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When Does Eevee Turn Into Espeon?


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There's no level, dude.

Go to the lady in Goldenrod City, sitting at the table in the house above the Bike Shop. She'll rate your Pokémon's love for you. When she says,"It looks really happy! It must love you a lot," then he'll evolve next level DURING THE DAY.

Same for Umbreon except for him Eevee would have to evolve at night.
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Yeah what he said... if you ask me espeon is the most powerful non-legendary phycic pokemon if it didnt take so long to get 5 eevess and the elememtal stones i would have all 5 evoulutions but it takes a long time to hatch eggs
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[COLOR=crimson][SIZE=3]Heres and easier way, but its a little on the expensive side.... Go to the golden rod department store and buy calcium, protien, HP up, Iron, and ummm the other thing they got there buy 10 of each that will make eevee ready to evolve. Now, at this point you have two choices, you can either raise it a level by battleing it or use a rare candy on it. Make sure that if you want an espion to do it during the day, or for an Umbreon do it at night.[/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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heres an even easier way but it may take a little longer,but its worth it.
(This trick is good for Pokemon who evolve by happiness)
Step 1: Go To Goldenrod City (The 3rd Gym).
Step 2: Walk Into The Pokemon Center & Save The Game.
Step 3: Go To The Underground Path And Give A Pokemon A Hair Cut.
Step 4: Go Back To The Pokemon Center In Goldenrod.
Step 5: Turn On The PC.
Step 6: Deposit The Pokemon You Gave A Hair Cut To.
Step 7: Change The Box To Any Other Box And Right When It
Say's "Saving Don't Turn Off The Power" Turn Off The Game Boy.
Step 8: Turn On Your Game Boy & Turn On The PC.
Step 9: Go To Bill's PC And Release The Pokemon You Gave
A Haircut To (Trust Me).
Step 10: Go To Withdraw Pokemon & You'll See The Same
Pokemon You Gave A Hair Cut To & Withdraw Him.
Step 11: Go Back To The Hair Cut Guy And Give A Hair Cut
To Whoever You Want And You'll See You Got Another Hair Cut.
Step 12: Repeat Step's 1-11 As Many Times As You Want.
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