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RPG Revolutionary Girl Utena RPG- Deulists Tourtament- Play.


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You find yourself in a strange looking forest, you figure this must be were the tourtament is, you were told to meet at the "deulists forest." With no other path in the forest but stairs you start to climb up the stairs. Finaly after making it to the top, you find other deulists. A strange looking women bows and then welcomes you. "Welcome to the first offical 'Deulists Tourtament..if you don't remeber whom you are role-playing as make sure to check the [URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=148706#post14870] Sighn-ups.[/URL]
"First..let me explain who will be dueling against who..."

Match #1- Touga Vs. Utena
Match #2-Juri Vs. Mikki
Match #3-Shirori Vs.Saonji

"Now I will explain the rules... to particapate in the duel you will need..
1.A sword..doesn't matter what kind you have
2.The ring with the makr of the rose.

"There are no other rules."
"To win a duel is simple, first person to give up, fall out or exit the arena looses."

"If you win, you will become 'engaged' to me, what this means is that you will get the power to revolutionize the world(dont excactly know what that means though) and you can have whatever you want..eternal life, miracles, anything you wish for. Now, lets begin the tourtament."
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Anti [/i]
[B][I]Mikki walked along the forest path...his rapier in his sheath on the side...the ring with the rose in his pocket...he heard the rules and then stepped back...[/I] [/B][/QUOTE]

I forgot to mention, it's not against the rules to kill your opoinet(sp?)
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"Oh, yeah?" Touga swung his sword around while muttering something under his breath. A bright red lightning bolt appeared in front of Touga, who began to swing his sword in a circle. The bolt began glow blood red. He thrust his sword forward a second later, and the bolt flew forward. It struck Utena in the torso and threw her back.
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[I]sits in the corner wonderng who he is gonna get to dual[/I]

OOC:know what the worst part about board dualing is...people always balance the battle toward themselves...myself included at times o.O;;...and there are no rules or anything to stop it - _ -...
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