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Writing The Meteo City Chronicles


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[COLOR=darkblue]I don't know where or why I made this up and started writing like crazy about it...but here it is...unedited and original...

Chapter 1: Introduction To City of Meteo
2166 A.D.

Sitting dead center of a grassy plain is the city of Meteo. There are no oceans or mountains surrounding it, just a vast field of grass stretching out to the horizon, extending forever. There is no visible way out or in the city, no road to travel; only small specks of light that launch and land from a small section of the city carrying passengers off into the distance until they cannot be seen anymore, heading off to their final destination. The sun beings to set off in the distance now in a fiery sphere, warming the field of grass. Light quickly escapes the calm surrounding and darkness takes over.
Back at the city of Meteo, however, darkness is when the city becomes alive. When the final rays of the sun die down in a giant haze of fire, the moon sits upon the top of the tiny metropolis, feeding its white glow to the inhabitants below. The city is littered with ominous skyscrapers patterned with the bright lights of businesses that shine from above onto the crowded city streets, and the people walk around a big portion of the city to shop, eat, and be entertained. The inhabitants of this high-class portion of the city rarely get to see the beauty nature has to offer. All they see is themselves, the moon and the bright lights of the various promenades.
Though to the sides and outskirts of the city, there are numerous houses, all varying in size and shape, though it is apparent that they are all run down. Previous slums turned into farmlands and desolate grasslands, the houses, from far away, appear to be scattered garbage, poor people thrown away by the very society that they live in, to wobble and toil with whatever they have left. Multicolored lights found in the inner section are absent in these sorrowful areas; only the sun?s yellow luster and the moon?s white glow shines light on their everyday lives. Though the people living in these desecrate areas live simple lives, taking it one day at a time and share stories for entertainment. They have many skills and talents than can help the city. Unfortunately, their cries are usually never heard. Instead, they use their talents to make the areas they live in better places.
Live Wire, a company situated within the inner section of Meteo, enables computers across the city share and store information through a simple cable or remote link. News and broadcastings are fed into every computer, providing people with up to date information. Live Wire also lets people share anything they decide whether it be music, knowledge, or letters to loved ones. Though the system does have its evils. Malicious hackers invade peoples? privacy. Hackers with enough skill can even obtain a person?s darkest secrets if they delve deep enough into the Live Wire system.
The keepers of peace gain valuable advantages because of this system. In the police force of Meteo, only the best people who have extensive physical and mental disciplines make it to the higher ranks. They use Live Wire to recruit hundreds of new officers, research new tactics and tools, and post warrants and most wanted lists. They even have a division of computer experts that track down and neutralize hackers or restore order in the system. As always, they need to expand their force to new horizons, therefore, a research and development team was assigned recently. These people get the job done quick and effective. Though their methods are fierce and involve using the most advanced armaments, they are able to restore peace to the city.
At the center of Meteo, there is no tall skyscraper or, flashy chain store for people to go to. Instead, there in the center lies a peaceful park where the moon?s light shines the brightest. Many couples go there at the strike of twelve and sit in front of a large pond with a silver sphere floating at the center, depicting the image of the moon. The sphere houses all the information of the city and conducts throughout its 120 remote mile range, making it the heart of the Live Wire system. It was also used as a monument to commemorate such a grand city on the day of its founding fifty years ago. After their long talks about each other?s lives, it is nearly dawn; the moon is long gone and their parents are enraged with anger and concern. They share a long kiss goodbye and part ways at the pond until the next rendezvous where history repeats over even after the hours of scolding they will receive from their parents.
Daytime is here, all is calm, or at least it should be. There is a heavy uproar in the city of Meteo, for the past few weeks. Seemingly random murders have broken out throughout the inner section?s districts; even parts of the outer section are affected by these acts of violence. Before the police ever arrive at the location of the disturbance, scattered bodies are on the floor. Riddled with bullets and cuts, cold, lifeless, dead, they are taken away by a cluster of ambulances to a local hospital to be studied for clues and motives, then cremated or given a proper burial, never to be seen again. The police investigate the scene for hours, only to find the same, redundant, circular mark of what appears to be an emerging cult. The inside motif is a shape of a glass vase with triangular covers on both ends. It glows an ominous blue when basked in a full moon?s glow. When the mob will strike again is a mystery and the loss of life will continue. The police will be ready this time around and they will not take any chances.
Large syndicates of the media are spreading a simple explanation to the riots that citizens have come to know. Live Wire posts state that the inhabitants of the outer section are to blame for these acts of terrorism. Unfortunately, the police cannot confirm their findings. Though the people are still baffled and frightened by the carnage that takes place throughout the city, the police will be prepared to stage a total lockdown of the city if necessary. Until then, the people of Meteo can only speculate on what will transpire.

Chapter 2: Rico Tranzrig

In the outskirts of Meteo, each slum is divided into its own specific area and therefore entitled to its own name. For the past couple of weeks, the government has granted this outer section with electricity from the power plant underneath the city to run their technology instead of the people using their own generators. They also have access to Live Wire because of the new lines being installed that go to the inner section of Meteo. Groceries are right around the corner. Meats, breads, vegetables are grown fresh off the shelf thanks to advancements in agriculture and refrigeration. Meats are synthesized using a high protein mixture and are grown in the same way. Everything else, liquor, cable, even a computer is a luxury. Often, these more expensive items are found all in the same store, which the inhabitants call Drunk Houses. People buy elixirs to wash away their pains and go access Live Wire through the computers there and take in whatever it has to offer.
In an eastern section of the slums called Levin, RicO Tranzrig spent most of his childhood life in Drunk Houses and on the streets. Child of a happy couple and raised in the same area, Rico always felt the need to expand his intellect and use the things he has learned from the teachings of his parents, Marina, and Moriel Tranzrig. Through the careful teachings of Rico?s parents, he was able to read, write, and able to possess a variety of skills involving his hands and mind put together. Though not swift, Rico possesses great strength, able to lift full-grown people with only a single arm. Though he never had a true talent for visual arts, when involved with technology, Rico is able to manipulate any tool or machine to his specifications or the specifications of others with the amount of knowledge he has. He began offering his services to others in the area for a small price. Usually friends and neighbors call Rico up and tell him to do repairs or improvements with different home appliances. He even received free groceries for a month because he altered the amplification chambers to produce food at a higher rate, boosting the area?s economy.
Inevitably, Rico took advantage of all his hard earned money and decided to indulge himself in research, intensifying his studies to a whole new level at the age of 16. By then, Rico was tall, had short, dark hair, was tough looking, and had a unique wardrobe. Though he needed a place to expand his mind to a higher degree. The best approach to this was to attain membership at the local Drunk House and access the latest information on Live Wire, which offered up to date information on any topic a person could think of. He spent most of his teenage years in the local Drunk House typing and reading for hours at a time. He gained extensive knowledge about the world. Rico eventually ended up renovating the shop by modifying every computer and cable line to offer swift access to Live Wire. Rico also gained expert techniques through his experience in computers. He is able to hack, repair, and improve computers with ease.
Unfortunately, possessing those skills would give Rico trouble sooner or later. A cyberpunk gang began organizing a league of hackers within the slum of Levin. This put the Levin section?s access to Live Wire and the power grid in jeopardy. The Drunk House decided to put a stop to this. They were finally able to trace the whereabouts of each and every member by planting cookies and cream at critical parts of the Live Wire system. The owner of the Drunk House and a group of three other people, including Rico, geared up with heavy duty gloves, bats, a hefty supply of bottles, and a list of suspects and locations of their computers. Their course of action was a success; the four raided each and every cyberpunk house in the area. Though overcoming the leader of the gang would be a much different ordeal. When the four Drunk House members attempted to raid the last cyberpunk, a hail of projectiles came their way and struck Rico in the arm, wounding him severely. The four knew that raiding the leader?s house directly would be impossible. With quick thinking, Rico and the three moved off to the side behind a brick wall to take cover from the bullets coming from the house. Rico was able to locate a section of the power grid under the muddy ground and tear it off, exposing the wire. Next, Rico attached the wire to a garbage can lid nearby as a shield. Rico charged toward the house with his wooden bat, and electrified shield. The bullets moved around Rico and missed him because the grid had a strong positive electric current, which deflected the bullets. Rico then threw the lid through the window onto the cyberpunk?s body, knocking the gun off his hand and disorienting him until the four rushed into the house. A huge battle ensued, despite the fact the cyberpunk was at a disadvantage. He had a rather tall and large body, tough looking, enough to absorb severe blows to the head and thoracic cavity. Eventually, Rico and his group apprehended the final cyberpunk of Levin. After the gang leader?s arrest by the Meteo police, Rico stayed behind to search for clues. In the closet, he found an arsenal of weapons and advanced hacking devices. This shocked Rico, since it seemed he was going to plan a section-wide massacre by blowing out the system so the Meteo police would never find out in time to save them. Rico had a feeling that something horrific was going to transpire in the future, but the problem was, he did not know the magnitude of the problem. In his bedroom, Rico removed the window covers, exposing the moonlights? glow inside the room discovered an insignia of a glass vase with lids on both ends printed on his wall. Rico found this very unusual and took a digital photograph of it and posted the picture in his private Live Wire journal. Rico never reported this to the police.
By the time he hit age eighteen, Rico was highly educated and became the top member of the Drunk House. The owner finally decided for Rico to give it a name. Rico insisted that he name it after his favorite Live Wire writer. Thus, it was aptly named Drew?s Drunk House. Rico was running low on money again so he decided to apply for a job in the inner area of Meteo through Live Wire to make some quick cash.

Scene 1-Inside Drew?s Drunk House- Night May 25, 2166

Rico Tranzrig is sending in his application to Live Wire through E-mail to be reviewed and passed on to other businesses who might require his line of work. The owner is working the night shift and is standing by small talking with Rico while cleaning the counter.

Drunk House Owner: "Yo Rico! You sure you wanna do this? You?ve never even been to the inner section before. The hell you expect to get by in there?"

Rico: "I?ll manage, I?m jes gonna make a small amount of money so I can live on my own. My parents are kinda pushing me to go out and explore the world. Besides, I?ve never been outa town or to the slums before."

Owner: "I?m jes sayin?, be careful out there. It?s all safe in the slums, but out in the high life, anything can happen."

The bartender opens the counter door and joins Rico at the computer while wiping off the last of his cups. Moments later, Rico receives a message back from Live Wire; listing all the jobs he was qualified for. 32 in all, though he could only pick one. Rico and the Owner are rolling over his choices, pointing at different jobs trying to pick the best one.

Owner: "Wow you qualified for all of those, congrats. Now, the hard part, picking which one you wants."

Rico: "Dunno, so many. Hey, look at this job. Looks pretty good, but I?ve never done anything like that before."

Owner: "What is it?"

[i]Rico reads the description of Tech Specialist: "Must be able to work eight hours a day everyday except holidays and Saturdays. Must have good experience with a wide variety of guns. Must be able to lift ?machinery? that weighs 200 Lbs. Must also know how to use a gun in action and with precision."[/i]

Rico: "Looks like hard work, but guns?ve always caught my eye, but I?ve never got around to study it. I guess I could try that one for a while. Hope I catch on quick."

Owner: "Go ahead, I?ve known you for a long time, Rico. I know, and everybody knows you always learn quickly cuz you always learn the hard way. Cuz you were never a b-tch to anyone."

After a good laugh, Rico responds to the letter and gets added to the company?s list. Then the computer connects Rico to a short addendum on the job he applied for. They sit back on a huge couch and watch on the big screen monitor. The addendum flashes the symbol of a silver sphere with bumps craters, the mark of the city of Meteo.

Addendum: "Welcome Rico Tranzrig to your new job as a tech specialist working for the Meteo Police force. In this job you are required to work full time for six days a week and are expected to perform tasks assigned to you. You will be working inside the lab and on the street to areas of your choice. Often, you will be called to a different area if needed. You will be picked up in the afternoon tomorrow by one of our vehicles at your house. You will be offered quarters, clothes and food. In your quarters, you will find a computer terminal with access to Live Wire to conduct your research. Good hunting Rico Tranzrig, we?ll see you tomorrow."

Rico: "Well, I guess I?m in. Don?t worry though; I?ll be back in a couple of months if my wallet gets any fatter. Vacations?ll come around too?so I?ll see ya around then K?"

Owner: "K take care of yourself out there. I?ll see ya!"

~End of Scene 1~

Rico heads out of the bar and looks at the blank sky. For tonight is a new moon. Rico has not been keeping up to date with Live Wire?s current city events, the random acts of terrorism in the inner and outer areas of Meteo by a strange new cult. Rico has encountered one of their members already, the cyberpunk leader. In twenty nine days, the destruction will begin again inside the inner section, and this time, the police will be ready, however, will Rico be too?
Rico heads out into the alleyway to get home quickly and tell his parents his acceptance into the Meteo police. He stops and hears grunting and smashing of metal in the darkness. Rico lights a match to investigate. He approaches slowly with the orange, flickering light in his hand.

To Be Continued...[/COLOR]
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Woops...:whoops: Yeah, I'll make the next part easier to read...BTW...I wrote the diolouge in script form for the first 4 chapters. Also to note that I wrote this three years ago and my writing style has improved a bit after this.

[u][b][i]Chapter 3: Akiu Kaze[/u][/b][/i]

If you take a long stroll past the outskirts of Meteo, you?ll notice a small trail just off to the east, connecting with the slums of Levin. The grassy trail continues for a couple hours until you discover a small, primitive village. Step out of the tall grass and you end up in the village center where water well is. Follow the various dirt paths to different parts of the village and you?ll see the inhabitants are lively, but cautious. Unlike the city, the people here grow and hunt their own foods from nature. They still have a good deal of technology to keep up with the city: Electric generators, lights, television, and a variety of machines. Though they still retain a deep appreciation for what it has to offer. These inhabitants are secluded and are rarely seen outside of the village. Not even Live Wire has a record of these peoples? vast, but unknown history.

From the well, head to the right and you?ll see a cluster of huts facing the tall grass. The house at the end is Akiu Kaze?s, A humble member of the village and the son of Ayala and Rizar Kaze. They were very wise parents whom some of the village people looked up to when they had problems. Thus, Akiu was born into a peaceful life. He was never a troublesome child, always obeying his parents? wishes. Akiu studied at the village school and learned how to read and write many different languages without much difficulty. Though when he played with his peers, he always ended up being the ?Black Sheep.? He tried hard to fit in, showing kindness to the other children. Unfortunately, they still rejected him somewhat. Akiu stayed an active child despite this set back. He made friends with some of the more nice children and a person can never go wrong bonding with the elderly. At the age of 16, Akiu developed into an extremely agile and tough, but kind teen. He had fairly long hair, was thin, and sported his own style of clothing. Since he was different from other teens his age, he was mocked at constantly until he could not take it any longer.

[i][u]Scene 2 -Village Square in grasslands- Daytime- Flashback to September 18, 2152[/i][/u]

[i]Akiu is spending his break playing a game with several other children. They have been playing the same game for a couple of months now with Akiu always being the antagonist.[/i]

Akiu: "What? Why am I the bad guy again. Not fair!"

[i]Akiu throws his mask down on the ground and begins to walk away.[/i]

Child: C?mon Akiu, you?re the biggest so you?re the monster K? Just this last time.

Akiu: You said that last week! Forget it, I?m outta here.

[i]Akiu heads towards his house and goes inside. He walks past his parents and goes inside his room, upset, he lies down on his bed and begins to cry on his pillow. Akiu?s father goes into his room and sits by his side.[/i]

Rizar: "Akiu, something wrong?"

[i]Akiu sits up, wipes away his tear and faces his father.[/i]

Akiu: "C?mon dad. Don?t you see them, when I play with them, they laugh at me. They have been since I can remember."

Rizar: "Hmm?then why do you spend time with them even though you know you?re going to be hurt again?"

Akiu: "What do you mean dad?"

Rizar: "As much as it pains me to say this. Those kids you play with follow on impulse, not truly stopping to think the consequences of their actions; words go through their ear and out the other, or words go through both ears and out the mouth. They are not mature enough to go out of the village yet and experience different cultures and life as our ancestors have did for many generations. They have brought stories that will fuel and develop our culture for many years to come."

[i]Akiu walks with his father out to the edge of the village on a rocky hill and look out to the giant city of Meteo with flowing grass surrounding it.[/i]

Akiu: "What is that place? I?ve been wondering what it is for some time now."

Rizar: "That is where young people who have enough wisdom and courage go. It is a highly advanced place with a completely different culture."

Akiu: "But what does it have to do with me? Have you ever been there before, dad?"

[i] They begin to walk back to their house, and the sun begins to set.[/i]

Rizar: "Unfortunately, no. Not very many people ever pass the hunt, which tests people?s overall abilities in one night. This is to ensure that nothing will happen to someone who leaves our village for a long time. That is why I?ve told you all this now, Akiu. You are unique, as with your true friends, despite the fact that they are not numerous. Tonight, you and your friends will go on this ?hunt.? Keep in mind that tonight will be very difficult. Only the people who are able to complete the hunt without being knocked out will be able to go and experience culture."

Akiu: "What to I have to do to prepare for this?"

[i] Rizar tosses a spear at Akiu and he beings to walk out of the village into the grasslands. Akiu follows and he meets his friends there, the ones who have always stuck by him. They stand by and receive instructions from Akiu?s father.
Rizar: You will have one night to complete this hunt. Find a very large bird, called a Wyvern and take it down. However, do not take this creature lightly. I?ll be following you from a distance. Good luck, don?t get knocked out.[/i]

[i]~End Of Scene 2~[/i]

It was a full moon that night and it happened to be the day Akiu was born 16 years ago. They had celebrated the night before with a village festival with all his friends and relatives. After searching for a couple of hours with his group, they finally found what seemed to be a wild boar. Akiu is the first to investigate only to discover that Akiu had found the giant bird, attacking a small nest underground. The huge bird props up in the air and a wave of wind knocks back everyone, except Akiu. He prepares for battle but also gets knocked back by a near fatal blow after dealing a couple of strikes to the Wyvern?s abdomen and chest. Akiu gets back up, only to see his three other friends unconscious and the grassy battlefield. In an act of rage, Akiu concentrates his energies and delivers a powerful blast of energy from his spear, knocking the Wyvern out, cold. Akiu inspects his friends they seem to be unharmed. Next, Akiu inspects the small nest. A small, ball shaped animal with illuminated eyes flies out of the small, underground cave.

He hears his father and a couple of the other village members, including the parents of his three other friends, coming up fast. The small creature hides inside Akiu?s backpack and closes it with its ears. Akiu and the others help his unconscious friends up and back towards the village. Akiu and his father go back to their house. Rizar congratulates Akiu on his rare victory and they celebrate with a small feast. Just Akiu, Rizar, and Ayala Kaze at the dinner table. They tell Akiu that he can go explore the world anytime he wanted to. They also warned Akiu that the journey he must face will take much time to complete and that he may never see his parents or his village again.

After a full stomach, Akiu goes back to his room, blows the candle and lies down on his bed. The creature that was in Akiu?s back-pack pokes out and sits diligently on Akiu?s chest. The strong light from the creature?s eyes wakes Akiu. He sees the creature and jumps up. The creature begins talking to it while Akiu diligently listens. They greet each other and talk about themselves for the rest of the night, then rest. It turns out that the little creature?s name is Aku, similar to Akiu?s name and he belongs to a species that resides in the grassy plain?s tiny underground caverns. Akiu also found out that the Wyvern attacked Aku home, causing his family to flee. He was stuck with the giant bird biting at the tiny hole. The next day, Akiu introduced Aku to Akiu?s parents; Unfortunately, Ayala and Rizar were not able to understand his language.

Akiu and Aku spent time training together out in the grasslands and in school, preparing for their journey to the great city of Meteo, to experience other cultures and ideas. For two years Aku and Akiu have trained to take on the most strongest creatures located in the grassland, still, everyone knew that going to the city was not going to be easy. Aku developed his abilities of using his mind to cause objects to pause in time; though, Aku is only capable of using it once or twice before tiring out. Aku, with the help of Akiu attempted to find Aku?s parents every day but to no avail so they stopped the searching in hopes that his father, mother, brother and two sisters would be unharmed and well. They vowed to find Aku?s his parents someday

At Akiu?s eighteenth birthday, a new moon, after the celebration, Akiu finally decides to say goodbye and depart with the village. He packs a few clothes, first aid materials, and food. He comes out of his house with spear in hand and goes to the village center where all the inhabitants await to say goodbye to him. Akiu embraces each and every one of them and tells them a certain quality that makes that person unique. When the time came to say good-bye to his parents, Akiu fell to his knees and began crying bitterly. Ayala and Rizar helped him up and told him to be strong for everyone in the village for Akiu and Aku?s future will be a difficult and bumpy road filled with sadness, joy, and other strong emotions. With those words of encouragement, Akiu said a final good-bye and began to walk to the city of Meteo in an energetic stance with Aku hovering quickly around him. Knowing Akiu and Aku may never see their kin again, they press on.

Sunset approaches as Akiu and his companion approach the outskirts of Meteo. A small wind, throwing around dust, small pieces of scrapped metal, and garbage bid Akiu and Aku an unusual welcome, he can hear voices in the distance; Voices of children playing, a man shouting vociferously, the top of his lungs and a strange clanking noise. Darkness completely overtakes the city and electric light illuminates the area in a white light as Akiu and Aku pass the first house the see. Both can see children playing about the cracked streets with murky water to the sides from a recent downpour a few days ago. Akiu goes up to the first house and is greeted by a middle-aged woman with tangled hair and ragged clothes. Akiu explains that he is a newcomer from outside the city, looking for a place to stay. ?Well, welcome to the slums of Levin, Akiu,? the woman says to her. He then asks the woman where he can find a place to stay. The woman kindly points to a cluster of tall buildings nearby with a red glowing sign above the door of one building. Akiu heads towards the small building composed of concrete with Aku following him closely. As he approaches the building entitled, ?Drew?s Drunkhouse,? two huge men creep slowly behind and ambush both Akiu and Aku and drag both of them into the alleyway, secluded from the electric lights. Aku is knocked out cold and is thrown to the side near a pile of garbage cans filled to the rim. Both men begin beating Akiu severely in the chest, head, and stomach area, attempting to knock him out. Drops of blood, sweat, and saliva begin trickle down Akiu?s face. His pack and spear are dropped to the side next to Aku, hidden from the two men?s sight.

[i][u]Scene 3 -Slums of Levin, inside alleyway next to Drew?s Drunkhouse -Night -May 25, 2166[/i][/u]

[i]Two men are brutally beating Akiu, pushing against the wall, punching and kicking his stomach, head, and chest. Akiu is bleeding profusely from the nose and mouth, dripping down and soaking his clothing.[/i]

Thug 1: "Hey Marl, how come this guy ain?t goin? down? We?ve been beatin? em? for a couple-a minutes now. The hell?s up with this guy?"

Marl: "Jes shut up and keep beatin? on em,? Carl, he?ll break soon."

Man?s Voice: "Hey! The hell you guys doin??"

[i] He approaches the two men with a glowing match in his hand walking slowly. Akiu looks up and sees this person trying to save him. The two men continue to beat Akiu. The man picks up a pipe and readies it.[/i]

Mystery Man: "Get away from him! I?m Rico Tranzrig. I?m the co-runner of this establishment. I won?t let you kill that guy in or outside my bar!"

[i] Still, the two men do not adhere to Rico?s commands as they continue to bash Akiu in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground again, bleeding even more from the mouth. Appalled, Rico fiercely throws the lead pipe at one of the thugs, hitting his skull with great force and causing him to fall to the ground on a slick of oil in pain. The other thug turns around.[/i]

Marl: "Hey! Why you gotta mess wit us? If you wanted us to bash your skull in, ya coulda jes said so!"

[i]He lets go of Akiu?s bruised head and charges at Rico, slowly. He his quite bigger than Rico, much taller and more toughly looking, but slow. Rico recognizes the outfit of the thug. It was similar to the one worn by the leader of his heist a few years back.[/i]

Rico: "Seems I?ve met your kind before. What kinda people are you? Whatever, C?mon, go ahead and bring it ya baby."

[i] Rico picks up a jagged piece of wood and lights it with his match. The flames expand and around the oil-soaked area of the piece of wood.[/i]

Rico: "Oh, you ásses are gonna regret this sooo bad!"

[i] They engage. Rico waves the flaming chunk of wood in the air, keeping the large thug at bay. Rico manages to score a few flaming hits, causing the thug?s shirt to ignite. The thug rips his burning clothes off and flees in tears.[/i]

Carl: "Marl, where ya goin?"

[i]The other thug gets up with his bald head-cracked open, exposing a portion of his skull, blood spewing forth.[/i]

Carl: "You dirty bastard. Ya never did know when to quit did ya? C?mon Rico, death and despair await you!"

[i] He picks up the pipe, blood smeared all over and takes his stance. He charges forward after collecting his thoughts and strength. [/i]

Rico: "Well, be prepared to get your *** kicked, hope your lover Marl understands. I?ll bet he?s in bed, crying, waiting for you!"

[i] After a small chuckle, metal and wood clash, causing the flames to expand in midair, briefly illuminating the alleyway with a dark orange. Sweat begins to flow down Rico?s face from the heat. After absorbing a couple of hits, Rico gets knocked back by a shoulder charge into the chest, forcing Rico to drop the stick on a slick of oil from a drained bucket. The flames spread again and spill onto the thug?s soaked clothing. Yet he still charges forward with the pipe raised high over his head. Rico falls to the ground after a hit to the stomach.[/i]

Carl: "Well, now who?s the one who?s gonna get his *** kicked?"

[i] The thug readies for the attack, then swings. Rico crunches up into a defensive position, awaiting the blow. But does not feel it. Rico looks up to see a small, flying creature with glowing eyes, glaring at the thug. Rico seizes the opportunity and uses a devastating kick, sending the thug flying, hitting his head on the concrete wall knocking him out. Aku goes next to Akiu and then looks at Rico.[/i]

Rico: "Hey! You ok? Damn, HEY! Mike! I need help over here!"

[i]Rico sits by Akiu, examining the damage done to Akiu, the bartender runs out of the bar, into the alleyway and kneels by Rico, tending to Akiu?s wounds.[/i]

Bartender Mickel: "The hell? How?d this happen right outside my bar!? C?mon, let?s get him inside."

[i]Rico and Mickel carry Akiu inside with Aku following them closely. They lay him down onto the couch. Rico goes to the cabinet, taking a bunch of towels while the bartender gets a sterile wash cloth and a bottle of whiskey. Rico wipes away the blood from his wounds, then his nose and mouth. The bartender tilts the whiskey bottle onto the wash cloth and applies it onto a gash in his cheek. Akiu finally begins to regain consciousness, Aku flies off the counter and lands on the couch. Akiu looks at Aku, then at Rico and Mickel.[/i]

Akiu: "Hey, where am I? What happened to those strange men that attacked me?"

Rico: "Don?t worry about them, you?re safe now."

[i] Rico tends to Akiu?s wounds while Mickel contacts the Meteo police, telling the officer of their situation. The dispatcher says they?ll have an ambulance tomorrow afternoon, which will take Akiu to the Meteo Hospital of Mercy.[/i]

Rico: "I?ve never seen you around here, what did you say your name was?"

Akiu: "Oh, I?m Akiu Kaze, from the grasslands outside of Meteo. Thanks for saving me back there."

Rico: "No problem, Akiu Kaze?nice to meet ya. I?m Rico Tranzrig."

[i] They shake hands. Akiu retracts his hand back and clutches his chest in pain. Rico removes his armor plating and examines his bones.[/i]

Rico: "You punctured a couple of ribs, we can patch you up a bit, but we gotta get you to a hospital soon. Mickel, you think you can look over him for the night? I gotta pack up for tomorrow."

[i] Mickel tends to Akiu while Aku begins to sleep in a basket of roasted peanuts by the counter. Mickel wraps a small cloth around Akiu?s wounds and applies ice and warm water to his bruises.[/i]

Mickel: "I?ll get it taken care of, I?ll see you tomorrow then."

Rico: "Kay see ya tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for everything, don?t worry Akiu, you?ll be all right. I?ll see you first thing in the morning, my pickup doesn?t come until noon."

Akiu: "Pickup? Going somewhere?"

Rico: "Yeah, new job at the Meteo police department."

[i]Rico gives two pats on Akiu's shoulder then walks out of the bar.[/i]

[i][b]~End Of Scene 3~[/i][/b]
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Don't worry...I'm on it...

Throughout the night, Akiu lies in the leather couch with blanket and the remote control in hand. He talks to Michel for a while but he falls asleep soon after he shuts the lights off. After scrolling through parts the Live Wire system, trying to learn a good deal about the city before he begins to explore it. He finally manages to obtain a map of the city. Akiu memorizes the map in an instant and shuts the monitor off and goes to sleep. Various times throughout the night, Akiu dreams of his family and friends back in his village. He misses them and has a desire to head back once this entire ordeal is taken care of; though, he knows he must press on and continue his journey. He awakes to hear the ambient noises of the computers nearby and the humming of the electric lights. He goes to sleep again, soundly, until dawn comes.

The sun?s light finally reaches the city of Meteo once again and Akiu and Mickel awake to the sounds of the computers starting up. Mickel once again tends to Akiu and feeds him a small breakfast of pretzels and hot noodle soup with a glass of orange juice. Rico, carrying packed bags, knocks on the door of the Drunkhouse and the bartender Mickel opens it. Akiu and Rico greet each other again. They talk about their past experiences and what they will do in the future. Rico has said his tearful good-byes to his parents and his neighbors but he his confidant he will see them again through Live Wire and constant leaves.

Noon hits the small slum of Levin. The ambulance and police cruisers finally arrive. Rico prepares Akiu for transport, carrying his pack and spear. Mickel opens the door for the medics to go through with their equipment and stretcher to put Akiu on. They run a few tests, replace his bandages and load Akiu onto the stretcher. Rico greets the policemen, signs an electronic form and goes into the passenger seat of the lead cruiser. They wait for the medics to load Akiu into the ambulance with Aku floating around them. They drive away, finally getting a chance to see what the inner section of Meteo truly is. The trip takes an hour long. They pass hundreds of luminous, high buildings and thousands of people in high traffic areas with the sun high in the sky, warming the entire city. The ambulance follows the squad car Rico is in to clear way for Akiu. Cars and people move off to the side as the cruiser and the van speed by. They finally near the Meteo police main building, the largest building in the city of Meteo and they split ways. Rico is immediately assigned to the R&D department to be introduced to the force and begin his line of duty. Akiu is taken to the Meteo Hospital of Mercy a block away, into the emergency room. The medical team sedates Akiu, for the pain, once they get to the central infirmary. Aku watches and waits as the doctors begin to remove his clothes, and put him into a gown. The finally begin to operate, treating his internal injuries.

Rico and Akiu connect together by fate, faith and act of good will. Only 28 days remain until the lockdown of the city begins. Will Akiu be strong enough to combat the cult members again? Rico?s orientation into the force is complete, tour with cookies, punch and the works. He is put into the R&D department, a huge room with spare parts, tools, originals, and computers at every workstation and every table. Rico gets to know some of the people he will be working with in the same room, and begins his work by fixing up his own arsenal of weapons. Rico accesses Live Wire as a guide and asks for help from the more experienced members. He successfully manages to modify a MP8 rifle to carry and deploy high velocity bullets using an electrified magnetic rail. Rico goes to the shooting gallery to test out his new creation. He shoots and misses the targets a couple of times. After a couple of minutes Rico begins hitting every target on the spot with complete accuracy, shredding the wooden targets. He stops firing and listens carefully as the noise dissolves. He hears someone else in the room with him, watching Rico in the shadows. Rico calls out to this person with a friendly greeting. She steps forward out of the shadows, and, with a quick glance at Rico, takes aim at the target. She is about the same height as Rico, except a bit shorter. She is wearing an all black suit with leather jacket, gloves, clothe black sweater, and hard black boots. Rico quietly watches as she pulls the triggers of her 9MM pistols and takes her first shots, green hair flowing as the blue and red shots discharge from the gun.

[i][b][u]Chapter 4: Tasha K. Adelle[/i][/b][/u]

[i]"My name is Tasha K. Adelle, and you?re a dead man, Say your prayers cause you have 5 seconds left. I suggest you begin writing your will,? the man pleads, "Oh, you've had a change of heart? That's just too bad, I just wish you could've said that a little sooner, "T?Kay calmly shot him through the neck, removed the silencer on her 9 mm, and slipped out of the room. It was true, she was an assassin, and a damn good one too.[/i]

Her origins are of a mystery to herself and to the people around her. Reported in a Live Wire News article, Tasha, age 16, was the sole survivor of a fatal car accident when coming home from a restaurant with her parents. She awoke a couple of days later only to see the nurses? faces without any memory of her past. Dazed and confused about her past, she recovers slowly from her injuries in the rehabilitation center at the Meteo Hospital of Mercy. Tasha had frequent trips to the psychologist, trying to find out more about her past. For two years, the doctors grilled her with burning questions for many hours, but to no avail. Each night she goes back to the bed she woke up in, with the same clothes, exhausted and upset. Tasha could not endure her sessions of intense therapy much longer. The sessions caused Tasha to develop severe migraines, which the doctors diagnosed as a normal reaction to repressed memories. Tasha knew she would die under these conditions soon, so she decided to escape.

She planned it spontaneously after her 328th session. Tasha still in her patient gown quietly got out of her bed. She peeked out the window and noticed two guards in black leather suits; both were women and armed with electrified clubs. Experiencing another one of her severe headaches once again, she tentatively opened the door and asked for help while limping towards the guards. The two women in black noticed her deep breathing, approached Tasha and seized her by the arms to take her back to bed. Tasha?s body became limp as they dragged her back to the room. With a final burst of energy, Tasha concentrated on the guards, every single aspect of them, their style of walk, their malicious facial expressions, she even focussed onto their innermost thoughts. She hated them. For the first time in her new life, she felt hatred towards another person. Tasha closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and felt the guards? grip loosened. Tasha opened her eyes to see the guards were holding their heads, they were screaming in pain. They finally let go of their grip on Tasha, causing her to drop on the floor with a small thud. She sat up in awe, staring at the two women as their minds tore apart. They fell to the floor, unconscious; faces saturated with sweat. Tasha stood up and inspected the bodies of the guards. Looking out through a nearby window, she felt the cold draft of the outside air under her gown. She walked back towards one of the guards and removed her black suit.

Though she is only 18 years of age, the suit is a perfect fit as she slides in. She throws her wrinkled, blue spot gown in the trash chute and heads towards the back of the hospital. Before she leaves, she notices there is no one in the area besides her and the two guards. Tasha zips up and walks out the back door of the hospital, into the streets of Meteo, nowhere to go, alone in the world. Tasha looks out on the deserted streets of Meteo. Light streams from the scattered light sources, illuminating the city streets. The moon shines brightly overhead, giving a white glow to the dark concrete buildings and streets. She walks out of the alley way unto the center divider of the street, pauses, and takes a look around. Most businesses are closed at this time so she walks to the sidewalk, then she peeks around the corner of the hospital, and she sees no guards, no personnel ready to accept dying patients. Something catches Tasha; a large sign in neon color saying, ?Leverato Café.? With no idea of her true consciousness, she heads towards the restaurant. A bouncer, also dressed in a black outfit, greets and seats her. Tasha looks outside at the cityscape: She can see the large hospital where they held her until she was 18 years of age. Off to the side, she notices a tall skyscraper with a blue glowing sphere at the top. She looks around the café, pondering on what she will do with her new life as a lost teen. The waiter gives her a cup of hot coffee.

She again experiences another one of her migraines and sets her head down. Tasha is in torpor, evoking a memory from long ago. From an unknown point and time.

?T?Kay, what?re you doing back there?? a woman turns calls out from the front of the car they are in, ?You better not be causing trouble back there.? T?Kay recognized her mother saying those words, though she could only make a silhouette of her mother?s face with a bright haze clouding her surroundings. T?Kay jumps back to reality when she feels three taps on her shoulder. She turns around and notices a guy. Tall, strange, hairstyle, and a lean build. The man grins at her and takes his position standing next to T?Kay.

[i][b]Scene 4: -Luna Café- Midnight -March 18, 2166[/i][/b]

[i][b]T?Kay-[/i][/b] Hello, go away.

[i][b]Adrian-[/i][/b] I thought you could use a little company, name?s Adrian.

[i]They shake hands and T?Kay tries to go back into a trance, but cannot so she continues the conversation.[/i]

[i][b]T?Kay-[/i][/b] Tasha, now go away!

[i]T?Kay kicks his shins and spills his drink on her suit.[/i]

[i][b]T?Kay-[/i][/b] Well, that?s gonna leave a mark. Please leave, now would be a good time.

[i] T'Kay shrugs, then sets down her coffee.[/i]

[i][b]Adrian-[/i][/b] So sorry, lemme clean that stain.

[i]He Reaches for her leg with a napkin. T?Kay slaps his hand, stands up and delivers a hard kick to his lower extremities. Adrian sits down back in his booth, clutching his crotch in pain.[/i]

[i][b]Adrian-[/i][/b] Alright , Alright?I?m sorry [stands up] maybe this?s a big mistake, sorry for the trouble.

[i][b]T?Kay-[/i][/b] Wait?can...can I have a place to stay?

[i][b]Adrian-[/i][/b] You do now? Do you?

[i][b]T'Kay-[/i][/b] Don't rub it in! Are you going to take me in or not!?

[i][b]Adrian-[/i][/b] Let's go back to my car, then we'll talk.

[i][b]~End Of Scene 4~[/i][/b]

That was the last seen of T'Kay Adelle that night. Adrian shoved her into his car and shut the door. After a few moments of violence, the car remained still and it started up. Adrian sped away. T'Kay was brutally beaten up, but she wasn't going to stop there. Bruised and bloodied, she willed herself to enter Adrian's mind and give him the pain she endured for many, many years. The car weaved through the empty streets and finally stopped. She had control now...
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Yes...just so it would make sense later on...

I happened to write this a few days after I met you...which was a while back. It gets weired here since I skipped Akiu Kaze. I'll have to change some parts later also...

[i][b][u]Chapter 5: Cohesion[/i][/b][/u]

Rico fires three bursts at the target, the nine bullets all missing their wooden targets, ?Damn.? He reloads and fires another nine shots, seven of them actually clipping the wood, bursting the shells causing splinters to spray across the area. He steps back to dodge the sharp projectiles hurling at his tall and strong build, ?Yeah.? Rico pauses and stays silent. The wooden frame finally collapses on the ground as he takes a look around. Along with the silhouette of his spiky hair, he notices someone in the shadows, ?Hello? Anybody there?? The person lurking in the shadows steps out, revealing a tall woman with short, green hair, sporting the standard uniform, and M16 in hand.

?Nice shot,? she passes Rico and steps up to the counter. She picks up a clip and locks it into her pistol. She takes aim and fires a single shot, hitting the neck of the target, decapitating it without any flying splinters, ?But I?m better,? she unloads the pistol and starts to walk away.

Rico taps on her shoulder causing her to turn around, ?Nice shot,? she ignores the compliment and continues walking. He speaks in surprise, ?Hold on, where?d you learn how to do that??

She turns around again in complete surprise, ?Pardon??

?How?d you learn how to shoot like that,? Rico looks at her identification tag, ?Tasha Kaitlin Adelle??

?That?s right, but I prefer being called T.Kay, please. My shooting skills? Thanks for the compliment. Let?s just say I had a bit of practice these couple of days,? T.Kay holsters her gun, ?Didn?t get your name.?

?Rico Tranzrig, pleased to meet you,? they shake hands, ?You new here??

?First day on the job,? T.Kay says as she holsters her gun, ?I?m getting a bit sleepy, so I?ll see you around,? she walks out of the shooting range.

?Bye,? Rico waves his rifle as the doors close. He walks back to his locker, unloads and goes out for lunch at the café across the street. She wasn?t extraordinarily attractive but she sure did catch Rico?s attention. He needed a partner as all Meteo police did and he thought T.Kay would prove an ideal counterpart. Her stealthy demeanor and shooting ability, along with his technological prowess and fighting adeptness would make a fine combination. Rico had to find this mystery woman again. He felt compelled to do so.

?Hey, have a seat,? one of the bouncers greets Rico and walks away. Café ala Verso has been in business for around twelve years in the same location, across from the hospital and police station. Available here is a wide selection of sandwiches and drinks. Computer ports are at every seat with the staff circulating the room to take your order. The bar is off to the side and leather seats are neatly ordered near the windows with photogenic lighting.

Rico takes a seat at the bar counter to order, ?Hey, I?d like a Ruben sandwich with a soda,? he takes a quick glance around and notices T.Kay forcing stacks of cookies and tall froth coffee. The staff really takes their time in making orders so Rico finally decides to talk to her.

T.Kay stops gorging and looks up, ?Oh, hello again,? she says in a cheerful voice, ?Rico, right??

?Just having lunch, mind if I join you??

?Hey, go ahead,? Rico takes a seat and grabs a cookie.

T.Kay gulps down her cup and continues to eat, ?This? your first day also??

?How?d you know??

?Talked to a couple people in the message board room before I got here, ?ooh?some new guy named Rico?s joined our section, I wonder what he looks like.?

?Word gets out pretty quick,? Rico?s face turns red, ?You make it sound like these ladies are aroused. You sure that isn?t just you talking, T.Kay?? he starts laughing.

T.Kay jumps up, infuriated, ?What! Oh shut up!?

?Sorry- but you really have a knack for imitation,? Rico says as he stands up, ?Hold that thought, let me get my meal,? Rico walks to the counter and gets his food, ?Hey tender,? He points over to T.Kay, ?See that woman over there? Get her a malt chocolate sundae, its on me,? Rico says. He swipes his credit card and the staff gets to work. Rico walks back to join T.Kay.

T.Kay got ticked off from Rico?s last remark but she wasn?t going to fry him to a bloody pulp smear. Instead she decides to scan his mind, to understand him fully. Ever since the psychotherapy she went through for two long years, she was able to look into peoples? minds and alter reality to a limited extent. She experiments with her new talent on her roommate Adrian. T.Kay would dive into his mind, burn him, and eventually put him to a deep sleep without any memory of what happened to him. But she couldn?t delve into Rico?s mind. For some reason beyond her comprehension, T.Kay couldn?t will herself to scan his upper story. Reading other people?s minds like the bouncer outside and the lady sitting behind her was a breeze, why not Rico? He did seem to be a nice person who did not seem to have any mischievous motives towards her besides to lust for her drop dead gorgeous looks. But it still bothered her that she could not probe around his mind let alone fry him to the ground should the need arise.

Rico, with food in hand, walks back to T.Kay?s table, ?That sure took a while, sorry,? he says as he starts biting into his sandwich.

T.Kay stares at Rico for a while before finally speaking, ?Rico, this is your first day on the job, right??

Rico tries to talk back only to spurt out muffled sounds from his stuffed mouth. Instead, he nods.

?I don?t have the energy right now to match wits with you so I?ll be blunt. Do you wanna partner up with me??

?Rico swallows his food in one big gulp, feeling the indigestion run through his chest, ?Owww?I?ve been meaning to ask you the same question. It?s kinda like you read my mind or something.?

?Yeah, right. I wish. So is that a ?yes???

?Yup,? Rico says. They shake hands, ?I heard lots of benefits can come out of a nice start.?

?We?ll see how things work out,? T.Kay says. She reaches for a terminal and accesses LiveWire police database. They both look at the monitor and immediately notice the extra benefits that come with their new partnership: New car, increased mission clearance, and to top it all off, a two bedroom apartment at a section of their choice. Rico whistles in enthusiasm. T.Kay speaks in relief, ?Not bad, I?ll be able to get away from that jerk Adrian.?

?Who?s he? Roommate?? Rico finishes the sandwich and soda.

?I hate the guy. Always trying to hit on me. Just last night, he called up his ?buddy? Eddie so they could frolic in my beauty the next day,? T.Kay screams with arms flailing. She inputs their names and registers. A new screen pops up. T.Kay reads it over, ?C?mon let?s get our keys,? she stands up and smacks his head, causing Rico to cough on his soda.

?Yes! No more cramped up quarters for me!? Rico jumps up and they walk out of the café.

?Heeeyyy!? A man shouts running down the sidewalk with a cup in hand, ?You forgot you Sundae!?

?Sundae?? T.Kay asks Rico.

?Oh yeah, oops.? Rico takes it from the tender, ?Lazy ***,? he mumbles and gives it to T.Kay, ?Here, stay awake from now on.?

?Thanks, I think.? She slowly ate it with impeccable manners. Unlike the restaurant, public areas didn?t give her the privacy to pack her mouth.

Both of them were looking forward to partnering up with each other in the various missions they would receive from their database. T.Kay was glad that she wouldn?t have to confront the slick coffee bastards Adrian and Eddy again but she was still cautious towards Rico since he didn?t know anything about him. Rico, on the other hand, was very eager to relocate with all the new benefits given to them. However, he was still skeptical since not only did they meet for the very first time, they would be working together and living together also.

The Meteo police encourage teamwork offering more than adequate benefits. If they partner or even group together was not only beneficial but also mandatory to do so. After relocating, partnered officers seldom visit the station. Instead, they get their missions through the Live Wire system and keep daily logs on the cases they work on.

Rico and T.Kay head over to the parking garage behind the large complex to pick up their keys to the car and apartment, which was located in the eastern section of Meteo. Rico walks up to the counter, shows his badge and the attendant gives them two pairs of keys. They located their Laguna blue V-8 sedan and unlocked the car.

?Nice car,? Rico comments.

Before they get in with Rico at the wheel, T.Kay puts down her drink asks him, ?Rico, you do know how to drive something like this right??

?Yeah, piece of cake, I used to drive a small vehicle when I was sixteen,? Rico says. They both slip into their black leather bucket seats, put on their seatbelts, and engage the engine, emitting a threatening roar. Rico puts it in gear and bursts off in screeching tires. The only problem was that T.Kay was still trying to be flawless.
SPLAT! T.Kay was now wearing her new sundae, ?Damn you Rico Tranzrig!? She growled.

?Uh, sorry about that.? He reaches into the glove compartment and hands her some napkins; ?Here you go.?

?Thank you,? T.Kay says coldly and wipes the adhesive ice cream off her face. At nearly 70Mph, they turned onto the streets of inner section Meteo, weaving through heavy traffic. He notices T.Kay getting sleepy and says, ?Hey, you should get some sleep right now. It?ll be a couple hours before we get to our new apartment.?

?No it?s okay, I?d rather talk.? T.Kay finishes her drink and throws the cup out the window. ?First thing?s first, I barley know you.?

?Well, what to you wanna know about me?? Rico pauses. ?I?m eighteen, born and raised in Meteo City, have a nice family back in the Far Eastern section.? He picks up the speed to 145Mph and interlocks cruise control, ?How ?bout you??

T.Kay looks out the side window and talks, ?I?m eighteen too, and to tell you the truth, I don?t have a family. I woke up in a hospital not knowing anything except my name and the language.?

?You?ve had it pretty rough, I?m sorry.? Rico consoles T.Kay by running his fingers through her smooth hair. Rico felt an attachment to her. He felt comfortable talking to her only after a few minutes of meeting her. Usually, he was never good at being a social person but he was well known to many as kind person.

?I could tell you my short life story, but we would have to go to the apartment. I don?t wanna be freaking out when I?m getting to the sensitive parts because of your driving.? T.Kay looks out the window and sees a sky rise building in the distance different from the others which seemed to be the apartment complex.

?Okay, sounds good. You know how to cook. Right?? Rico said hopefully.

?We just ate, and I?m not gonna be your homemaker!?
?I know, this is only for later reference,? Rico reassured her.

?Well, yeah, I sort of know how to cook, just as long as I don?t taste it before I serve it.?

?Great.? Rico turns into the parking lot of the apartment complex and finds a parking space. They never did trust the valet parking with adolescent drivers at the wheel of their new car.
Once inside, T.Kay immediately began relocating the furniture. All the couches were moved the beds were remade and fixed up, and she also cleaned the kitchen part way when she realized that she was turning into a homemaker. ?Do you mind helping a little?? She said.

?Well-? Rico starts to head for the door.

?Here, work for awhile!? Throwing a towel in his face, she plops a bottle of Windex in his hand, ?Get those mirrors and windows, they?re disgusting!?

?Um, okay.? Squirting the blue liquid, he quickly wipes the surfaces with the towel. After a couple of minutes, Rico had the neat mentality that T.Kay has and started looking for places that required cleaning.

Meanwhile, T.Kay is trying to set up the computer without even touching it. The monitor, tower, keyboard and all the other accessories were floating around as she directs the items with her mind.

Rico walks in on her little experiment. ?Very interesting, what are you doing??

?Exercising my telekinesis. Dos this freak you out or something??

?Well, actually, no. I just thought you were-?

?Normal? Well, I?m not but I?m working on that.? She drops the computer parts.

?Alright, just don?t start making float in public.? Rico says sarcastically.

?Fine, fine, I won?t.? She sighed.

T.Kay finished up setting the computer with Rico?s careful instruction and her telekinesis. Eventually, they finished cleaning everything from the toilet to the grime outside on the balcony. The looked around and felt something about their apartment that made them feel blissful, yet exhausted at the same time.

Diving into the nearest sofa, she rolled over, totally relaxed. ?Ah, so much better.?

Rico follows suit and decides to continue T.Kay?s story, ?So you wanna tell me what?s going on right now with you??

?Okay, some things may seem a little far fetched, or just plain inane. But believe me, everything I say is the absolute truth.?

?I?ll keep that bit of advice in mind,? Rico comments.
Closing her eyes, T.Kay breathes deeply, then begins her story. ?My first given memory was waking up in a hospital, surrounded by doctors and psychiatrists. ?T.Kay looks up at the ceiling and continues, ?They told me I got into a ?bad car accident? and that I needed to go through a series of therapy sessions. I was sixteen, they told me. So for two years, they pit me through the same kinds **** leaving me exhausted every single day. The asked me question after question and my answers never seemed to satisfy them. After a couple of months, that?s when the headaches began. During my periods of inactivity, just lying in bed doing nothing but stare at the objects around the room, I discovered something about myself that was unique. I had the ability to scan and alter reality. I began to lift IV poles and medicine vials with my mind. When some of the people working nearby walked past my ?holding pin? I could feel their emotions towards me. I listened and looked more closely into their minds. Rico, I knew who they were, everything about them."

?What did they want with you anyway?? Rico asked.

?That was the strange part, I knew they had interest in me but I couldn?t see what it was. A classic case of ?just following orders.? They didn?t know the motive for keeping me in here.?
Rico sits up, ?Wait, you?re saying that they keep you locked up in there and they don?t know why??

T.Kay leers at Rico for interrupting her for the second time, ?Yeah, I think the psychiatrist who was asking the questions knew why so I decided to scan his mind the next day.? T.Kay sits up. ?But by the next day, I was really fired up, literally. At the next meeting, I ignored all his questions and tried to scan his mine. But something kept me from reading his thoughts. I closed my eyes and tried harder only to breathe in burnt flesh. I opened my eyes to see a charred body by the door.?

?Well, now he knows when a girl gets a hot temper,? Rico comments.

T.Kay giggles, ?Since I had adequate control over my abilities, I decided to break out. Kinda like the way you drive, I ran around the hospital floor trying to find and exit. All the nurses and doctors were chasing me so I decided to lift everything, including the people, clump it together and make an exit of my own. I ignited the clump and slammed it on the wall. Made a large gap that let to the outside world. I still had on a cheap hospital gown so I stole one of the doctor?s coats and fled to the nearby café.?

Rico glance at the clock. ?Well, time flew by pretty quickly.?

?I?ll continue the story later then if it bores you that much, ?T.Kay said. She took a deep yawn, ?I guess I?m boring myself to death too.?

?Forget it, I?ll just sleep here, ?Rico says. He lies down and pops another question, ?Since you can read minds, do-do you know what I?m thinking right now.?

?Umm, something perverted?? T.Kay says, taking a wild guess.

?How did you know?? Rico says, feeling insecure and surprised. He ponders a thought about sugar honey pie and tests her mind again. ?Okay what about know? Give me absolute details too.?

?Okay, okay, I can?t really read your mind. I was just lucky.?

?Oh, why not??

?I dunno why, I tried numerous things to you but all I can do is move you with my telekinesis. But I don?t know unless I try, ?T.Kay laughs. She raises her arm and lifts it, also lifting Rico. ?Ha, there we go.? She moves him around back and forth, up and down, side to side. ?I have the power!? She guides him into one of the rooms.

Rico gets a little dizzy and complains, ?Hey, this isn?t fun!?
?Oh right.? Lowering her arm, she gently drops him on the bed.

?That was a rush,? he said, dazed.

?Well, that?s a good start. I?ll try to perfect my technique when you?re asleep.?

?WHAT?? Rico jumps up and grabs a pillow.

?I?ll set up the TABLE.? T.Kay says slowly.

?Oh, right, just checking,? Rico, in a dizzy stupor, collapses on the bed, ?Don?t pull anything on me okay??

T.Kay laughs maliciously, ?I won?t.?

?I?ll beat you up if I see any bumps, bruises, lacerations, avulsions-?

?I get the picture, good night Rico, and I solemnly swear that I will not hurt you,? She says seriously.

Rico falls asleep without any trouble. T.Kay, on the other hand, was having an acute case of insomnia. She went out to the outside balcony of their apartment to ruminate about the events that took place in her short existence in Meteo. Her ex-roommate, Adrian, would be wondering about her whereabouts while Eddie, probably with packs of condoms and a video camera would be extremely disappointed in not seeing her today. What bothered her the most about Adrian was that his thoughts were disturbing. He had no compassion, no empathy, and an overcoming desire to take advantage of T.Kay any chance he got. She heard and saw thoughts that weren?t native to Adrian?s own mind, as if those thoughts were somehow infused into his psyche. But in Rico?s case, never, at one moment, was she able to read his mind. She would try hard listening and focusing her mind towards him, but all she got was a curious stare from Rico. T.Kay also took note that as she was playing with Rico?s body in the air, she couldn?t hurt him. At one point she wanted to slam him into the living room wall. Another time she wanted to release him in mid air, letting him drop to the floor, but she couldn?t. Maybe it had something to do with T.Kay?s attachment to Rico; she felt safe with him. T.Kay was able to lie on the couch or have her back turned in a position that would make any woman feel uncomfortable in public without any doubts about his integrity. Usually, she trusted no one, but she trusted Rico, her new partner, and her first friend.
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OOC: LOL...and to think this was actually a go-between to get to know you better last year. :D Okay this part was a little strange because I think we started flirting before we wrote this.

[i][b][u]Chapter 6: Commencement[/i][/b][/u]

?Rise and shine,? Rico said, wearing an apron with a duck logo saying, [i]Have you hugged your favorite cook today?[/i] and a plate of pancakes, tried to wake up
T.Kay woke up slowly from her late night pondering only to see a frightening figure, looming over her. She jumped out of her bed and went into a fighting stance.

?What the hell?!?? Her eyes cleared up and she realized that the cook from Hell?s kitchen was a sentimental individual named Rico Tranzrig. She began to laugh hysterically.

?What?? He put the pancakes on the table.
?Oh, nothing,? T.Kay says as she puts a pillow in front of her face to hide her childish smile.

?You haven?t seen a man in an apron before??

?Actually, no.? T.Kay started to laugh again; ?Even the tender down at the cafe doesn't wear such a tacky looking thing.?

Rico dropped his head low, took off the apron, and slammed it on the ground. ?Any ways, here?s your pancakes.? He grabbed a tray and placed the plate on it.

Just before he could give the food to her, T.Kay got up and headed for the kitchen saying, ?I?d rather eat on a table, in a chair. Not like some wife celebrating Mother?s Day.?

Rico followed her out and served it to her, Her table manners didn?t apply here. Before he could sit down and pick up a knife and fork, T.Kay was already finished. Still in her ?Meteo Kids? pajamas, she checked their Live Wire mailbox for their next undercover mission. Sorting through the various pieces of junk mail, she found their orders ready and waiting with a yellow flag signifying its importance. She quickly read over their orders...

?To the both of you, here are your orders: As you may have known, lately our assault and investigation team has been closing in on a group of terrorists that call themselves the Occult. They?ve allegedly murdered many important people such as: Rei Laams, a wealthy businessman, Kana Gymore, co-founder of Meteo INC (Intimate Nullifying Clothing), and finally, a husband and wife whose bodies have not yet been identified due to the severity of the murder. We need you two to poke around Live Wire and the streets to finish up the case and get some solid evidence for an incursion. Good Luck to you both and if you need any extra money or anything of the sort, you know where to look.?

-Meteo Central Command-

?So, where shall we start partner?? Rico said as he finished the last of his pancakes.

T.Kay, completely off guard turned around and complained to him, ?Don?t you sneak up on me like that!? she hit him on the leg, hard.

Immune to the pain, Rico grabbed his leather jacket and silenced pistol, ?You search Live Wire, I?ll scour the streets.?

?Are you saying that a woman like me can?t handle the streets of Meteo City?? T.Kay got up and walked to the bathroom, slamming the door. ?I am not going to sit around for the entire day, looking at the Live Wire system for a bunch of psychos. You can do that yourself.?

Rico grabbed the keys to the car and turned off the stove. ?So you know who they are too??

?Awhile back, I ran into a couple of them in the hospital. They were being treated for their various injuries from a fire.? She began to change into her causal outfit consisting of black leather pants and a black sleeveless shirt. ?She was really nice and helped me make my ?great escape.? I think her name was Selemia Jung, very dangerous mind to toy with. She took me in, which wasn?t the idea I had in mind at the time, and trained me to become a one of her Occult members, an assassin or collector of information. Unfortunately, to get to the killing part of the job, we had to seduce and frolic with our targets to weaken their resistance. That was two years of training me how to kill before I was informed that we had to do this every time we killed or got information.?

?What did you do after that??

?I refused the job and got kicked out into the city streets. Now I had to look for a place to live so I drifted around the city to search for people who were kind enough to take a sixteen-year-old in. You happened to be that person who asked your mother to take me in. You know the rest of the story.?

?That gives us a big break. All we have to do is find this Selemia person online right? I think they had an female-male escort service to earn funds.?

T.Kay finished dressing up, put on her leather jacket and silenced pistol. ?That?s true, but do we really want to start right away? I mean, we do have all day to work on this.?

Rico opened the door and T.Kay walked ahead while he locked up. They boarded the elevator and headed down to their car.

?Gimme the keys, I want to drive this time,? T.Kay ordered Rico, sticking out her hand.

?I hope you know what you?re doing.? Rico took the keys out of his jacket pocket and tossed it over to her.

?Compared to your crazy driving skills, I know what I?m doing.? They got into the sedan and drove away, this time, without much screeching.

?So where to?? She asked him as she zigzagged through traffic, nearly hitting a few pedestrians.

?Well, we ate already so I guess we can go back to headquarters. I left a couple gadgets in R&D that might be useful to us later on.? Rico said.

?What do they do in ?Repair and Despair???

?Same old repetitive stuff: Fixing guns, reading, sometimes even doing nothing but stare at the wall for many hours at a time.?

T.Kay began to laugh as she sped up to 90 KPH. ?So you?re telling me you spent six months in complete boredom.?

?Yes, unfortunately, until I met you of course.?

?I?m glad I could be your lifesaver,? T.Kay said sarcastically.

Two hours later, they reached headquarters in central Meteo. T.Kay waited in the car while Rico revisited his old friend, still working away in the R&D department.

?Hey, Sway, how?s everything going?? Rico said to an old companion of his.

Sway Gracelin was a year younger than Rico, a foot shorter than Rico, and a few skill levels lower than he was. Despite heavy competition from him in the past, she always kept a spunky attitude. After he left to team up with T.Kay, Sway became the chief engineer of the department.

?Hey Rico!? Sway said while her head was inside the tank of a large engine she was working on. She came out with dark grease covering her body and clothes, wrench in hand. ?It?s been a while? We?ve missed you, man.?

?Sorry, I can?t stay for long. It?s nice to be back, sort of.?

?Eh, things aren?t too boring around here. Working on anything new??

?Well, this tank they busted a few day ago.?

?We got to do something together again, just like old times. Who?s that girl you?re working with in the undercover division??

?Tasha K. Adelle. Kinda on the tough side, but it?s working out pretty well.? Rico removed his leather jacket and headed to his old locker. ?It hasn?t been cleaned out yet??

Sway walked up behind him and put his hand on his shoulder. ?You?re irreplaceable, Rico. So I took the liberty of saving your locker, just in case you drop by, just like today.?

?You?re sweet, Sway. Thanks.? Rico takes twenty-eight strips of titanium, a few microchip sets, spare microphones, a Micro camera, a roll of unbreakable wire, and a solar panel. ?Let?s get to work. I?m planning on building a nice little device that?ll get me through a couple of our assignments. Care to help??

?Hey, anything to get my head out of a tank?s behind,? Sway said, grabbed her tools and got to work.

They worked for thirty minutes carefully placing each component together. After everything was soldered and bolted, Sway held up the object, which looked like a stylish fan.

?You plan on using this, Ms. Tranzrig??

?Oh yes, it will bring out my feminine side,? Rico took the fan and begun fanning himself.

?Wow, you really do have a very feminine side. Even your grip is better than mine.?

?Thanks for the compliment.? Rico stuffed the extra materials back in his locker.

?Leaving so soon? Man; don?t tell me your going to spend some quality time with that woman.?

?Don?t think like that Sway. Are you jealous??

Sway looked away, embarrassed. ?Umm, absolutely NOT!?

?Oh I beg to differ.? Rico turned her around, revealing a blushing face. Rico thinks to himself, 'She likes me?' Oh I feel special. I think...

?Hey what?s taking so long?? T.Kay walks in, completely ruining the moment.

?Oh, hello T.Kay, this is Sway, my friend from way back when I started working here.?

?Oh am I disturbing something?? T.Kay notices Sway?s blushing face.

?So this is your partner, T.Kay.? Sway looks her over and comments, ?Good choice, Rico. You better take care of her.?

?Sorry, but I can take care of myself.? T.Kay mumbled. She wasn?t trying to provoke a fight but she wasn?t too familiar with spunky women due to her prolonged exposure to a secretive environment.

?Rico, move.? Sway, holding a wrench pushed him out of the way into the engine of the tank. Now, T.Kay really didn?t understand what was going on until the point where she started scanning her mind she found out what her intentions were. Let?s see here, she?s jealous, likes Rico a little, and isn?t too fond of me. Goodie. I hope I don?t get my áss kicked ?Look, sorry if I hurt your feelings for Rico.?

?I?m NOT interested in RICO!? Sway screamed at T.Kay, blushing even more through her tanned face. ?Perhaps you are.?

?Me? Hang on, let me finish my laughing fit.? T.Kay let out a burst of air and began laughing hysterically.

Rico couldn?t believe that T.Kay and Sway were degrading him this far. They probably forgot he was still there.

?Um, perhaps you could finish this domestic dispute when I?m not around.?

?SHUT UP! We are having a conversation here!? Sway yelled.

Rico?s temper rose to surpass Sway?s anger. He didn?t want all their anger turn into cause a huge commotion, so, with fan in hand, he pulled himself out of the tank and walked over to T.Kay and firmly gave the fan to her. ?Here this is for you.?

?Hm, do you want me to use this for something?? T.Kay gestured to Rico, 'Maybe like break up the fight or to get Sway madder, Or-'

?Nice of you two to drop by. If you?ll excuse me, I have a tank to fix. Bye-bye Rico. Visit again sometime, okay, just not with Her.? Sway hops back into the tank completely embarrassed.

?Okay bye,? T.Kay said.

?I?ll see you later Sway,? Rico said, ashamed.

They both left the room without saying anything. When they finally got to the car, with T.Kay at the wheel. Rico muttered to himself, this is what I get for being drop dead handsome and having a wild partner?

?Who or what was that?? T.Kay asked him. ?She has a short temper and umm, likes you a whole lot.?

Rico began to blush. ?She?s okay, once you get to know her. About her liking me...I don?t think so.?

?Oh, she thinks highly of you, but um, not the way you think.?

?Great.? Rico said.

?No, it?s not great, she has a crush on you if you haven?t noticed yet.?

?Really? I um, I knew that.?

?Sure you did. She thinks you look like Rick Malone. That Meteo movie star.?

?No way!?

?Yes way. I know, I checked.?

?Damn you, T.Kay.?

?Yeah, sometimes I amaze myself.?

?So, you like your new fan??

?Oh, is that what it is?? T.Kay holds up the metallic object and opens it up, revealing a beautifully designed oriental fan. ?And you said R&D sucks.?

?It?s really rare that we actually get to do this kind of stuff. Now watch the road,? Rico said as she nearly rammed the car into an outdoor restaurant. ?I made it for you to carry around when we do undercover work.?

?So is this a gift for me?? T.Kay began fanning herself.
?Yeah, I guess. Nothing eloquent.?

?With a unique design like this, it should get me thinking. But I can?t read your mind so I won?t bother wondering on if you have an affection for-.?

?You think I have feelings for you?? Rico turns his eyes away from T.Kay.

?No, Swa- never mind.? She looks at the fan again. ?How does this work anyway??

?Easy. See all those nice etches and elegant markings? Those are spying equipment, carefully concealed. It?ll let us capture evidence we need, wherever the Occult is.? Rico took out his computer from under his seat. ?Who was that girl again, that assassin you know about??

Rico quickly browsed through the residence listings and found her profile and hacked into her private schedule book. ?Looks like she?s holding a party today at 11:00PM tomorrow.?

?Selemia Jung?? T.Kay asked, he nodded. ?Getting aroused by her profile??

?Unfortunately, she has no pictures.? Rico thinks up a plan and shares with T.Kay, ?I was wondering if you could talk to her, Live Wire two way audio and one way video if she doesn?t have a grudge towards you.?

?Do you want me to encourage her to kill you??

?It?s the only way we can get proof on what they do. Don?t worry, before she actually coaxes me into her bed, I?ll let you know with some surveillance in my jacket, hopefully you can storm in to help me just in case I get carried away.?

?Okay, Rico,? she shudders. ?Anytime now would be good, I?ll be posing as someone else and you?re my brother.?

?I?m making the link right now...?
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[COLOR=darkblue]OOC: Didn't it break? LoL...I think you know this part well. :D

[b][u][i]Chapter Three: Sayonara[/b][/u][/i]

Selemia Jung was angry, from the tips of her high heels to her long brown hair. Her last client was completely horrible.

?Damn scum, I?ll kill them if I can ever get out of here.? Selemia was a resident of the mid-section of Meteo, a girl with a thirst for vengeance and exhilaration. Ever time she was forced to perform a sexual behavior, her rage only grew stronger.

?Hey Selemia are you there? Beeped her computer.?

?Yeah, who are you?? she replied.

?Someone. You?re hired.?

?Yeah, what?s happening??

?I need my brother dead. Last name Oleander.? T.Kay started.

?Really... Okay shoot.?

?Right, well, I need him dead tomorrow night. Say 11:00 p.m. at Central Park??

?I?ll be there.?

?Is that a promise?? T.Kay sent her a picture of Rico pigging out on one of their Friday spaghetti feasts.

?Yep,? Selemia said eager for her next victim.

?Okay, good...now cut off the link.?

?Sayonara. Now.?

T.Kay terminated the transmission and grinned at Rico.
?We?re almost there, Rico. Pretty soon we?ll get the info we need to close the case.? She said happily.

?Yeah, just make sure she?s doesn?t kill me.?

?Don?t you trust me? T.Kay said innocently.?

?Hmmm. let me think. No.?

?What? Do you want to eat tonight, or will I have to enjoy that delicious spaghetti pasta all by myself??

?Oh, right. We meet 11:00 P.M. in the park??

?Course not.? T.Kay snapped. ?If her computer has been bugged, do you think we?d be that stupid? We?re meeting her at the party hosted by hers truly, remember her calendar entry and flyer??

?Oh, formal attire??

?You bet. If you have ever bought a tux before, now would be a good time to use it.?

?Aren?t you going??

?Of course, but I will not be communicating with you in front of anyone who might recognize me. That place?ll be packed with Occult, and maybe that person we arrested a few days back. Now if you?ll excuse me, I have to go dye my hair.?

?Huh? Why?? But Rico never found out why because the door to the bathroom had just slammed.

?Girls,? he muttered.

T.Kay smiled to herself, and closed her eyes as she sank into the bubble bath. After an hour had past, she stepped out of the bathroom in complete formal wear.

Her hair, now a glossy black, was pulled back into an elegant twist and complimented her long blue Chi Paou. (Translation: traditional Chinese dress)

?WOW! You?re planning on fighting in this??

?Actually no I?m planning on using brains rather than brawn. Hopefully.?

?And I suppose that?s where I come in?? However T.Kay wasn?t listening, she was typing away at the computer.

?Rico, meet your killer, Selemia Jung.? A tall woman with piercing gray eyes stared at no one in particular.

?That?s our target?? Rico asked.

?Yep. She may be a whore, but she?s got style.? T.Kay grinned.

?How?d she get stuck in this job??

?A so called family member sold her as a prostitute when she was 14. Escaped at sixteen and joined the Occult getting revenge. A nice little birthday present for her, If you get my drift.?

Rico was speechless.

?Why are you so surprised? This sort of **** happens all the time. She comes from a tough gang ridden family in the slums.?

?Oh. He said slowly, Well, I?d better get ready.?
T.Kay shrugged and turned back to the computer screen.

About 10 minutes later, Rico stepped out of his room. T.Kay whistled appreciatively.

?Well, that?s just charming. I think.?

?Isn?t it? He said hopefully.?

?Maybe, let?s go, and bring your silencer.?

Grabbing their ever-famous black jackets, she unplugged her laptop and headed for the door.
?Wait up!?

?Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, while we?re there, don?t mention anything about our little job. My name will be Jade Oleander, and you can pick a first name, Brother.?

?Okay, er, uh, how about, Mark??

?Um, not exactly my first choice, but all right, just slick your hair down a little, don?t spike it up like a little kid.?

?Right, Jade.? Pulling him away from the mirror, she dragged him down the stairs and into the car.

?So when do we-?

?You mean ?I,?? she interrupted.

?Oh, ...I get to meet the Tracer??

?She knows what you look like. Trust her to find you right away. If I know her, she?ll be wearing a little blue dress cut as low and as high as the upper class allows.?

?Oh, lucky me!? Rico grinned.

?Behave yourself boy!? T.Kay snapped playfully.

?Yes Madam Oleander.?

?Damn right, we?re almost there, keep drifting around until Miss Jung finds you,? T.Kay lectured, I?ll look for my old friend Senator Sacherry and see if I can?t call up a few favors, now recite your mission.?

?Er, er, find the Tracer by drifting and mingling lightly, get alone with her, alert you, then catch her in the act.?


?Ouch!? T.Kay had smacked him with her seemingly harmless looking fan.

?What is that??

?A simple piece of miniature recording and video technology fused to about 28 bands of thin alloyed titanium. The edges are razor sharp and can slice through most metals.?

?Oh, and who made it?? Rico knew that was a dumb question as soon as he said it.

?You do remember, don?t you?

?Um, I knew that.? He mumbled.

?Of course you did. Come on, we got a job to do.?

?Right. See you in a couple hours Miss Oleander.? If looks could kill, Rico Tranzrig?s alias Mark Oleander, would?ve dropped dead, right there in the car. Fortunately for him, he had developed a resistance to her lethal looks.

?Sayonara you freak.? She growled.

?Girls...and what's with 'Sayonara' anyway?? Rico muttered and headed inside the building.

?May I take your jacket sir?? A butler asked.

?Oh, um, no thank you.? Rico said quickly. It would not do to let the whole world see the guns strapped to his sides.

?And you miss??

?Yes please. Thank you.? T.Kay smiled.

?Well later Mr. Oleander.?

?G.L. (Good Luck/Get Laid...whatever), but keep an eye out for YKW (You know who).?

?Right.? Operation Tracer has begun. They parted ways and were soon lost in the large crowds. Rico looked around expectantly but was disappointed. After the 130th scan, he was turning when a hand tapped his shoulder.

?Mr. Mark Oleander I presume?

?Why yes.?

?Quite so, if you?ll follow me.? Taking his hand, the Tracer led him through the throng until they reached a long balcony.

It was at this time, that Rico got his first real look at Tracer. T.Kay?s description was quite accurate. Tracer?s blue dress was cut in an extremely low V-neck and her skirt must have been at least 6 inches above the knee.

?What are you staring at??

?Huh? Oh, sorry.

?Haven?t you ever seen a hooker before? Or does your sister still dress conservatively??

?I plead silence.?

?Wise man. She laughed.

Rico realized he was going to be done in tonight, so he decided to put his ?skills,? or whatever he had, to good use.

?Could we go somewhere, private??

?I like your thinking.? Selemia Jung led him into the lobby and they hitched a ride on the elevator. They both noticed an Audio/Video camera and decided to continue their conversation inconspicuously.

?Before we start wanna know about me?

?Who was your best client?? Rico gave her a slick stare.

Selemia laughed maliciously, ?Adrian. The last name is kept secret for privacy's sake. Oh yeah, he was an animal.?

Rico couldn?t help but laugh out loud. The word ?animal? was exactly the opposite of T.Kay?s horrific description, unless it was another Adrian, which was highly unlikely. But he had to play along with the part of Mark Oleander, Jade?s playboy of a brother. Or at least that was the role he was supposed to be playing.

?What does he do to you that I can?t do better??

Selemia gave very graphic descriptions of the activities that took place between her and Adrian. By the time they had reached the 107th floor, she had finally finished, fully reliving the experiences based on what Mark Oleander saw.

Once they stepped out onto the balcony, Rico was very, repeat, very embarrassed. Not only did Selemia have no shame, but she was also, well, ?experienced.? It was then that Selemia decided to drop the bomb on Rico.

?It?s like this, he?s insane.? When Adrian came to visit me, he talked about his work in some occult type thing. So he told me that some guy, Sacherry, I think, had killed two people for their daughter.?

?Did he mention any names?

?Yeah, Adelle I think but-?

"Oh God, do you think they were T.Kay?s parents?" Rico thought. It didn?t really matte to her about ranting on because she was going to kill him anyway. ?I got to contact my sister, I was going to pick her up from the party but I guess I?ll be late. Just a sec.? Rico fumbled with his watch in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, T.Kay was busy charming a middle-aged senator.

?So your name is?? he asked.

?Jade, Jade Oleander.? T.Kay smiled.

?Oh, how poisonously wicked.? He replied. She winced inwardly.

It was at this point that T.Kay?s computer blipped at her.

?If you?ll excuse me, I have a call.?

?Oh, of course.?

?This is Jade...?

?We have a small situation Miss Oleander.?

?This better be good, I?m kind of in the middle of a conversation here.?

?I have her. She?s about to do me in and she?s babbling on about something.?

?What floor?? She said urgently.

?107, second door on the right.

?I?m on my way. She said quickly.

?Who was that?? He inquired.

?My brother, I have to, well, rescue him. I will be back in a moment.?

?Oh, okay.? T.Kay dashed toward the elevator, as fast as her dress would allow, and came racing towards Rico and Selemia, expecting her to be already held up by Rico or at least getting to the lovemaking part. Unfortunately, she walked into her confession. But she didn't open the door until Rico was absolutely ready to be killed or at least be in an embarrassing position.

?Senator Sacherry killed her parents. I guess.?

?WHAT? T.Kay screamed inside herself.?

?Yes, the Tracer was informed through Adrian.?

Rico stayed calm. T.Kay walked in too soon, which was bad timing. So they had to salvage what was left of their operation from that point on.

?I can?t believe it.? T.Kay snapped.

?It?s true. For once in his life, Adrian was sober; so when he told me, I was inclined to believe him. Oh, who the hell are you?? Selemia said quietly, looking at T.Kay.

By now, T.Kay was almost glowing with suppressed psychic energy and in the mood to explode something.

Rico could almost sense her rage. ?Calm down, Jade I?m sure we?ll figure it all out.?

?Okay fine, you two sit here and talk about it with a page full of color coded and outlined notes, but I?m leaving.? T.Kay opened her deadly fan.

?Don?t do anything foolish T.Kay.? Rico advised. He knew how crazy and enraged she could get.

?Sorry Rico,? she slowly let her fan drop to the floor, and looked intently at Rico and Selemia, ?But Jade Oleander?s got a little pay back to deal with.? She hitched up her skirt and made a dash for the staircase and disappeared.

?Sh-t!? Rico screamed in frustration.

?What are you going to do with your sister?? Selemia said innocently. She knew she couldn?t complete her mission so she decided to help out her client.

He made a run for the staircase in an attempt to follow T.Kay and tried to open the door unsuccessfully. T.Kay has the ability to melt the locks and hinges of doors. Rico took out his silenced handgun and fired a few shots. The melted steel detached itself from the wall as he kicked it open. He picked up T.Kay?s abandoned fan and removed the metal string complete with hook.

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Sorry...didn't fit...I guess after this...it gets a little confusing...


Rico threw the fan and lodged it into the upper metallic floor, hooked the string to his belt, and jumped down.

Selemia watched Rico descend, ?Your poor sister.?

?Well if you want to save her, get your *** someplace useful, like out of the way??

Meanwhile, downstairs, T.Kay, still poising as Jade scanned the crowd for Sacherry and located him near the giant fireplace.

?Hey Jade, where have you been? He looked up at her and offered her a seat.

?Sorry, but I ought to get going now. It was nice knowing you Sacherry.? She started to leave for the parking lot when he unwisely stopped her. Her hidden anger somehow made her all the more attractive to him. But T.Kay had a slight delay in scanning his mind so he caught her off guard and put his hand on her shoulder.

She neatly backhanded his nose, just missing his forehead, knocking him unconscious, and unfortunately for her, not killing him.

?Oh my, I?m so sorry!? She moaned, trying not to laugh. She had to escape before his personal security arrived.

Rico came running with his gun armed but concealed.

?Jade, what happened??

T.Kay had to force herself to continue crying, something she loathed doing.

?Mark, its all my fault, I really did it this time.? She pointed innocently at Sacherry and sobbed hysterically.

Rico stepped over his fallen body and hugged T.Kay,
?Don?t worry Tasha, just follow my lead.? He whispered as they got up to leave. He said to the crowd, "It's okay, Jade. Let's just go home it's been a bad night for both of us."

?Hey, not so fast, I?m afraid you?ll have to come with me.? One of the bodyguards stopped the pair.

?I?m so-so, sorry.? T.Kay cried on Rico?s shoulder for a lasting dramatic effect.

Rico tried to hold back from roaring with laughter as he attempted to reason with a thug twice his size, ?Sorry sir, it?s just not her day.? He handed her a handkerchief.

?Come on, my sister?s just having a rough time: her boyfriend dumped her and she lost her research job at Meteo INK.?

The bodyguard looked at Jade with complete understanding,

?Eh, I guess you just had it bad today.? He gestured for them to leave.

?Thank you.? T.Kay and Rico exited quickly. Her, still enraged by his insult, punched him in the arm.

In the security room, Selemia commented on Rico and T.Kay?s escape,

?Well, you two sure know how to make up a bunch of ****.? She laughed through Rico?s earpiece and T.Kay?s earrings. But you?re still mine Mark Oleander.

Inside the car, T.Kay let lose on Rico,

?What the hell was that? Dumped? Researcher? I?d kill you if I still had my fan!?

Rico looked at her reddened face and clenched fists.

?I?m sorry, but I had to make up something, and quickly.?

?You obviously weren?t thinking very hard were you?? T.Kay said sardonically as she stared out the window and started laughing.

?Could you have come up with anything better?? He shot.

?Okay, no, probably not. I?m sorry, If only I had my fan, I would?ve killed him right there.?

?I know.? Rico smiled.

?We going to do next?? T.Kay asked.

?Well if you kill Sacherry, we still have to nab Selemia to testify. It's a weird system we live in.?

?What do you mean ?IF?? Of course I?m going to kill him!? T.Kay yelled.

Selemia was able to get a few words through her mind to T.Kay's as she headed downstairs. ?Just calm down Sis, besides, I?m coming down, Sacherry and his ?minions? are after you.?

?Oh, that?s just great, I need to get some real clothes on. Rico, ignore me.? Diving into the back seat, T.Kay quickly switched her dress for black linen pants and her traditional leather jacket. Removing a metal case from the trunk, T.Kay brought out her two guns and belt.

?Well, at least I can move properly, that dress was very constricting.?

?I liked it.? Rico said innocently and openly.

?Don?t flatter me, I?m angry and destructive and hungry right now, lets go.?

?Um, okay, we?ll meet you in the back,? Rico said to Selemia as they exited the car. "We still have to get 'you know who'," he gestured to T.Kay.

?I don?t think that will be necessary.? Selemia said sweetly. She was standing right next to him.


?Teleportation is a beautiful thing.? She smiled.

?Do you want your fan back Sis?

?Thanks chic. Do you have any weapons??

?Yeah, 4 throwing daggers, a fan like yours, and a M6.?

?Whoa, that stuff was in your dress??

?Uh huh. Fortunately for me, there?s no security check at the door, I own this building.?

?No kidding. When does our company arrive?? Rico said urgently.

?Oh, I?d give them around 10 more minutes, let me check just to be sure.? Selemia placed a hand on her neck and with a faint crystalline sound, she disappeared.

?How does she do that?? Rico muttered to himself.

?Beats me, but she?s got a lot of rage, almost as much as me. It?s a wonder she doesn't go around killing people all the time. She holds everything inside but when she lets loose, she really causes trouble,? T.Kay commented lightly.

Selemia was watching Sacherry recover his senses. He was still inside the banquet, holding his bloodied and broken nose.

?What, who did this?? Sacherry said.

?Some girl with black hair. She?s outside. Go after her,? replied a guard.

?I will, even if she puts up a fight. Get the others.?

?Right.? he saluted.

Selemia watched for another few seconds. Then transported herself back to Rico and T.Kay.

?Show?s over, they?re coming.? Selemia said hurriedly.

?Good, I?m tired of waiting.? T.Kay growled. Removing her two guns, she assumed her best fighting position.

"Getting 2 pigs with one stone. Or are they birds?" Rico drew his rifle, eager to capture two culprits in one night.

The three didn?t have long to wait, the enemy appeared in the form of 5 big thugs, led by Sacherry.

?Miss Oleander, kindly come with me.?

?Over my dead body,? she spat defiantly.

?That is an acceptable option.? He smiled. Rushing forward, he shot with his guns only to hit thin air, T.Kay was floating above him.

?*****! Who the hell do you think you are?? He swore.

?You?re going to have to try harder than that.? Aiming her own guns, she shot a round at him.

Meanwhile, Selemia was putting her fan to good use, opening it with a snap, she flicked her wrist and watched as it sliced through one of the guy?s throat.

?I love doing that. She laughed.?

Rico pulled out his battle rifle and started drawing fire. He adapted the style of T.Kay?s killing shot; straight through the neck, leaving only a string of flesh between the guard?s body and head. This is in self-defense if anyone asks.

?T.Kay, take me up!?

Selemia glanced at T.Kay. T.Kay sounds familiar. "The hell is she doing posing as this guy?s brother?"

Concentrating, she raised both of them into the air. T.Kay ignited the last bodyguard and the three settled back on the ground for the final stand off.

?Remember me?? The heat from the flaming bodyguard quickly evaporated T.Kay?s dye and revealed the green hair, ?I?m Tasha Kaitlin Adelle, say your prayers, ?cause you?ve got ten seconds to live.? She grabbed Rico?s rifle and carefully took aim with her signature shot.

?T.Kay don?t do this,? Rico attempted to reason with her anger, ?We can take him into the station, try him in court, and lock him up.?

T.Kay stood eyes on her target, her finger bouncing on the trigger.

?Looks like your so called sister?s made up her mind.? Selemia commented.

?Shut up Selemia!? Rico shouted. He knew their cover had been blown, but he only cared about the safety of his partner. ?T.Kay give me that gun.?

?Two children lost in an ocean of morality. I?ll give you a hint boy, just let her do it.? Sacherry started to laugh, ?She?ll never find out anything about her past; her origins; her parents.?

T.Kay?s eyes opened wide in surprise, ?You killed them, and that?s all I need to know.?

?Me?? Sacherry laughed hysterically, ?This sorry excuse for a heifer probably told you that.?

T.Kay kept her sights while she scanned both Selemia and Sacherry in an attempt for answers. Sacherry?s mind was difficult to scan, but she eventually, she found out that he was telling the truth. And they were in for some serious trouble from Selemia.

...Rico, already having ample knowledge of T.Kay?s mental abilities, refreshed Selemia?s mind, ?Selemia, did Sacherry kill the Adelle?s??

Before T.Kay could get a hold on Selemia?s mind, she quickly opened her fan and disappeared into thin air. Rico and T.Kay set their sights off Sacherry, they realized that Selemia had a secret agenda, and Sacherry would be in danger.

It was too late. Sacherry made a run for the door when Selemia re materialized and four daggers accompanied with a fan hurled toward his body, killing him instantly.

?YOU *****, HE WAS MINE!? With total disregard for life, T.Kay threw Rico the rifle and went into a trance, lifting both her and Rico. Selemia lost complete body control as she collapsed from the telekinetic stress T.Kay emitted towards the Tracer. T.Kay and Rico flew out of the parking lot alongside the building, dragging Selemia along as she hit and scraped the rough concrete.

They reached the rooftop with the moon shinning directly above them.

?Rico, get your fighting stance up,? said T.Kay as she quickly released an outburst of green glowing energy that encompassed both of them. Rico now had complete control of his own flight.

?You?ll pay for interfering with my target!? Selemia?s mauled and scraped body took its stance. With her own gun in hand, she unloaded the entire clip, all 12 bullets, only to be deflected by the energy field.

?T.Kay, wherever you learned how to do that-? Rico started.

?Cut the chatter, let?s finish this.? T.Kay cut off Rico angrily, as they engaged Selemia. T.Kay began charging up a mysterious, but almost heavenly blue energy orb.

Rico took out his retractable combat knife and charged Selemia with lightning speed. Her grounded Teleportation was no match for Rico?s melee skills. He was careful not to kill her, only nicking her arms, legs, and face, but T.Kay thought otherwise. She was completely enveloped in a silver energy field. Rico flew backwards into the glowing sphere as T.Kay let loose yelling ?KI!? at the same time. The blast hardly had come into contact with Selemia before completely wiping out her existence and the protruding objects around them in a bright flash of light.

The energy shield vanished and T.Kay fell over unconscious onto the rooftop. Caught by Rico, he carried her light form down the stairs, into the car, and for the very first time, drove home carefully.

Rico couldn?t believe what had happened that night, an unknown enemy betrayed both of them for her own psychological gain, and T.Kay had lost a trusted friend. He tried to put the pieces together: Selemia?s agenda to kill Sacherry?s, her betrayal, T.Kay?s origins, and Rico?s mysterious connection with T.Kay. They reached the apartment around 3:00 a.m., the worst time for a moonless night.[/color]
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OOC: Okay...this is where it turns a little strange because the story focuses on a different part of Meteo City...the Kids! :D There's a bit of cussing here though...

[b][u][i]Meteo Kids Chronicles[/b][/u][/i]

[b]"Fun Time at the Coffee Bar" [/b]

[b][i]@The Leberato Cafe Ala Baba~[/b][/i]

[b]D?Ann[/b]- Narrator from the skies ~ ?This ougtta kill a few brain cells!?

[b]Ryan[/b]- Eccentric gentleman ~ "Let?s get em?!!?

[b]Drew[/b]- Mellow gentleman ~ "[Yawn] It's been a long day..."

[b]Vince[/b]- Zealous gentleman ~ "F--K evil!"

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Genial gentleman ~ "Aiiight!"

[b][i]D?Ann[/b]- Ryan, Drew, and Vince are experienced thrillseekers always on Live Wire, looking for their next "Boost" or adventure. This time a fourth person joins their group, Ronnie. Ahaha, I hate my job?anybody have a bottle of poison?[/i]

[b]Girl in black leather (Extra)[/b]- Go away! [Begins kicking slick coffee bastard Adrian]

[b]Ryan[/b]- [Turns around from his seat on the counter] Hey, do you always have to hit on women?

[b]Adrian (Extra)[/b]- A man's gotta do somethin' to calm down his hormones. Ouch! [Grabs his crotch and walks out of the bar].

[b]Girl[/b]- Thanks for the technique.

[b]Ryan[/b]- No problem

[b]Drew[/b]- Yo! Check this out [turn?s laptop computer over to Ryan].

[b]Ryan[/b]- A recently abandoned hospital, nice. [Puts 8 more
sugar cubes into his Latte]

[b]Vince[/b]- [Comes out of bathroom and sits with group] Damn, it hella stinks in there! [Bartender gives a sharp look] Got any new S--T to explore?

[b]Drew[/b]- Yup, take a look at this.

[i]Article: Abandoned Hospital

The Meteo Conservative Hospital of Adequacy has been temporarily shut down due to the discovery of a significant amount of unidentifiable body parts within the walls of several rooms. Until a plausible conclusion is reached, police have shut down the hospital. There is a circulating rumor that a deranged psychopath by the name of Elysium Rickety still haunts the basement, which has been locked out to personnel and police due to a severe malfunction within the power grid. Anyone with enough ?Balls? to investigate with a camera or anyone with information please contact the Meteo police.[/i]

[b]Vince[/b]- Hmm, sounds good, should we go? [Drinks down last of coffee]

[b]Ryan[/b]- Hey, they don?t call us the Meteo Kids for nothin? [Grabs a bunch of straws]. Let?s go home and get ready!

[b]Bartender[/b]- [Grabs Ryan by the shirt] What the hell do you think you?re doing? Gimme back those straws and get out!

[b]Ryan[/b]- Kicking me out huh? Well we were leaving anyway! [Puts straws in jacket and heads out].

[b]Drew[/b]- Hey wait up for Vince?Who?s that running towards us?

[b]Vince[/b]- Who are you? Why you wearing our T-shirt?

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Heeeyyy, da name?s Ronnie-Ray. I wanna join you guys.

[b]Ryan[/b]- Ok, but first we gotta put you through the ?test.? [Goes into attack stance].

[b]Ronnie[/b]- What kinda ?test?- OhhffF--K! [Gets kicked as hard as possible in the lower extremities by Meteo Kid?s boots designed by Meteo INC.].

[b]Drew[/b]- We jes wanna see if you got enough ?Balls? to take on the kind of adventures we go through, each and every episode.

[b]Vince[/b]- It looks like you made the 30 second pain period. You?re in!

[b][i]D?Ann[/b]- The four head over to the apartment and get ready by running, stretching, and getting a camera. They call their female counterparts but they only get the annoying banshee voice of Maria, ?Hahahaha!! No one?s home! Leave a F-King message!? They head out before sundown?are these guys crazy bozos or what? Not even a single weapon? Anyway, they all ride Drew?s Acura TL (carpooling is good). I?m going to bed, mom and dad are yelling. See ya tomorrow.[/i]

[b][u][i]?Powder Puff Project? ~ Continued[/b][/u][/i]

[b]@ The Hospital ~ Emergency Room[/b]

[b]Ryan[/b]- Hey, turn on the flashlight!

[b]Drew[/b]- Kay, hold up. [Pulls out flashlight from pocket, turns on, and shines on entire area.]

[b]Vince[/b]- I guess we can check out the basement.

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Hold up, I hear something?

[b]Vince[/b]- Aww?don?t tell me you?re on Ridgeline again.

[b]Ronnie[/b]- No?I?m for real! I heard it come from the elevator?Sounds like punching coming from inside. Hellooo?

[b]Drew[/b]- [Heads over to elevator and puts ear to metal door] Hmm?what kinda person makes noises but doesn?t shout to get attention?

[b]Drew, Ryan, and Vince[/b]- Sarah!

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Who? [Drew takes a piece of jagged metal from the floor and rams it into the crack of the elevator doors. The three push the door open.]

[b]Sarah[/b]-!!![Runs out of elevator and crashes into Drew]

[b]Ryan[/b]- Wow, she?s pretty spooked out?what happened?

[b]Sarah[/b]-!!! [Buries her head]

[b]Vince[/b]- Umm?Drew, I have no idea what she jes said.

[b]Drew[/b]- She?s saying, ?There?s some scary *** S-T down there!?

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Should we head down there?

[b]Ryan[/b]- You catch on quickly, let?s go! Coming with us Sarah?

[b]Sarah[/b]- !!! [Grabs onto Drew?s arm]

[b]Drew[/b]- She wants to go. Maria, Jackie, and this new girl are stuck down there.

[b]Ronnie[/b]- This ?new girl? fine?

[b]Vince[/b]- [Slaps Ronnie on the occipital bone (Back) of his skull] No Pimping yet!

[b]Ryan[/b]- Stop fooling around, lets get em!

[b]D?Ann[/b]- [Yawn] Wha? You Meteo Kids still up? Well?the four plus Shy Sarah all head into the elevator and the door closes and goes down to the basement?Good Night![/i]

[b]@ The Basement ~[/b]

[b]Vince[/b]- S-T! We?re trapped!

[b]Ryan[/b]- You know where they are Sarah?

[b]Sarah[/b]- !!! [Points to end of hallway]

[b]Drew[/b]- They should be there. You go first Sarah.

[i]They spot a large room with a large metal table with a blanket covering two bodies.[/i]

[b]Voice In Shadows[/b]- Ryan! Pssst! Ryan

[b]Ryan[/b]- Who?s there? Whoa [Gets pulled into shadows]

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Ryan? [Group walks into shadows]

[b]Vince[/b]- Hey, it?s Jackie and?umm?Maria?Right?

[b]Maria[/b]- Shhh! Yeah it?s us. Thank X you?re here!

[b]Vince[/b]- What?re you guys doing here? And who's X?

[b]Jackie[/b]- What does it look like? This one girl was following us and the B-H took my F-Kin? camera! Scared as F-K right now!

[b]Drew[/b]- Where is she now?

[b]Maria[/b]- Psycho Bit-h ran into the sheets with the maniac!

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Damn, what kinda person would do that?

[b]Maria[/b]- Duh?her...who else? Wait? Who are you?

[b]Ryan[/b]- Save the intros for later?something moving.

[b]Everyone[/b]- OH F-K!

[b]Vince[/b]- Damn I?m hella piss off! F-K Dr. Evil!

[b]Drew[/b]- Yeah [Yawn] it?s been a long day.

[b]Ryan[/b]- What the F-K then? Let?s get em!

[b]~ Battle Ensues[/b]

[b][i]D?Ann[/b]- [Yawn] huh? [Checks clock 2:45 AM] Those Meteo kids never stop do they? [Sigh] since I?m up?basically they kick the crap out of Wicked Pig and Elysium Rickety. They literally grabbed anything they could find and threw it at the blanket. Vince uncovers the metal table, exposing Rochelle and the Psychopath. Drew, Vince, Ronnie and Ryan knock the living hell out of the killer while Sarah, Jackie, and Maria tie up Rochelle, take the camera and uncover her mask, revealing a beautiful girl as the initiation ritual for Meteo kid women. They let her go and they all continue to throw, kick, punch, slap, head-butt, body slam, ram, twist, and splash the metal table on killer until dawn. [/i]

[b]@ Outside Of Hospital ~ 7:00 PM[/b]

[b]Ryan[/b]- I think we did a good job eh Maria?

[b]Maria[/b]- Umm?sure thing [Blushes] you okay Rochelle?

[b]Ronnie[/b]- Aiiight. Ouch, can you stop? That hurts! [Rochelle is flirting with Ronnie]

[b]Rochelle[/b]- C?mon Ronnie, I?m not gonna hurt you?hero!

[b]Sarah[/b]- !!! [Sleeping on Drew?s car]

[b]Drew[/b]- Sweet dreams to you too. [Falls asleep]

[b]Jackie[/b]- [Looks at Vince with camera] Nice Job! [Thumbs up]

[b]Vince[/b]- [Flips off camera] You too.

[i]Police finally arrive?question Meteo kids, then the killer in the trunk of the car.[/i]

[b]Poulize[/b]- So how does it feel to be caught you piece of S-T!

[b]Killer[/b]- [Crying] I don?t wanna talk about it.

[b][i]D?Ann[/b]- Well there you have it?two new editions to the Meteo Kids?that makes ummm?8 thrillseeking bozos now. Sorry, very tired right now?that?s enough adventuring for one day?gotta go?mom yelling again. Must do math homework?this ougtta kill a few brain cells. Later![/i]

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Well, since I liked Mei Rishin's story so much...j/k...I just happened to integrate Hybrid Vigor into the Meteo City Setting...but umm...this is original...it's all stashed away in my comp...lol...and the concepts don't stop there...

Teaser...my friend has much more concepts that I really want to scan in...
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Okay! This is the last teaser before I get back to the main storyline....

Note: All of these characters are fictional and any resembelence to anyone IRL is [i]purely[/i] coincidential. :D

©2000 Meteo City Productions/InnerKid



[b][u][i]Meteo Kids Chronicles[/b][/u][/i]

[b][i]?MuFFiNNs N? BaGGeLL Breakfast?

@ Emergency Room[/b][/i]

[b][i]D?Ann-[/b] [Sigh] The story of the 8 thrill seekers continues after they get invited to an outdoor police banquet for catching and converting the serial killer. Umm? I forgot his name. Let?s just say that the process of waking up is another wacky moment for the Meteo kids. Yeah?time to try this new drug? ?Oxyacetylene ~ PuX-239? ?[Pops in rod-shaped red pills] yeh?I can see the Leprechauns!>[fade to white][/i]

The eight kids are still at the hospital sleeping in one of the emergency room beds and other places. Ryan wakes up.

[b]Ryan-[/b] Hey what are we still doing here? Hey! Vince, help me out here.

[b]Vince-[/b] [Takes a deep breath] WAAAKE UUUUUP!

[b]Ronnie-[/b] [Springs out of bed] Ok I?m up!?Huh? [Notices he?s stepping on Rochelle] Oops!

[b]Rochelle-[/b] Eeee the F?K??RONNIE!!

[b]Ronnie-[/b] I?m outta here?[Runs out of hospital and hides inside Drew?s car] anybody in here? Whoa! You kids have fun?
Drew-[/b] Sorta? Did we oversleep? [Stretches] Sarah?Wake up sleepy head?
Sarah- [/b]!!! [Sits up and stretches]
Ronnie- [/b]Naw you didn?t miss much. (Geez wonder what these two were doing when we were sleeping?)

~ Skip to Vince and Ryan

[b]Ryan- [/b] Vince, you seen the other two?

[b]Vince-[/b] ?? I?m Going?

[i]~ Skip to Maria and Jackie[/i]

[b]Maria-[/b] [Carrying towels] Hurry, finish up!

[b]Jackie-[/b] Ok?done?[Steps out of bathroom covered in cloud of steam] Lemme check my mail.

[b]Vince-[/b] [Opens door] There you are! WHOA? S?T! [Shuts door]

[b]Jackie-[/b] Not when I?m dressing?Knock next Time!

[b]Vince-[/b] Sorry?[Knocks, then opens door again]

[b]Jackie-[/b] Nooo!!! [Sigh] Awww F?K it? Hey?[Looks at monitor of computer] They invited our group to a banquet.

[b]Maria-[/b] [Walks out of Shower] What did you say??Wahhh!![Runs back inside] What the F?K Vince!?

[b]Vince- [/b]Maybe I should go now?I?ll tell everybody. [Runs out and shuts door and heads to Ryan?s room~] What are you doing? We gotta banquet to go to.

[b]Ryan- [/b] [Stuffing bag with cotton balls and Adrenaline vials] Nothing?ok I?ll put em back. [Stuffs bag anyway and closes]. Kay, Let?s get ready. Where?s Drew, N? Sarah? Ronnie you know?

[b]Ronnie- [/b]Dunno where?they looked pretty comfortable in the car when I found them.

[b]Rochelle-[/b] Ronnieee!!! [Carrying syringe]

[b]Vince- [/b]?I?m Going?

[b]Ronnie-[/b] So am I!

[b]Drew-[/b] [With Sarah in cafeteria] Here?s your food?

[b]Sarah-[/b] !!! [Begins eating] !!!

[b]Drew-[/b] ?I don?t get it?how come Maria and I are the only ones who understand what you?re saying?

[b]Vince-[/b] Found you guys?what have you been doing in the car?

[b]Drew-[/b] [Looks at Sarah] !!! (?Hey, you feel asleep on the hood...I was inside :shifty:?)

[b]Sarah-[/b] [Gasps] !!! [Laughs]

[b]Drew-[/b] We?re eating?we going somewhere?

[b]Vince-[/b] A banquet?let?s go. [Grabs Drew and Sarah and heads back to car.]

[b]Drew-[/b] Hey?let go of us?oh whatever?

[i]Sarah, Vince, and Drew head to the car?Ryan walks back home and brings his crappy Nissan Sentra?they get in and head to the banquet.

To Be Continued ~[b] D?Ann-[/b][Dances around] Lalalalalalala!! [Pops in More Pills and falls unconscious on the hard-wood floor.][/i][/color]
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Guest Morph
[size=1] Good story Rico, ah I remember when I was Forte, and I was in the Meteo City, one of them, I forgot which one, which ever was in v3, I was in that one. It was a great rpg [/size]
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