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RPG Goku's Rage (Play)

Guest BulmaVegeta1

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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Now, just to refresh your memories, the story is about Goku and Vegeta switching places, and a major battle between the two and the person that made the wish with the dragonballs, so, let's get started.
Goku is at home with his family, acting like usual, eating dinner at the moment.
Goku: Is it ready yet?
Chi Chi: Hold on! Don't you have any patience?
Goku: Uhh, no.
Chi Chi: .....
Gohan: Hey, dad, do you know where Goten is?
Goku: No, and I don't care!!!!!!:mad:
Chi Chi/Gohan:.......:therock: :nervous: :worried: :wigout: :help: :huh: :nope:
Goten: Here I am!!:toothy:
Goten: Uhh, guys...
Goku: Get the hell outta here!!!
Goten: D-daddy...:bawl:
Goku then knocks out Goten for crying.
Goku: Hmph. Serves him right!
Chi Chi/Gohan: G-Goku.....
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The rock fell from her hands. Chichi18 looked into the sky, something was definatly wrong. Another signal, stronger then the last, pulsed through her. Immediatly her head spun towards the forest. THE SON HOUSE. Was there an acident? She scanned for their presence and sighed. She could feel the presence of 4 bodies. Chichi...Gohan...Goten and...... WHAT?!!

She could sense Goku but there was something wrong with his Kai- he had Vegetas.

Soon she was riding the air, crashing head on into the SON's window.


:o first RPG!
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Goku saw 18, and went outside.
Goku: What the hell are you donig here?:mad:
18: How could you do such a thing? And to your own family!
Goku: Does it look like I care? They were annoying me anyway.
18: Are you feeling alright?
Goku: Stop asking questions!!!! Unless you want to end up like them too!!!!
18 looked at where the bodies of Goku's family was. She sensed them hanging on by a thread.
18: (thinking) How could he do such a thing? He acts just like Vegeta when he was evil!
She knew she sensed something strange inside of Goku. And she knew it wasn't good.
18: I better get them outta here!!!
Goku: Where do you think you're going...:devil:
18 made a run for the bodies of Goku's family, and tried to save herself at the same time, just as Goku started coming after her. Back at Capsule Corpration....Vegeta was acting really strange...But Bulma liked how nice he was acting.
Vegeta: Here, let me help you with that, Bulma.
Bulma: Thank you, honey.
Trunks came hopping inside looking a bit worried.
Trunks: Can't you feel it?
Bulma: Feel what, Trunks?
Trunks: Dad, hello?:therock:
Vegeta: Hmmmm......I do sense evil....Let's go beat up the bad guys!!!!! But Goku will proably win... Oh, well. He's better than me anyway!:toothy:
Trunks/Bulma: ...........
Bulma: Vegeta, are you feeling a bit sick?
Vegeta: No, I feel great!:D
Trunks: Dad, what the heck is wrong with you? Why are you acting like some goody-goody?
Vegeta: Goody-goody? What are you talking about son?
Bulma: Vegeta, snap out of it, you scaring me....
Trunks: Don't you even sense it! That's what I've been trying to tell you!
Vegeta: Well, let's go beat um up!:excited:
Trunks sensed something was toatlly wrong with his dad. He was acting too nice.
Trunks: I think It's Goku.
Vegeta: What about him?
Trunks: Something is toatlly wrong with him...I can sense the evil in him all the way to here...I can feel it at the pit of my stomach...
Vegeta: Awwwww, I think you guys need a hug!
Bulma: Get the hell away from me, psycho! You aren't my husband!
Vegeta: What are you talking about?
Trunks: Somethings wrong.
Bulma: Well, duh! Get this sick person away from me! What happened to the old Vegeta? The mean and passionate one?
Vegeta: I can be passionate....
Bulma: Ewwwww... Get away!!!!! :worried:
As Vegeta tried to show his "passion" to the freaked out Bulma, Trunks wasn't playing around like them.
Trunks: Just stop it, both of you!!!:flaming:
Trunks: I gotta go! Are you coming Dad?
Vegeta: Anything for a fight!
As Trunks and the messed up Vegeta fly off, Bulma wonders what was going on.
Bulma: Be very careful.....And please let Vegeta come back acting like himself....
She prayed to the gods, for the hope of the universe....
Because Goku isn't on the good side anymore....
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I dont know how to wright myself in but I will try
Krillin:things have been boring latly not that I mind it becase a time of peace in this world is verry rare but I have felt somtind strang resently and I should go talk to goku It has been a wile since I have seen him so why do I put it off.

With that he flew off to see goku.
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
It's ok. You do remember who you are, right? Just try to fit in, I think you were Goku or something, check back at the sign up place, remember I said I was Vegeta.
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by steven [/i]
[B]I was krillin and uub [/B][/QUOTE]
Ok. Sorry. Let's just get this story going again! follow where we've been. I'm waiting for someone else to get in, or else I would be posting the story now, so get going.
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Im here Im here Im here! Im Goku, I forget who else I am. Oh yah, Im Bulma too.


Goku: You wont get away!

*18 manages to throw the bodies of Gokus family far off into the distance where they couldnt be hurt.....

Goku: Big.......Bang......oops sorry.....Kaaaa Meeee....Haaaa Mee......Hahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

*Goku blasts a gigantic Kamehameha which is a Pinkish Redish (evil) color instead of blue at 18. It hits her dead on and the blast carries her for miles until she can no longer be seen. Goku hides in a tree to see Krillen.

*Krillen arrives......

Krillen: Hm.....what happened here?

Goku: What is that pethetic looser doing here? ( Aw..I hate being meen to my Fav Guy...:( )

Krillen: Hey Goku?! Ya Home?!

*All of a sudden Goku plunges down and slams his fists on top of Krillens head and he falls down to the ground with his eyes tinted white. Goku gathers the bag of senzu beans that Krillen had.
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Suddenly 18 opened her eyes wide.


Something was happening to him! She could feel his energy slowly being chipped away.

She swung round to fly back but a wave of pain washed over her.
She felt the back of her knee. Hot blood was pouring down her leg. "BUT I'VE JUST GOT TO GO BACK!"

"argh...", it was Gohan's voice. 18 turned to him.
Slowly he picked himself up.
Gotens lay at his feet in a pool of his own blood.
Gohan powered up, a powerful aura of energy surrounded him. He levitated and was soon gone.
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two other evil characters are seen...


Buu: you done it yet? buu bored...and hungry

Evil Shenlong: it has been done Buu, Goku andVegeta have switched personality's...that was a stupid wish Buu...

Buu: you say Buu stupid!?!

E. Shenlong: no, nevermind...

Buu: ...

E.Shenlong: Shouldnt we be going?


E. Shenlong: Lets go...

Buu: Wait!

E. Shenlong: What?

Buu: Turn into...COOKIE!

*a small bird turns into a cookie, and Buu eats it*

Buu: Buu ready to go!
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Piccolo stands on the tower next to Dende as they sense the chaos and destruction down on the surface of the Earth.

Dende: Do you fell it Piccolo?

Piccolo: Yeah................Something's wrong with Goku and Vegeta. I'm not quite sure what yet but I sense evil is a foot.

Dende: Can you do anything about it?

Piccolo: I'm not sure............I'm not really anywhere near as strong as Goku and the other saiyans.

Dende: Maybe if we fused?

Piccolo: It could work.......let's do it kid.

Piccolo Places his hand on Dende's chest and a bright light surrounds them both. When the light fades Piccol stands tall and proud. His muscles are much bigger and his power level has sky rocketed.

Piccolo: Now I'll find out what's happening

Piccolo launces off the tower and down towards Vegeta.
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Buu: whats that?

E. Shenlong: a new power, nothing to worry about though...

Buu: It feels yummy, can i eat it?

E.Shenlong: Not yet Buu, we must get our plan underway first

Buu: Ok...can i ride you like a horse?

E. Shenlong: No, you'd break my back

Buu: Alright

E. Shenlong: Who's that retarted fool down there?

Buu: HI MR. SATAN!!!

E. Shenlong: Eat him

Buu: NO!

E. Shenlong: If you eat him, ill wish him back later for you, and you'll have a full stomach

Buu: Ok!!!

*with a flick of his antanae, Buu turns Hurcule into a cracker and cheese, then eats him*

Buu: YUMMY!!!

E. Shenlong: C'mon Buu, we have bigger fish to fry...

Buu: Mmmmm...Fish

E. Shenlong: Maybe later, lets go get Vegeta...and then get goku on our side

Bu: Good plan...POW POW POW, OW OW OW!!!
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
As Trunks and Vegeta were flying towards Goku, Buu and Evil Shenlong were still thinking up their plan.
Evil Shenlong: Buu, would you shut the hell up!!
Buu: But me hungary again!!!
Evil Shenlong: You just ate Mr. Satan! How much more are you going to eat, fat ***?
Buu: Fat ***? What means that?
Evil Shenlong: Never mind. Now, how are we going to get Goku on our side?
Buu: Me eat him!!!!
Evil Shenlong: No, dumb ***, we need him to help us control the universe!!!
Buu: Maybe dragon good delaicy....
Evil Shenlong: Uhh, no, dragons taste like crap, trust me. You can eat Vegeta when we meet him, ok? Turn him into choclate or something.
Buu: Mmmmmmm....Choclate Veggie.....
As Buu started drooling, Goku was looking at the bodies of his family in the ground, and relaized that Gohan was no where to be seen.
Goku: Where is that little bastard....
As Goku didn't know, Gohan went looking for Piccolo at Kami's Lookout.
Gohan: (thinking) What the hell is wrong with dad? I can sense some sorce of evil in him! Sort of like Vegeta....No, it can't be...But he almost killed mom and Goten!!! I shouldn't have left them there, but I saw 18...Oh, God, please help us!!!
Vegeta and Trunks were still flying towards Goku's kai until something had struck Vegeta's mind.
Trunks: What's wrong dad?
Vegeta: I sense evil in Goku......
Trunks: Well, duh! Don't tell me that you just figured that out!
Vegeta: No, of course not, but I have a feeling that we're not the only ones going to find Goku.
Trunks: Why are you calling him Goku instead of Kakkarot?
Vegeta: I think it's better to be nice, you know what I mean?
Trunks: Look, you're making me sick with all the hugs and being nice. Can't you just act like yourself?
Vegeta: But I am!
Trunks: Arrgh! Never mind, I'll see you later!
Trunks powered up, and left his dad behind him in a flash of light.
Vegeta: What now?
Vegeta took off towards his son, and didn't even notice that Buu and Evil Shenlong were right behind him.
Evil Shenlong: Is that....Yes! It's him! Buu, hurry up, Vegeta's right there!
Buu: Yummy! Choclate is flying in front of Buu! Me go eat him!!
Evil Shenlong: No, not just yet, I want to have a bit of fun with him first....
18: Where is Gohan going? What the hell is Goku doing.....I better get Goten and Chi Chi to a hospital, I can sense them hanging on by a thread...
Piccolo was fused with Dende, with Kami still inside of him, and he never felt so strong.
Piccolo: This is great! I've never felt better....
He powered up, towards the terror that was about to start, and Vegeta dosen't know what's about to hit him...
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In the distance, Vegeta can hear something but doesnt mind it

E. Shenlong: Buu! What are you doing now?

Buu: me get strong...time for POW POW POW, OW OW OW!

E. Shenlong: Well, make it snappy Buu, we might lose Vegeta!

*Buu's pours begin pouring out steam as Buu become stronger than ever*

E. Shenlong: Are you ready?

Buu: Yes, but me still hungary, how many wishes more can dragon grant?

E. Shenlong: Pay no mind to that, just turn that pig into a hamburger and lets go already...

*Buu raises his antanae once more and turns the pig into a big hamburger, then eats it*

Buu: mmm...yummy

E. Shenlong: We have waisted too much time, lets go now before we lose Vegeta all-together.

Buu: OK! Lalalalalala

E. Shenlong: Why do i get the idiot partners...
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
Trunks and Vegeta finally reach Goku's house to find 18 sitting next to Goku's family.
Trunks: What the hell happened here?!?:eek:
18: I'm not sure. But Goku has just about killed his family, with the blows he hit them with.
Trunks: What about Gohan?
18: I'm not sure where he is, but I saw him take off, that way. (points to the West)
Vegeta: Why would he do such an evil thing?
18: Are you feeling alright, Vegeta? You don't seem like yourself.
Vegeta: Would you stop asking me that, I'm fine!
Trunks: Now's not the time to blather about that, we need to know why Goku is doing this. Where is he?
18: I don't know. He hit me a while earlier, and I've lost all sense of where he is.
Vegeta: Look! There he is!!
Trunks: Yes. I can sense an unbeleiveable amount of evil inside of him. He's not the Goku we know.
18: How can you be sure?
Trunks: Trust me, I know the difference between good and evil.
Vegeta: We should destroy him.
Just as Trunks was about to make a remark about his dad's unusual bevhaior, Buu and Evil Shenlong appeared in the distance.
Evil Shenlong: Thanks a lot Buu, now I can't find Vegeta.
Buu: No more choclate?
Evil Shenlong: No matter, Goku is right there, and we can start our plan.
Evil Shenlong: Just shut the hell up!! If you want Vegeta that bad, go look for him, ok?
Buu: Yay!!!! Buu go eat choclate Veggie!!
Evil Shenlong: Dumb ***.
As Buu started hopping around looking for Vegeta, Piccolo was off in the distance, following Goku's evil kai.
Piccolo: (thinking) I don't know who's power that is, but I'll bet that it's Vegeta's.
And back where Vegeta, Trunks, and 18 were...
Vegeta: Trunks, go look for Goku, 18, leave and take Goku's family to a safe place, and hurry!
18: Ok. (she then turns around towards their bodies, and spotted her husband liying on the ground, blood flowing out of his head) Krillin!!!
She kneled down, and picked him up, gently.
18: Krillin.........
Krillin: 18.....Is that you...
18: Yes! Hold on! I'll get you to a hospital!!
Krillin: No...Get the Senzu Beans from Goku...
18: Senzu Beans....!!!!!Trunks! Vegeta! Get the Senzu beans from Goku after you find him!!
Vegeta/Trunks: Senzu beans....!!!!Oh, those!!
As the father and son duo went looking for Goku, they weren't far off, because Goku was actually right behind them.
18: Watch out!!
Goku had siezed Trunks by the collar of his shirt, and was laughing evily.
Vegeta: LET GO OF MY SON!!!!!!!!:mad:
Vegeta powered up, big time, and was fuming mad.
Vegeta: You asked for it, Goku!!
Goku: Oh, I'm sooo scared...Yeah right!!! C'mon, Veggie, hit me.
Vegeta: You can take my pride and humilate me, but you will NEVER hurt my family!!!!!!!!:flaming:
Goku: Ha, good one, Veggie. But you know that I can do a lot more than that!
Goku threw down Trunks, and kicked him off to the side.
Goku: So, you wanna fight me?
Vegeta: What else? You seem different, Goku, what happened to you?
Goku: I'm the one that should be asking the questions, so why aren't you calling me Kakarott anymore? You afraid that I might kill you?
Vegeta: Don't get me started, Goku.
As Buu had begun his search for Vegeta, Vegeta and Goku were powering up, but were in for a big surprise.
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The fight began...

Goku and Vegeta powered up to their maximum power levels. Vegeta felt the energy pulsing through him, from his mind to his body, increasing his muscles. When his body was full of it the energy moved to his skin creating a glowing aura around him.
The rocks around them were lifted high into the air, the ground below was pushed down as their ki spread out, soon they were both surrounded by huge craters created by pure energy.

Goku grinned, "I'm still stronger, heheheh, you're a fool to even think that you can beat me, why don't you just give up? You know the outcome of this battle"

Vegeta: "NEVER!!"

Vegeta plunged at Goku with lightening speed. He was a millsecond too late and received a sharp bow to the head, which sent him spiralling down to Earth. Goku sent several fire balls down after him.
Vegeta was now near the edge of a mountain, he turned and saw a blaze of fire... There was a huge explosion as everything crashed together. The side of the mountain was completly destroyed. Smoke covered everywhere.

Trunks: DAD! NOOOO! *Thinking: But dad can't just go like that, he's through a lot worse, Goku only shot a few fire balls. DAD'S GOT TO BE ALIVE*

But Goku had raised his energy again and sent 200 more fireballs down until the whole area was rendered. "Hmm...heheheh..GALIC GUN!", within seconds the landscape was gone.

Trunks looked horrifed.

Goku gave out an evil laugh, but in was cut short...
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Just then Piccolo arrived on the scene. He looked around and approached Trunks.

Piccolo: Your father's fine Trunks. You and Goten must fuse, we need all the help we can get.


Piccolo: NOW!!!!!

Trunks, a little surprised flew off towards Goten.

Piccolo looked at the pile of Ruble and dived at it. He pulled Vegeta out of it and helped him to his feet.

Piccolo: There you go Vegeta

Vegeta: Thanks Piccolo!

Piccolo: .........eh:therock: *thinking* This isn't Vegeta.....I sense someone meddaling with the Dragonballs here.

Piccolo then flew towards Goku.

Piccolo: GOKU! Why are you doing this?

Goku: Well......Id it isn't the Namek.

Piccolo didn't look to pleased.

Piccolo: I'm gonna get you so-

Before Piccolo finished Vegeta began vicously beating Goku and Piccolo joined in. Together they managed to beat up Goku pretty good.

Piccolo: Keep it up Vegeta!

Vegeta: Why do you keep calling me Vegeta? Call me Goku.

Piccolo: :wow:
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Trunks and Gotens fused and flew into battle. 18 was still injured so she just watched....

It seemed like Goku was being beaten down pretty bad, but surly he had more power than that? Was he hiding it, planning an attack or didn't he know how to activate it?

At that moment Goku faltered, he had dodged a hit a split second too late, he couldn't avoid the others that followed. He chin dripped with red. But as the blood came spilling from him, he laughed. Not even the blood could choke him. Not even the punches could stop his laughter.

Vegeta was the first to stop. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?"

Goku carried on laughing. Something in his voice made them worried.

Goku: hm, hm, hm, hm, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!........Together we shall die..

All: ?!!!!!

Then 18 sensed it too.

There was something underground, a great power..

Goku: [SIZE=4]SPIRIT BOMB!!!!!!!! [/SIZE]
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Guest BulmaVegeta1
I'll make this one short!
As Goku lifted his arms in the air, Buu and Evil Shenlong approached the fighting scene.

Evil Shenlong: Ahh, there you are, Goku.

Buu: Buu eat choclate Veggie now?

Evil Shenlong: Would you stop asking me that! FINE!! JUST EAT HIM NOW IF THAT'LL MAKE YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!!:mad:

Buu: MMMMMM! YUMMY!!!!!!

Goku put his arms down is surprise.

Goku: WHo the hell are you 2?

Evil SHenlong: Nice to meet you Goku, I'm Shenlong, and this is Buu.

All: BUU!!!!!!!!!:eek: :nervous: :worried: :wow: :confuse2:
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