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My Song Called People


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When I watch the people that are mean I see something about them, the bad things they do and say, and think, man there is no reason to make fun of someone because they like pink, the horbille things people do just make me sick, and I ask myself what should I do? Then I asnwer myself with the right thing I should do, but the truth hurts

people in this world that disgus me are just dumb and have no mind

There is a difrence between good and bad, good goes to heaven, and bad goes to hell, but the best place to go is heaven, with everything is free, no mad clowns, no stupid people no mean people, no mocking god just plain cool, all the way. good people all around.

The people that are nice are cool and the people that are bad are just plain bad

I think everyone should be good with no bad (repeat 4 times)

there is a dffrence between good and bad but the bad are bad and the good are good. The good go to Heaven and the bad go to hell! Who agrees with me.

~the end

So what you think?
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It's the truth, Finally someone has some common sense. That was good.

Yay I'm going to Heaven! :)
Haha everyone else who bullies will go to Hell! :devil: :flaming: :drunk: :demon:

Ahaha you all suck! Everyone who makes fun of people sucks! And you will go to hell! Haha! :laugh: You suck! Take this! :butthead:
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