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In Final Fantasy VII,How did the Ultimate Weapon Open the Lifestream?Did it hit the ground with so much force that it opened the lifestream in Mideel,Or is it just because it's a weapon it can beckon the lifestream at it's every wim?

Also,He is a funny picture of what happened in Mideel....
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the lifestream was breaking up before ultima weapon even landed, I highly dount that ultima weapon has the power to do anything to lifestream, the planet was lashing out in pain at the time and so mideel, a place which lifestream was easily accessible to, started going haywire, thats why weapon left the fight before lifestream opened up, it did not want to get into it....
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Zero-Sama [/i]
[B]Yes,But why would the Ultima Weapon be afraid of the Lifestream.If it was made by the planet and powered by the Lifestream,Wouldn't it gain power form the lifestream? [/B][/QUOTE]

My answer is purely theoretical.

The LifeStream represents life and all of it's cycles, as witnessed when Cloud falls into it along with Tifa. The LifeStream protects the planet through purity and preservation.

A weapon by nature is a force of destruction that has no life; rather a weapon takes life away. The Planet created the WEAPONs to protect against Jenova if need be.

The Ultima Weapon would not gain power from the lifestream because they are two completely opposite acting forces. If they did collide, one would not survive the other.

Although both were created by the planet, they each have their own roles and by instinct the Weapon will not endanger the planet by interacting with the lifestream.
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