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Night Of Fire [Play]


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[COLOR=crimson]Not many people singed up, so all that have signed up are in this RPG and anyone can join in as we go.l[/COLOR];)

[COLOR=royalblue]Cara sighed as she stuffed the last of her books in her locker. She jogged out of school, galncing at all the people with thier friends. Cara had none, apart from her loyal friends, Storm and Marina. She ran acroos the street, and into the driveway of a large mansion. Her friends waited patiently in her room. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=indigo]Strom: Cara! You're back![/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]Cara smiled at the large black horse, stroking his shaggy mane. Storm quivered with pleasure. She went over the her other creature, Marina. Her slender half horse/fish structure. Marina greeted Cara and they exchanged warm smiles. Cara suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=deeppink]Marina: What is the matter child? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]The "Orca Unicorn" Nuzzeled Cara's shaking hand. The 3 of them made their way out of the mansion, and gasped at the "guest". It was a large Gryphon, with a human at its side. It may have been a dragon, but Cara was too frightened to go as much as near it. Storm lunged for the creatures, but Marina stopped him with her long tail. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=deeppink]Marina:"Be patient, Storm."[/COLOR]
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Da Dragon: Hey look! PEOPLE!

Nico: Hm?

Nico got up from the mansion roof and peered down.

Cyborg Knight: Shall we go down and see?

Nico: Eh...one of doesn't look that friendly..*looks at the large Gryphon*, let's just watch.

Nico leaned across the edge of the roof to get a closer look.

Nico: WOAHH!!! *falls off the roof*
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siren sat in a tree's wide branch leaning aginst the trunk chukri sat on her knee and thann struggled to climb the tree

siren: c'mon thann...

chukri ruffeled her feathers and squaked at thann

chukri:[I]if that stupid pup of a dragon dosen't hurry i'll start to molt from age[/I]

siren: relax...he's coming

a yell from the house accross the way turned sirens head in time to watch nico fall from the roof

siren: *winces* oh...ouch...that one had to hurt...c'mon... she turns and jumps from the tree

thann: oh that's rich...thanks...

he hops down and chukri lands on sirens sholder

siren: chu? who is that? i haven't seen them before...

she trots twords them

siren: hey!! who are you?

she stops in front on nico

siren: need a hand?
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anima sat in the bushes staring at the children leaving the school. her loyal friends Makabe the wolf deamon and Shyuba the falcon sat by her side.

Makabe:these humans are so meek and tender looking, may i snag a stragler?

anima turned to look at Makabe.

Anima: dont even joke, we're here for something completely different so keep your mind on one track.

Shyuba: honestly is that all you ever think about is food?

Makabe snaped his jaws at Shyuba making her take flight. Anima spoted who she was looking for a girl acompanied by two seahorse creatures, she and her two companions aproached the girl.
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*HUGE SWEATDROP* thanks. *Is about to take sirens hand when Cyborg Knight steps between them*

Cyborg Knight: WHO ARE YOU? I thought only humans lived on this planet.

Da Dragon: calm down..relax *freezies*

*Everyone turns round to see a huge demon wolf, Anima and a falcon*

(DD: eeeeek! this gets weirder and werider!)
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siren whirls and drops into a fighting stance

siren: who are you?!?

chukri:[I] relax a bit...you're always wound way too tight...give them a chance...not everyone is gonna reach up and bite you...[/I]

siren: :demon: chu...i hate it when you say stuff like that...
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Anima:I've been searching for that one...
*points at cara*
Anima: please help us, you have the power to befriend these magical beasts, my land is in trouble come to the park when the moon reaches the top of the sky to tell me your decision.
*anima, Makabe and Shyuri Dissapear*
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Oww..*takes the twig out her her and sits in a bush*

Cyborg Knight: I don't understand why you're facinated about them-


The moon above shone brightly throwing dramatic shadows of the park as the wind picked up.

Anima and Cara stood face to face, each bathed in the moonlight, their hair blowing around their faces.

Besides each were their companions, standing to attention like guards.

Surrounded by willows and moonwashed flowers, the scene seemed to be from another world...
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