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[COLOR=TEAL][i]The time has past for a laid back less agressive Star Fleet command has past. The year in old terms is 2798 and a new breed even more deadly then before of Borg has began to invade the systems of the Alpha, Delta and Gama quadrants and are assimulating billions of lives. We must stop them at all costs. You are a member of an elite crew of the Warship Enterprise Delta NCC 1701. This ship has 20 torpedo bays with transfasic torpedos..:D, 45 phaser banks a cloaking devise and the armour that Voyager had in its last episode.Your ship is one of 45 which have been asigned to wipe out all borg veesels that are attacking our borders. The Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian empire have all long since joined the Federation and highly increaed its capabilities now you are one of these hot shot new reqruits looking for some action[/I]

Name: Livok (most people call him Li)
Age: 65
Race: Vulcan/Human hybrid
Height: 6'3
Weight: 65 kg
Rank: Lt Commander (everyone else has to be lower)
Specialty: Tactical

Bio: Was born on Vulcan into a very respectably family. He is descended from Lt commander Tuvok of Voyager whom he most admires and because of his admiration he decided to join star fleet acadamy as soon as he could. He joined starfleet at 26 after 4 years of training to purge all his emotions. After serving on many differant ship and bases he was chosen to be on the Enterprise Delta. He is good humored and liked by most people he serves well under Captain Riker, Commander O'Brien and Lt Commander Jadsia Dax jnr. He gets on especially well with Cheif Engineer Lt B'Ellena Paris whom he hmm.......ahem......:laughing:

Appearance: He resembles Tuvok in many ways only his skin is white, he was brown hair and blue eyes. He wears the same starfleet uniform as they did in Sisko's time only Green represents and officer, Blue a science or medical officer and red for a ensign. Li wears a green uniform[/color]
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