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Writing First one here....Nice.....


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*cough, cough* First one here..... Coo...

Wrote this one about a month ago.....Flash'll remember it..


I walk, watching everyone around me.
I test them, asking questions of moral conflict.

"Do you hate me?"
"Does everyone hate me?"
"Do you look down upon me, simply because we're different?"

You ask me yourself "What's wrong with you?! Are you insane?!"
Your words........cut deep.
Simply because I am not like you, don't want to be, can't be!

You hate me. You despise me.
You kick me when I'm down!
You can't comprehend!

The physical pain is nothing!
The emotional pain is everything!
You cut me deep, then continue slashing!
Blood everywhere!
Not real blood.....the blood of the soul.

The hatred of a thousand years of burning, scornful disgust!

................With a shock, I realize...
I am the result of burning hatred I feel every time someone looks at me.
They may love me, but I feel their itch, their need to slash, to maim, to destroy, to kill.

My heart rages with the same hatred, the same scorn, the same distaste.
I look at others, ........they look back.
What am I?

With such horror,
I end it. I end it all.
I take the pain, the feelings, and shove it into the abyss.
I end it all.

I numb myself of all emotions.
I resist.
I push away, and pull back.

The true love from others is shouldered, destroyed in a fury.
I look at others, cold, indifferent. Not caring.

I turn, and walk away...[/font][/color]

Feel free to submit feed-back..
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Man, you've got some messed up stuff in your head. And hell, does it lead to some fine poetry. Nice. [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Yeah.............but at least it's interesting.........sounds like the sh*t I write when I'm pissed. No offense, the wording is interesting.[/COLOR]
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