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Some of my poetry.


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[color=blue]Here's a selection of my poetry for you to (hopefully :D) enjoy. These ones are quite old, I did them a few months ago but I'll try to update this thread next time I get inspired. Any comments gratefully appreciated.


By day I shield my eyes
From the garish "real world"
At night I leave them open
Running from the creeping darkness in my soul.

Surrounded by friends and family
Yet I always am so alone,
I retreat to my safe haven
Inside my head.
Prison of flesh and bone.

Outside the pettyness and chaos
Drive me inside myself.
But inside is no better,
The constant battle with my light
Always just ahead of the creeping blackness.

This coldness inside me is
Like a dead weight destined
Forever to be carried
In the warm place where
My soul should rest.

YOU put it there, but
Your memory is what keeps me
Chained to this millstone of self doubt
Anger and hate.
Free me!

But even now something inside,
Some little remaing spark of me
Knows that only I can free myself
From the internal prison
Laid on me.

One day the flames of my soul
Rekindled only by a kind of love
I have yet to feel,
Will burn away my prison
Sear away the weak flesh.

Then I will be revealed
In all the beauty no-one else sees.
In the meantime I will wait.
Biding my time knowing
One day I will soar free.

And you will be forever trapped
In the enduring bleakness
Of your black unfeeling soul.


What do I see
When I look in your eyes?
No spark of friendship,
Warmth or recognition.
Just my own reflection
Staring back at me.
Beacause they're galzed.

Another day, another bottle,
Swinging limply from your pallid hand.
This sick compulsion slowly drawing
The light of life from within your soul,
Leaving only emptiness in it's place
And a stronger need.
Because you're glazed.

What dreadful feeling drives you?
Is the outside world really so bad?
Did all your walls come crashing down?
Your hopes in ashes at your feet.
And you standing alone
In the midst of carnage
Looking glazed.

Can you not see the harm you're causing?
Body and mind weakening day by day.
The light within you slowly fading,
People around you lost, despairing.
But of course you can't
Because you've always
Been glazed.

This one is about an alcoholic.

[U]The Fast Lane[/U]

Nothing is without a price
Life is never simple
Sell your soul for pretty things
Pay the toll in blood.

So here you find my story
A lesson to you all
Life in the fast lane may be fun
That is until you fall...

Lonely girl
Pretty thing
Young at heart
Got sucked in

Crazy man
Lots of cash
"Come back to mine,
raid my stash"

Man and girl
Whirlwind life
Highs and lows
Mostly high

Expensive Tates
Designer Clothes
Is it love?
She doesn't know

Dangerous times
Hide from cops
The leser evil
Fear the boss

Blue and cold
Stiff but rich
Crazy man
Dead in a ditch

Fear and panic
Girl escapes
Draughty doorways
At least it's safe

Haunted eyes
Tormented dreams
Now nothing is ever
As it seems

So now you know the price to pay
Is it worth the pain?
Life in the fast lane gets you dead
All for material gain.

This is about some trouble I got myself into a few years ago. I varied the pace in the middle to try to convey how fast the whole experience flew past me. Life can overtake you sometimes if you're not careful.[/color]
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