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RPG Race Wars

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Jon sat quietly looking out the windshield past red hood of his car at the ground that was racing towards him at over 130 miles per hour around a corner then accelerated back up to over 160 miles per hour on the straightway, nearing 180 zipping past pedestrians and cars zig-zagging in between them as his engine howled reaching Max RPM's. It was a machine to be admired that he drove, a machine to be feared, a machine that would destroy the competition. Suddenly a voice broke in. "Jon you can't take that corner that fast, yo Jon man, you can't take that corner that fast you're gonna'... AAAAH!" Jon was taking the corner so tight he could almost feel the tires scraping the very edge of the track as they squealed around a corner so tight it almost made him sick. Suddenly there was a sudden jolt and a crash. Jon's car was jolted sideways off the road and smashed into a big brick building opposite the street. It flipped as it hit the wall, and rolled about three times across the sidewalk and back into the street, the last Jon saw of his car was it toppling over and over, pieces of his once beautiful car flying through the air, before the television screen in front of him flashed "CAR TOTALED GAME OVER." He dropped the controller to the ground cursing at the fact that if he would have won the race he would have beaten the whole season, and won his division. His cousin Joe sat quietly in the reclining chair adjacent to the couch he was sitting on. "I told you man, I told you you can't take corners that fast I don't care how good your steering is!" "D***, that was the last corner too," said Jon. "Well your street racing dreams of coming in first in your division are over, at least until you start a new game," said Joe jokingly. "Yea," said Jon. "So you ready to start your new school tomorrow?" said Joe. "Not really," said Jon. "Well it's about 7:50 we better be moving if we're gonna' get there on time. With that they shut the t.v. off, and went outside and and climbed into Joe's car a white Dodge Neon, and with that took off towards school.

Jon was not particularly happy about having to move in with his cousin Joe and uncle Paul, he liked them and all but his surroundings were somewhat surreal. Moving from his small midwestern town to the city with his cousin after his parents died in a car crash was quite a big leap for him.

They arrived at school and parked they were just getting out when all of a sudden, Jon heard a low rumbling sound followed by a long squeal and a roar of an engine. Not just one, but many. Up into the school parking lot, pulled a 1967 glossy black dodge Charger perfect looking, the chrome on it shining in the light like a diamond. The engine roared, and the huge blower coming out of the hood was quite menacing. It roared into a parking spot. Soon after it a 1987 Candy Apple red Mustang pulled up with an air scoop in the middle of the hood and huge air scoops down below the grill. Jon thought this all to good to be true until right after it a black Honda Civic with a spoiler on the back and air scoops on the front pulled up it's engine which had definetly been souped up roaring, then after it a 1995 Red Toyota Supra, then a blue Mitsibushi Eclipse roared into view and parked right beside the Supra! After all the cars were lined up side by side people started getting out, all at the same time, like it was a planned operation. Out of the first car stepped a huge guy, about 6'4" tall, his arms gigantic rippling with muscles, and his shoulders squared out wearing a black muscle shirt and black cargo pants, with black boots. He definetly looked like a guy you didn't wanna' mess with. Out of the red Mustang stepped a tall blonde guy who also looked pretty muscular wearing a black Slipknot T, and huge baggy jeans with black D.C. shoes. Out of the black Honda Civic stepped a guy that kinda' scared Jon. He wore all black and wore a chain necklace. His hair was died red and black and was spiked, and he wore a huge black trench coat, and his face was pale as a sheet, and it looked as if he had put flour on it. Jon stood there staring until Joe tugged on his arm and said, "Yo let's go we're gonna' be late to class." As Jon walked alongside Joe he stared at the license plates, the Charger read: "SMOKEDU", the red Mustang read: "PRIMER", the black Honda Civic read: "DRAGULA", an appropriate name for the owner. And that was the last he was allowed to read as Joe tugged on his arm and drug him towards his new high school. "Oh yay," thought Jon as he walked slowly on purpose towards the doors of the huge building he was now gonna' be trapped in for 8 hours a day.
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OOC: Sounds interesting....

[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico sat down in his home garage, playing GT3, when the phone rang. He put it on pause and got up to answer...[/i]

Rico: Hello?

???: Whas up?

Rico: Why are you talking all ghetto like that? Speak up!

????: I heard you gotta new ride.

Rico: Yeah, so?

????: Mazda Rx-7, Red Coat...brand new rotary...

Rico: Yeah...

????: Wanna pit it up against a couple of guys for some cash?

Rico: I haven't broken into it yet.

????: That's too bad...well, hit me up when you can push it past 10,000RPM. *click*

[i]Rico set down the phone and went back to playing...[/i]

Rico: The hell was that? *shakes head*

[i]His computer went off...8:15[/i]

Rico: Sh-t...class time...

[i]Rico saved his game and shut off his PS2. He grabbed his backpack, suede jacket and got his keys to his Acura TL Type-S. He didn't feel ready yet to take on 750 Horses of untapped Mazda Speed. He popped the trunk, set his pack down, closed it and got into the driver seat. He started the engine, hearing the Comptech mufflers roar. He put it in drive and sped out of his neigborhood at 80MPH...He clicked on the HomeLink system to shut his door as Rico cornered at 40 onto the main road.[/i] [/COLOR]
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Jon reached his classroom and entered it just as the bell rung. He took the only seat left in the second row of chairs and sat down. Of course the very first thing the teacher did was introduce, and embarrass him in the process in front of the whole class. ?Everyone this is Jon Davison, say hi, and Jon this is your new Algebra class.? Jon just sat there motionless, then the teacher prompted him ?C?mon stand up so everyone can see your cute face Jon,? said his teacher a woman with graying hair, and large squared bi-focals. Jon sighed and stood up, and heard one guy mutter, ?Fresh meat,? then afterwards heard another guy quietly chuckle at the joke, then after that heard a girl in the distance say, ?Mmmmm, he?s cute alright,? this made Jon?s cheeks turn slightly red as he blushed. ?You may be seated now,? said his teacher and as soon as she said that Jon quickly sat down. The teacher turned around and began writing on the board and jabbering about algabraic equations, and after staring at the board Jon figured out he had already learned this at his old school before he came, so the information was practically useless to him. Amidst everything he heard a guy talking. ?If you tune your NOS timing down a few milliseconds you?ll run fine dude,? he turned around and saw the big tough looking guy that drove the Dodge Charger he saw earlier and sitting right next to him was the freaky goth guy that owned the black Honda Civic, and sitting behind the goth guy was a skater wearing a Zero shirt. The goth guy was discussing the odds and ends of NOS tuning with the skater guy. The big muscular guy, who looked part italian because of his tannish skin, said, ?What did I tell you James? I told you this guy was good with cars.? The teacher suddenly said, ?Dave!? and the big tough guy looked up from his little group, ?pay attention,? the teacher said. Dave said, ?Alright Mrs. Johnson,? in a mocking tone and went right back to talking after she turned around to continue her notes. Jon overheard them talking about a race. ?Yea there?s gonna? big a big race tonight on Industrial Street you in? ?Hell yea,? replied the skater named James, ?I?m bringing my new and improved Mazda RX-7,? he said grinning, ?I?m in too,? said the Goth dude. ?Awesome,? said Dave, ?I?m bringing my Charger, with some new additions,? he said. ?Word out on the streets that this one guy wants to race you Dave,? said the goth guy appropriately nicknamed Drac. ?Who?s this guy?? said Dave. ?I dunno but he?s gonna? be running an awesome car,? said Drac. ?What would that be?? said Dave. ?It?s a Dodge Viper GTS, it?s got at least 700+ horsepower I estimate, and he?s running 2 biga** NOS bottles in it.? ?D***,? said Dave, ?that?s a nice car.? ?Yep,? said Drac, ?V10 engine, Dual overhead cam, custom headers, souped up cooler intake. That suckers gonna? be hard to beat, especially with NOS? added Drac, "and with all the additions he's made to it, it's probably got a supercharger judging by the biga** scoop he's got on the hood." ?Yea I know,? said Dave looking slightly concerned. ?Can your Dodge with the 426, handle it?? said the skater guy named James. ?I dunno,? said Drac, ?hard to tell, but the Vipers gonna? be running a bigger engine.? ?How big?? said Dave. ?Well yours is 426 cubic inches right?? said Drac. ?Right,? replied Dave. ?Well a V-10 is 500 cubic inches,? said Drac. ?D*** that?s a huge engine,? said Dave. ?The bigger they are the harder they fall,? said James. ?I only wish that was true with cars,? said Dave, ?I have an idea,? said Dave. ?What?s that?? said Drac. ?I?ll race him for pinkslips,? said Dave. ?Oh no you cannot bet your car dude,? said James. ?That?s not the best idea in the world,? said Drac. ?Well I don?t really care,? said Dave, ?I?ve always been the one to dive into stuff head-first.? ?And who?s always dug you out?? said Drac. ?Well you?ve been pretty helpful Drac,? said Dave. ?Exactly,? said Drac. ?Well is it settled?? said Dave. ?Definetly, I?m in,? said Drac. ?Well I?m part of the team too, you know I?m behind the team a hundred percent,? said James. ?To team Havoc,? said Dave. ?To team havoc,? Drac, and James both replied at the same time. Before the bell rung to dismiss everyone to second period Dave said, ?Remember Industrial Street, 12:30 tonight.? ?Agreed,? said Drac, ?agreed,? said James. ?Whoah, real street racers!? Jon thought estatically, and Jon made up his mind, he was gonna? sneak out at about 12 that night and go find Industrial street.
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[I]I was walking down the hall when I heard that really cute guy from algebra class talking about industrial street at 12:30 when I met up w/ my gf Lynn[/I]

" Hey girl, wuz up?"

"Not much Dana, you?"

"Get this, I just heard some really awesome gos."

"What didja here?"

"Just meet me near industrial street at 12:30, there's gonna be some sort of car race there or something."

"You are so stupid:) ever since your dad bought you that 67 comaro, you seem to have this crazy idea that you need to watch every race possible. You know they won't race with you right?? You do know that because you're a girl, they won't race w/ you.

"Yeah, I guess you're right....they're still fun to watch, the races I mean. Meet me at industrial street at 12:30 okay?"

"(sigh) Fine, I'll meet you there. But if I get in trouble, it was all your idea."


"See you at lunch Dana"

"Bye Lynn"
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]It was about 9:30 in the morning when Rico finally made it to class.[/i]

Ms. Lorenz: You're late!

Rico: Sorry, I got held up in traffic...

Lorenz: You live 7 blocks away from here...how could there be traffic in residential.

Rico: I took the busy street.

Lorenz: You're gonna have to show up to class on time.

Rico: Why? I'm passing, arent' I?

Lorenz: Well...yeah...just...just be here on time okay?

Rico: Alright...I'll try.

Lorenz: The nice way of saying "no"

[i]The entire class laughs and Rico goes on with a regular schoolday. Lunctime and Rico goes back to his Acura TL, parked horizontally across 3 spaces, far in the back...[/i]

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Jon quietly into the locker room holding his dufflebag. His second hour class had begun. He quickly dressed out in a white muscle shirt, and black shorts that were required for P.E. He was a little late and ran out into the gym where everyone else was already doing pushups. "Yo Davison, give me 40," said the coach. "Forty pushups?" questioned Jon. "Yea, you're late so I'm adding twenty to the norm, be on time next time."

What would you know but Dave the big tough guy was in his P.E. class too! "What a coincidence," muttered Jon to himself. He overheard Dave say, "I bet he can't even do ten," then he heard another guy go, "He looks pretty weak to me." With that Jon got down and started doing his pushups, and just to prove himself he did a whole 100 pushups all in a row. "Wow, new guys stronger than I thought," said a guy. "That shutup em' up," thought Jon as he secretly grinned to himself. He heard the coach go, "I said forty not one hundred Davison, don't overdo it." With that Jon followed the procedure of everyone else and ran his 15 laps around the gym with ease. Jon was in excellent shape, at his old school he was in track, and was on the weightlifting team. After they got done jogging and did stretches, and situps the gym teacher, a fat balding man said, "Now you have two choices. Either play basketball or go up to the weightroom and lift for the whole hour and a half." Jon immediately went up to the weightroom. He went to one of the benches and began adding weights to one of the bars. He decided to put 200 pounds on the bar, because he didn't exactly know how much the bar weighed. He layed down and picked it up, and began benchpressing it. He did it about 8 times and on attempting his 9th rep he got stuck and couldn't push it up. "Oh crap," he said, "what a way to start my first day, get crushed by a weight," he said struggling to pull it back up. Suddenly he heard a voice say, "Hey let me help you with that," and there was Dave picking the weight up off of him and setting it back on the bars for him. "Thanks," said Jon. "How much is your max?" said Dave. "On a good day about 315 pounds, what's yours?" said Jon. "On a good day I can put 375 up," said Dave. "D*** that's a lot!" said Jon. "He is the strongest guy in the school ya' know," said the skater guy walking up. "Your James right?" said Jon. "Yea, sup, so you're the new kid huh?" said James looking at Jon. "Yea," said Jon. "How much do you benchpress?" said Jon. "200 even that's counting the bar and the weights," said James. "How much does the bar weigh?" said Jon. "45 pounds by itself," said Dave. "No wonder that felt like alot more than 200 pounds," said Jon. "You don't look all that strong," said Dave. "Looks are decieving," said Jon. "Can you box?" said Dave. "Do you mean fight, or actual boxing?" said Jon. "I mean fighting," said Dave. "I was regional boxing champion for 2 years in a row in my town, and I was undefeated. Then I quit," said Jon. "Why?" said Dave. "I got tired of tearing those poor guys faces up," said Jon. "Got bored of it huh?" said James smiling. "Why isn't your face messed up? You got a pretty boy face," said Dave, "I mean if you look at me you can tell I've been in fights, my nose is crooked cuz' I got a wooden chair busted over it once." "Did you get knocked out?" said Jon. "Nah," said Dave smiling, "I just got back up and beat the guy half to death that hit me with it, by the time I got done with him his face wasn't even recognizable." "Yea," said James, "old Dave here can take a hit," he said patting Dave on the shoulder. "I've never taken a hit to my face, I've always been to fast for anyone, I always just took body shots," said Jon. "D*** you must be pretty fast," said James, "yea I have excellent reflexes," replied Jon. "Anyways what did you get for beating that guy?" said Jon. "Well he got sent to the hospital for about a month, and I got 2 years in J.V., ths happened when I was 14," said Dave. "Who was the guy?" said Jon. "My dad," replied Dave, then after that Dave said, "c'mon James spot me," and began loading up one of the other 4 bars in the weightroom with weights." "What do you think? About 300 pounds?" said Dave loading the bar up. "Yea, that sounds good," said James "how about try 325" James added and with that Dave put 280 pounds on the bar, plus the 45 pound bar equaling 325 pounds. He layed down and picked up the bar and started benching. Jon went over and said, "Here let me help spot you," said Jon nudging James out of the way. "Don't take offence James, it's just I can lift more than you and I'd be better to help him." "Ok," said James moving out of the way, "I didn't really feel like lifting much today anyway." James went over and started curling two 40 pound dumbells. Meanwhile Dave counted off the reps, "Five! six! seven! eight!" he said as he lifted the bar up and down, his face was turning red, and his arms began to shake, "nine! grrrrrrr! 10!" he yelled struggling on the last rep. "Take it," said Dave and with that Jon put it back up on the bar. With that Jon and Dave began to reach an understanding, and Dave didn't call him the "New Guy" anymore.
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[I]9:30, phew I made it to class on time. (sigh) I still can't get over that guy in Algebra class. I'll have to tell the girls about him.[/I]

"Miss Bowen-Miss Bowen!!"

[I]I snapped back to reality[/I]

"I'm sorry Mrs. Rieche(gov. teacher) what was the question?"

[I]The whole class started laughing.[/I]

"I see you made it here in one piece."

[I]My friend Morgan leaned over and said...[/I]

"She was doing roll call. What's got you anyways??"

"I'll tell you later okay."

[COLOR=royalblue]The tedious lesson continued, seeming to have no point. Catching no interest either.[/COLOR]

"Morgan, you know that new kid named...Jon I think?"

"I've seen him around, real cutie!! He's really into racing I here. Maybe you two should hook up sometime, and race or something."

"That's kinda what I was thinking except my other bf says that he wouldn't race with me cause I'm a girl."

"She's probably right. You know how guys are."

"Yeah I guess."
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Last class of the day...Rico had his keys ready in his pocket and was fiddling with them as his english teacher lectured about something about "grapes" but he didn't want to waste his thoughts on that...As the bell rung he packed up and headed back towards the parking lot where the craziness each day was taking place. He sped up his walk just to beat the first layer of traffic that would come out of the school that day...he had no intention of wasting his engine power on stop-and-go traffic.[/i][/COLOR]
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School was now dismissed and Jon quickly got his things out of his locker. His first day of school, happened to be a Friday, which didn?t bother him that much, because it meant a weekend for him to help get adjusted to his new surroundings. As he began to walk away from his locker he heard a familiar voice. ?Yo Jon,? he turned around to see Dave walking up to him. ?How about you come ride with me,? said Dave. ?In that black Dodge Charger?? asked Jon. ?Hell yea,? said Dave. ?Awesome!? said Jon. ?Yea well hurry up I wanna? try to beat traffic.? With that him and Dave walked down the hallway. After a little while Drac joined up with them, then James, then the guy Jon saw earlier driving the Ford Mustang in the slipknot shirt and really baggy jeans, then another guy that wore a black button up shirt and black baggy jeans with a wallet chain hanging halfway down his leg and blue spiked hair, then a hispanic looking guy wearing a white wife beater with a plaid shirt and slightly baggy jeans and white shoes, then a guy with the dyed red hair that wore a black baggy Mudvayne t-shirt with Urban-Camo pants and black shoes. Jon wore a Navy Blue Independent hoodie and baggy blue jeans and black shoes, so he fit in with the group perfectly. He had brown hair with frosted blonde bangs, his hair matched his dark brown eyes. The group walked all together in almost a uniform line down the hallways and as they came down the hallway Jon noticed that everyone in the halls moved to the side as if they were kings or something. Jon heard a girl behind his back go, ?There he is, there?s the cutie I like.? He then heard another girl reply, ?My god he?s hot, I?d be trying to get his number if I were you,? then he heard the first girl reply, ?I know, he sure is cute.? Jon grinned and thought to himself, ?Maybe the city life?s not so bad after all.? They all walked out uniformly to the parking lot and began getting into their cars, Jon watched to see how the cars belonged to. And Dave named them off. ?See the guy climbing into the Red 87? Mustang wearing the Slipknot T-shirt, that?s Matt,? he said then he pointed, ?see the guy with the big wallet chain and the blue hair, that?s Chris and that?s his Red 95? Toyota Supra Twin Turbo.? ?Cool,? said Jon trying to memorize everyone. ?That guy in the plaid shirt and wife beater with crew-cut, see the white 2002 Honda Protege with the twin silver dragons painted on the sides and the silver spoiler,? said Dave looking at Jon. ?Yea,? Jon said, ?that?s Daniel, but we just call him Dan,? said Dave. ?And you know James the skater guy?? said Dave, ?yea,? said Jon, ?that pretty blue Mitsibushi Eclipse is his, but he also owns a Silver Mazda RX-7.? ?Awesome,? said Jon. ?Well he comes from a rich family and his momma? buys him crap, so he?s kinda? spoiled,? said Dave grinning. ?And of course you know Drac, the goth guy, well that?s his black Honda Civic parked next to Matt?s Mustang, and that guy in the Mudvayne shirt and Camo pants, drives that blue Subaru WRX with the big Super-Charger air scoop on the hood.? ?Cool,? replied Jon taking it all in. ?So now you know everyone in my crew,? said Dave. ?I?ll try to remember them,? said Jon. Suddenly a voice broke in, ?C?mon let?s go Jon.? It was his cousin Joe. ?That?s alright Joe I?m getting a ride from Dave,? said Jon. ?Ok that?s cool, it?s his gas money not mine,? he said and then got in his white neon and drove off. Jon noticed that everyone was just sitting in their cars, but not one of them had moved yet. ?Why haven?t all the guys left yet?? said Jon. ?Cuz? they?re waiting on us, get in,? said Dave. And with that they climbed in. Jon let himself sink into the comfortable leather passenger seat, and listened to the Dave start up the 426 hemi engine. It was music to his ears, the steady, ?Karum ? Karum ? Karum? of the engine singing to him. And then the roar of it as Dave revved it up. He then pulled out of the parking spot and away they went, after that all the other cars filed out single file behind them. ?This is so sweet,? said Jon, ?how much horsepower does this car put out?? ?Well when I first got it ran 1284 horsepower, almost 1300 horses but then I souped it up even more and added a bigger blower and did some fine tuning with the engine and turned this baby into 1500 horses of pure muscle,? said Dave he then calmly said ?where do you live at?? Jon however was slightly speechless at the horsepower rating. It was a lot of power, not just alot, an incredible amount of power. "Um, Vine Street, house number 402,? he said. ?I know where that is, I pass it on the way to work, you live in a white two-story house with green shutters and trim don?t you?? said Dave. ?Yep that?s my house,? said Jon. They stopped at a stop-light. ?You wanna? see what this baby can do?? said Dave grinning. Just as he said that Matt in his Red Mustang pulled up beside them. Matt looked over through his window and grinned at Dave and revved up his engine, and Dave looked over at Matt and grinned then looked at Jon and said, ?Better put on a seat belt.? Jon quickly put on his seatbelt, he could feel the butterflies in his stomach as the adrenaline pumped through him. Dave revved his engine up answering Matt?s challenge, and so they stared out the windshield past the gigantic chrome blower on the hood and waited for the light to turn green. ?Where does Matt live?? said Jon. ?He lives on the next street down from you about 2 blocks away,? said Dave. ?So we?re racing to my house,? said Jon. ?Yep,? said Dave calmly revving up the engine. ?Hell yea!? said Jon. This was just too awesome to believe. Suddenly the light flashed green and with that Dave punched the gas to the floor. Jon was immediately smashed to the back of the seat. The huge slicks for back tires the Charger had spun in place throwing up smoke for about a second then the whole front of the car raised up and the Charger flipped back on it?s hind tires as it popped a wheely! ?Whoooo!? yelled Jon, ?smokem?!? he yelled. The engine roaring sounding so awesome, then Dave switched into second gear, and the car was still riding on only it?s hind tires, and they were accelerating so fast that Matt?s car was getting left behind like it was nothing. Jon looked out the back window and he could see the smoke rising up behind them and the black marks that Dave?s tires were leaving on the road. Dave power shifted it into third gear and the car stayed on it's hind tires then finally went down then he let out on the clutch and hit the gas and the nose quickly jerked back up and the car bucked up on it?s back tires then slowly after a while the car slowly sat back down on it?s front tires again. Jon had now judged that they had gone about half a mile. Every now and then Dave swerved avoiding other cars on the road and Jon was thrown around like a grain of salt in a shaker, the only thing keeping him from moving around too much was his seat belt. He looked back and saw Matt?s car, the nose of Matt?s car was about 3 car lengths behind the back of Dave?s Charger. Suddenly Matt?s car began pulling up really fast to Dave?s car and now the nose of his car was only about a car length behind Dave?s car and slowly gaining inches as the two raced in separate lanes. ?Why is he catching up so fast!?? yelled Jon over the roar of the engine. ?He?s using Nitrous!? yelled Dave back. But then Dave slammed the old Charger into 4th gear and he was gone. The car length gain that Matt had made faded and soon they were about an 1/8 of a mile ahead of Matt then a 1/4 of a mile, then a half mile, and finally Matt gave up. Then they began slowing down as Dave turned onto Jon?s street. ?Whoohoo!? yelled Jon, ?that kicked a**!? as they turned onto his street the adrenaline still pumping through him, his heart beating so hard it felt as if it would pop through his chest. ?I like to let him think he can win, but really he never stood a chance,? said Dave grinning, ?you just can?t beat Detroit muscle.? ?What does your car run in the quarter mile?? said Jon. ?I?ve never really timed her but I?d say 7 seconds probably.? ?D***!? said Dave, ?most cars now a days don?t even do 10!? ?This car had so much power once, that when my Dad drag raced someone in it the wheely bar that comes down from underneath it and keeps it from bucking all the way back snapped and the car did a backflip and landed upside down.? ?D***,? said Jon. ?My dad wasn?t wearing a seatbelt and his head got slammed into the roof. It snapped his neck like a toothpick, and he was paralyzed for life, so then I got the car and I fixed it back up.? ?I?m sorry about your dad,? said Jon. ?I?m not, I hate the bastard,? said Dave as they pulled up in his driveway. Jon opened the door and climbed ?I?ll see ya?,? said Jon. ?Peace,? said Dave, then Jon closed the door and Dave backed out of the driveway and sped up the road as he went to go to work. Jon walked into his cousins house and the first thing out of his mouth was, ?Dude you?re never gonna? believe what just happened!? ?What?? said his cousin. ?Well Dave raced Matt back here, and his car had so much acceleration I was smashed to the seat the whole time, and my heart was in my throat!? he said estatic, ?it was sooo awesome!? ?That?s good,? replied Joe. ?And I have all these chicks trying to get ahold of me,? he said. Even Joe had to agree with him on this one. His first day at school had been awesome.
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OOC: I guess it's okay to use a cycle...

[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico was too slow though...or far away from the parking lot as the crowds began to thicken in the thousands, trying to get out of the school on a hot monday morning...[/i]

Rico: Oh...sh-t!

[i]He flipped off the crossing guard and paced over towards the parking lot, making sure that he TL didn't get scratched...[/i][/COLOR]
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[I]I can't believe all these people...although I do understand that getting out of this crazy parking lot before traffic would be nice but I mean come on![/I]

Dana opened the door of her 67' comaro, started the car, and actually managed to be one of the first people out of the parking lot.

[I]Its a good thing I park near the exit of the parking lot otherwise I'd never get out of here.[/I]

Dana sped away towards her house taking the back roads, hoping that all the police officers would be in a donut shop somewhere.
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[COLOR=darkblue]Rico: Motherf-ker!!!

[i]Rico dropped his bags and jacket and hooked a guy that was about to key his TL up...The punch sent the large guy straight towards the ground and Rico pinned him down afterwards, pummeling him. The girl with the bástard tugged on Rico's shirt.[/i]

Girl: Rico! Stop it! Cut that sh-t out!

Rico: Shut up Gillian!

[i]Rico took his own keys and slashed his face numerous times before spitting on him and getting into the car with his pack and jacket.[/i]

Rico: And if you ever try to pull something like that again! You better watch yourself when you sleep!

[i]Rico started his car and sped off, with his supercharger at full power, burning rubber for a quarter mile before his tach caught on.[/i][/COLOR]
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night fell on the town, Jon sat inside his room on his bed reading one of his favorite Magazines, ?Import Racer?. He looked up at his clock and it read 11:20 pm. ?S***,? he said, ?if I wanna? get to industrial street in time I better go.? Industrial street was at least a good 45 minute walk from where Jon lived. He put on his hoodie, grabbed his cellphone and stuffed it in his pocket, opened his window and snuck out. He climbed on top of the two-story roof then jumped down and hung off the gutter then dropped to the ground. As soon as his feet hit the ground he was off running as fast as he could to get to Industrial Street.

After about 30 minutes Jon had already reached Industrial Street. He could already see that some people were already there. He could already see that cars were already showing up and lining the streets. Industrial street was a long flat piece of street that ran for about 4 miles, and at exactly a quarter of a mile from the stoplights at the beginning of it were two pedestrian signs on either side of the road. Jon already knew this and suspected those were the boundaries they?d be racing in between. All the other streets behind and in front of industrial street to either side had been blocked off by other street racers parked in front of them. He saw some people painting a red line in front of the stoplights from sidewalk to sidewalk and suspected that was the startline and he also saw people spray painting a white finish line in between the signs. He stood on the in between the two boundaries and sat down and waited. Waited for the big race.
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico was finishing up his homework when he looked outside the window and peered off to the right where the shopping district could be seen...[/i]

Rico: What's going on?

[i]He could hear the hig revs of modified Civics and Integras...he instantly knew...that it was race time...He grabbed his jacket and keys, closed his books and got into his TL to go watch...[/i][/COLOR]
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[I]Dana looked up from her game (Grand theft auto 3) at the clock to see that it was 11:25. She picked up the phone and called her b/f Lynn.[/I]


"Hey Lynn! Are you ready??"

"Do you have any idea what time it is?!"

"Yes, duh! Why the heck do you think I'd be calling you for! It's 11:26, hello, time for the race at industrial street. There's suppose to be a lot of people there, get ready, I'm picking you up in five minutes...okay."

"Fine, but if I get in trouble, the first thing I'm going to do is order your head on a wooden board, then I'll hang that board on my wall and play darts, got it!"

"Yes, just be ready!"



[I]Dana fixed her hair, and changed into some decent clothes. She grabbed the keys to her comaro, and walked out the front door, making sure not to let it slam for fear she would wake someone up. She started her car, and was on her way to pick up Lynn.[/I]
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[I]Levyn sat on her motorcycle. Waiting . . .[/I]

"Hey! When we gonna start this thing?!" [I]A small angry smilie face rolled across the laptop-like screen of Levyn's sleek 98 Kawasaki motorcycle, Juhachigou.

Levyn smiled.[/I] "Oy, chill out Ju-chan! It'll start when it'll start!" [I]She laughed, when a string of words rolled across the screen, most of them directed at her.

She hopped of her bike, and strolled away. She could hear Juhachigou beeping madly after her, and she laughed.

Once she was done w/ a little stroll, she walked back to her bike.

Ju-chan was still pissed at her.[/I] "That was uncalled for! Do you know how many people stared at me? I'll kill 'em w/ my bare hands next time they look at me . .."

Levyn: "You don't have any hands idiot . . ."

[I]Levyn looked up as a strange guy walked up to her and her bike.

He first looked her up and down, then put a hand on the Kawasaki's leather seat.

Ju panicked, expressing her worry in yellow letters.[/I] "Hey! We haven't even met!! Don't go there!!!"

[I]The guy, extremely drunk, ignored the message.[/I] "Hey baby, wanna go for a ride?"

[I]Levyn glared, and pushed him off the bike seat.[/I] "Get lost . . ."

[I]The drunk grabbed her, and Levyn calmly kicked him in the area of male weakness. He doubled over, and she proceeded in smacking him around some more.

When she was through, she cooly stepped over his body, and sat on her bike.[/I] "I had told you to get lost . . ." [I]She sat again and waited . . .[/I]
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Guest glaze
[B]I don't think i can go through with this race. I'm getting really nervous....[/B]

"Hey Cassie are you still gonna race today with all those guys? I mean if it was me i wouldn't who would race a dumb car?"

"Hey take that back! Racing is really fun but i've never been entered in a race this big. I'm starting to get nervous."

"Well Cass I think you'll do fine,I mean come on you've entered in what 5 races and lost 2. Thats pretty good for a first timer. Plus with that 2001 ferrari you'll be sure to beat most of them."

" Well thanks, i guess i feel a little better but i wil call you later i have to study for the science test."

" Alright talk to ya later bye."

" Bye."

[I] I feel a little more confident but will i win?[/I]
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[I]Dana picked Lynn up, and they headed towards the race....after a few minutes they arrived at industrial street. Dana could feel the raw energy of the cars and racers-it's a good thing she was only here to watch. But next time she'd be racing.[/I]

Lynn: "So, why are we here again??"

"To watch the races stupid! I've told you that like 20 million times!"

"Yes, I know that. But are we here because of that guy from your class, or are we here to watch?"

"Only to WATCH the races, and learn the skills of the racers so that way when I race against them, I'll know what I'm up against."

"I swear...Sometimes you can be so...."

"So what?"

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Jon sat there standing and watching all the cars come in. He noticed a 2000 Dodge Hennesey Viper 800TT pull in. It was blue with white racing stripes. "D***!" said Jon, "those run 800 horsepower stock! There's no telling how much he's got if it's souped up!" Then he remembered that Dave had mentioned a dude was racing him for pink slips in a DODGE VIPER! "That must be him!" said Jon. Jon also remembered that this guy was supposed to be one of the fastest ever to cruise through their city, and he was from a different city. Then he saw Daves car. The beast of a car the glossy black Dodge Charger pulled up and parked on the side of the street the huge big block engine rumbling like thunder. He heard a hispanic guy talking, and overhead him say. "Who's the fool driving the Charger, doesn't he know that old horse won't put up with new age sh**!?" Then he heard another dude quickly say, "Shutup you idiot! Don't you know who that is? That's Dave Corrado! That Charger will beat anything here!" Then he heard the other guy say, "How you figure man?" Then he heard the other dude say, "I've seen him beat Ferraris, Porche's, Lambhorgini's and even a McLaren F1 in that thing!" The other dude who was short and stocky wearing a white wife-beater and khaki pants with a bald head had nothing to reply but "D***!" Then after a few seconds the guy said, "What does he run 0-60 in?" The other guy a tall hispanic also bald wearing the same apparel except for he had on dark blue denim jeans said, "No one knows because he doesn't let you know what he runs in it, but there's a rumor that it ran 0-60 in 2.9 seconds once!" "There's no way that dude can go that fast!" said the short one. The tall one replied, "Man a fool would have to be loco to want to race Dave, he's definetly the fastest guy here easy!"
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Guest glaze
[I]These engines of the cars are really... loud....[/I]

"Okay since your racing in the car with me you can hold onto my cell phone aight?"

"What while your racing and expeirencing all the excitment i have to worry about your cell phone? Oh know you shoud've left it at home or somthing."

"I know just don't get me all worked up little sis.I need to concentrate on the race and your right not on my CELL. (laughing)

" Yeah well i wish you the best of luck and i know you can do it."

"Yeah well don't curse me yet aight, thats the last thing i need."

(thinkin to herself) These engines are really loud.My car isn't that loud.I don't know if I should do it.Hey theres that hottie from that school that everyone has been talkin about! I have to find out his name,heck i might even get to see his decked out car!!

"Hello I think you the guy everyone is talkin about, whats your name?"

" Uh, I can't really talk right now sorry I'm really busy my car might not be able to run the race and I really have to put all my attetion on that right now. Maybe after the race we can talk?"

"Oh i completely understand. I will look for you after the race. Good luck!"

"Oh yeah you too."

(thinkin to herself) Geez he seemed kinda rude. Oh well maybe he's just nervous about the race.


Oh my gosh I'm not even in my car! It's okay Cass don't panic, don't panic! :worried: well i better hurry up and get to my car.

"Hey Cassie I'm over here. Yelled Jenny her little sister. "Okay omg! We have to hurry."

"Well were right at the starting line but we need to get in!!"


(thinkin to herself) I can do this. I can do this. After this race eveything will be over nothing else to worry about.


"Here we go Jenny get ready!"

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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico took a small turn off his street and there they were, the spectators. The race had already started and Rico pulled over to the sidewalk just in case the course fell into his path...and indeed it did. Several cars, all going over 150MPH passed by Rico, the air of the passing cars flowing through his hair. His TL swayed from side to side until the last car passed by. He started his car and headed over to the crowds...[/i][/COLOR]
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[I]finally, the race has started. Now I can see how good these people really are...I do have to admit though, these people are really good racers. I wonder when I'll get the chance to race against them, or where I have go to even race.[/I]

"Lynn: (shocked) Are you JOKING!! If you even think that you'll be able to beat any of these guys, then I have to ask, when did you fall on your head?!!"

"Listen, I know that if I work on my engine, I can beat them. All I have to know is there time, and then I can fix up my engine and body, and beat them. There's nothing to it."

"Okay, but how are you going to find out the time??"

"Duh, whenever you go to races, trying to figure times out, you always bring a stopwatch."

"Oh, I see."

"Okay, shut-up and watch the race."

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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Rico approached a group and stopped his TL. One of the people got out of his car and confronted him.[/i]

Man: What do you want?

Rico: Nothing...just watching the show.

Man: You watch it elsewhere then!

[i]The guy took out his gun and aimed it at Rico's face. He backed off, got into his TL and drove to another section of the sideshow...there, he stopped and got out...not getting anywhere near anyone.[/i]

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