashes, sending them hurling to the ground.[/i]


Fury: Leave some for me...

[i]Ken's sword shone in the air as a beam of water flew from it and froze instantly, a large piece of ice flying at the demons. IT hit one, stabbing it severely, and sending it flying off[/i]

Ken: What... where did that come from... o_o'...

Fury: Forget it! Come on end the others.[/color]
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*As Outlaw and the children aprouched the rec-center, a demon flew by infront of them with amazing speed. It slamed directly into a wall on the opposite end of the street. The children screamed and Outlaw hoped off of Alexander and walked over to the caved in wall.*

Outlaw - Who could have done this?

*As Outlaw looked closer, he found that the demon's stomach had been run through by a large spike of ice.*

Outlaw - Amazing. I must find who did this, and find if it is friend or fow.

*Outlaw turned back to the children and his steed.*

Outlaw-You all go to the rec-center. Alexander, I want you to stay with them and guard the center sould more enemys come.

*Alexander nodded and troted after the children, who had already headed for the center.*

Outlaw - Now, to find whoever used this magic.

*Outlaw ran off down the street with incredible speed in the direction that the demon came from.*
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[color=icyblue][i]Swinging his blade around, biting deep into many-a demons, Fury tore through the forces like they were nothing. Ken kept a steady pace, but was not working at the caliber of the transformed Neil. Some of the demons exploded after being sliced open by Fury, which was a mysery of it's own. Why?

The answer was simple: Fury was channeling electricty through his sword, making each hit equivlent of around 25,000,000 volts of static. Whisping around, Fury sliced through the demons, the undead, finally coming.....to a mage... ........A Warlord.

Throwing his sword high into the sky, Fury looked on with a deadly solumn confirguration. With a silver flash, his blade disappeared into the unknown again. A few bolts shot off of Fury's body, creating a small static field around him. The Warlord smilied, an evil, near-toothless grin.

A sudden flash, and the Warlock held a sickle in his hand. A long on at that. The size of a gold club. Fury smiled, regressing back to Neil.[/i]

Neil: Right then.....shall we continue?[/color]
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[SIZE=1][i]Atop a broken down building, a black mist rises from the roof, it grows thicker and thicker and then dissipates into the air, leaving the Mage in its place... The Mage walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. It was too far to fall alone.. The Mage looked at the cornerstone of the buiilding. He concentrated a bit, as the cornerstone steadily began to break free from the building. As it finally slid all the way out the building stood for a moment more, then slowly began to crumble all the way to the street. It fell slowly as the Mage kept the building under his telekenetic power, and soon enough, he was down on the street. The Mage stepped off the fallen roof top and began to walk the streets...[/i][/SIZE]
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[color=crimson]Liam.... you can bring yourself in... o_o;

[i]Ken ran past the warlord and skidded to a halt looking up.[/i]

Ken: ****...

[i]A giant shadow demon, around 30 feet tall, stood with a sword equally as huge. The sword began to descend, and black orbs formed around the Shadow, flying at Ken from every direction.

Ken flew this way and that, dodgeing the orbs, and the sword hit the ground, sending a crack down the street for around 45 feet.

Another batch of orbs formed and Ken flew foreward. The orbs exploded around him, dark power hitting him from every direction. He yelled in pain as the Shadow hit him in the back with it's fist, sendind Ken to the floor.

Ken began to twitch, a blue aura forming over him. He continued twitching, and a flow of water from a nearby exploded fire hydrant came to him.

He looked up, his eyes turning dark blue. Blue lightning fell from the sky around him, as the water elemental awoke.

He yelled as his wings changed to a dark blue color, and he himself changed to a blueish color. His clothes changed to a blue robe, and his sword began to spin above him.

Lateralus the water elemental stood up.

He was around 6'6 in his height, and had giant muscles. Several ancient tatoos were on his skin, and his eyes were colored blue. His hair was silver, and extremely long. He had a holdster on his back, for his sword.

Lateralus stepped foreward and raised both hands and the water from the fire hydrant flew at the shadow. It froze over, and hit the shadow in the heart, black blood spewed out, and it fell over screaming in pain.

Lateralus smirked slightly, and his sword fell downward, into his awaiting hands...[/color][/i]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Aster Wallflowers turned around, and stared at Pentera. She nodded and turned to face the advancing horde of demons........[/i]

Pentera: It's time....for a little more fun....

Aster: It's time for...

Pentrera/Aster: DEEP SURROUND!!!

[i]Instantly, a huge wave of water spread outwards across the lands, covering demons with the most versatile of all the elements....Aster threw back her head and laughed.....Pentrera looked to his left....then his right...and then roared.[/i]

Pentrera: Brethren of Fields and Flight....Hearken to me!!

Aster: Treetops and Timber.....AKAIARA!!!!

[i]Immediatly, a streak of Pumas appeared next to Pentrera and sprouted wings.....Aster was surrounded by five Black Elk.....and they immediatly continued erradicating demons left and right....[/i]

Aster: When they're gone...what do we do next?

Pentrera: Party?

Astr: :rolleyes: A real party animal....that's for sure....*SLASH*

Pentrera: I get it from you....


ASter: Rihhhiiiigggghhhtt.....LUNCH TIME!!![/COLOR] :flaming:
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*Outlaw continued to run down the city streets, going at a speed no human could ever even dream of running. As he turned a corner, he skidded to a stop, seeing a strange looking man with spiky blue hair and another warrior facing a dark look Mage.*

Outlaw - :smirk: Heh, a warlord, finally.

*Hearing the new comer, the 3 warriors turned towards Outlaw.*

Warlord - Who the he** are you!?

Outlaw - No friend of yours evil one.

*Outlaw drew his long Sheild Breaker sword and sent a peircing stare towards the Warlord. Behind the Warlord, Outlaw saw that the other two warriors where conversing.*

Ken - Who the heck is this guy?

Fury - I don't know, but he seems to be on our side. And hes distracted the Warlord. We can take him out easy now. Come on.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Aster: Who are you?

Pyro: I could ask the same about you.

Aster: Aster Wallflowers.......Farae Mage.

Pyro: You wouldn?t happen to be related to Tinkerbell......would you?

Aster: Can it. Pyro.

Pyro: :haha: You?ve got a sense of humor alright.......calling yourself a Farae.

Aster; If you don?t believe me.........ask Pentera, or any other of the beasts I talk to. They will tell you the same thing.

Pyro: That?d be one sidded information.

Aster: But it would be true. If you don?t believe that I?m a farae, that?s fine. But you?ve probably already realized that I?m magical.

Pyro: Well duh........

Aster: Pentera.....do me a favor.

Pentera: Yah?

Aster: The next time I meet a Demon Mage, don?t let me talk to him.

[i]Aster dipped her wings to Pyro, then flew away, followed by Pentera and the other animals.[/i]

Pentera: He did push your buttons didn?t he?

Aster: Yeah........I haven?t tangled with his kind for a long time......fortunaty.

Pentera: Ah well, he?s just one guy, you can handle him. But we have more pressing matteres to attend to.

Aster: Yeah......worldwide infestation..........but at least they?re easy to kill.

Pentera: *shrug* We need to contact more of these fighters on our side........


[i]Like a huge black thunderbolt, a big black eagle shot down from the sky and light upon Aster?s arm. Aster stroked his long purple head feathers and whispered her instructions in his ear. Then she dipped her arm to the ground, and swung upwards. The eagle flew away quickly, flying high and fast.[/i]

Pentera: Cinoris?

Aster: He?s the best at messages and speed.........

Pentera: True, but personally, I would?ve sent one of the Winged Pumas, we?re more reliable.

Aster: *shove* You?re biased.

Pentera: At least I?m honest. :devil[/COLOR]
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*Slowly Scython wanders through the rubble, not a gust of wind or a sign of life. .all still. .very still. .*

Scython: what creature causes this? goblins? no. .it must be something else. .

*a small crunching sound is heard, intrigued Scython walks closer to a pile of rocks, Scython draws his sword and places his shield in defensive not a moment too soon as a small group of skeletons leap out of the rubble*

Scython: :rolleyes: skeletons? please *Scython advances slashing left and right, soon they are reduced to rubble* Bah. .they did not cause this. .
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