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RPG Star Wars , a new Generation{play}

Boba Fett

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In a abandoned house on the far side of mos Eisley.........

A ragtag group of teenagers assembled they were all carrying everything they owned in small backpacks. they sat down on the floor of the run down house they had chosen for their meeting place.

Abob stood and began to speak, "the ship is in the hangar and my grandfather is on his way here now. He will be here any minute. the others began to talk more excitedly now and abob sat down to join in the conversation. Ten minutes later there was a roar as the ship they has banded together to buy landed twenty meters from the house. they ran outside like school kids , then marvled at the simple but powerful freighter they had bought. they headed up the ramp three at a time to unpack and explore their new home..................

:mrt: I pity da fool who dont like Star Wars!
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[i] I am about to go up the ramp when a old man selling things from a cart caught me eye. I ran over to see what he was selling. I only had a little cash left, so i looked to see what was cheap[/i]

Old Man: Welcome to my little shop young man. How may I help you?

Matt: I'm about to go on a long voyage and I want something to remember this planet by. What do u have for 30 bucks?

Old Man: There is not much i can sell for so cheap, but this space traveler sold me this very wierd mechanical thing a while ago and i can't fix it. I'll sell it to you for 30 bucks. [i]the old man pulls out a beaten old lightsaber. my eyes went wide.[/i]

Matt: Wow, i'll take it. [i] i give the old man the money and get take the broken lightsaber [b]maybe i can get Necare to fix this[/b] i thought. i am the last to board the ship[/i]

Abob: Hey Matt, what took you?

Matt: Look what I just bought! [i] i take out the broken saber[/i]

Abob: WOW! A Lightsaber! Does it work?

Matt: No, i was hoping that Necare and her mechanical skill could fix it. NECARE!![i] I yell, beconing her over.[/i]
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[i]Necare lifted her arm from her eyes, she hadn't gotten any sleep since they left[/i]
Necare:what is it matt......
Matt: look at what I bought it's a-
Necare:peice of junk...
*she sat up and took the lightsaber from him*
Necare: hmmmmm....
Matt: can you fix it?
Necare: yeah, it'll take some time though....can't garuntee it will work though.
Matt: well see what you can do..
Necare: uh huh...
*throws lightsaber on her "to-do" pile and doses off again*
Abob: heh, knowing her that lightsaber will never get finished...
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Matt: Hey, were taking off! I'm off to the cockpit to see how this thing flys. See if I can fly it for a while. :D

Necare:Ok, sure. whatever...

Matt: Just be sure the fix the lightsaber. I really want to use it. You know, it's not a clumsy or random as a blaster. :D

Abob: I think i've heard that before...
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*As they were heading Suilis Van, Lance noticed something on the scanners*
Lance: (over the intercom system) Everyone head over to the cockpit, We got a situation.
Matt: What's wrong?
Necare: Yeah, why did you wake me up?
Lance: You'd better take a look at this.
Abob: What is it?
Lance: *He enlarges a picture of the planet in front of them and sees a ship*
Matt: It's a spaceship. So?
Lance: Not any spaceship. *He enlages it again* See it?
Necare: Whoa! That's a Imperial Star Destroyer!
Abob: Uh-Oh. We're in big trouble.
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[i]pushing forward[/i]

Matt: Out of the way, expierenced pilot come thew. Make a path!

[i]i get in the cockpit[/i]

Matt: I saw a turret gun on this thing before we got on, who wants to man it?

Abob: I will!!

Matt: Then go, don't fire unless they fire on us. if they leave us alone, then we will leave them alone. Dria, take the co-pilot chair. Your the only other pilot here. Everypne else strap in. This will be one Hell of a ride.

[i] the star destoryer comms us[/i]

SD: Freigher, what is your cargo and current destination.\

Matt: Um, cargo is just people and out destination is Sulis Van. May we pass?

SD: One moment........power down your sheilds and prepare to be boarded.

Matt: O sh¡t. [i] in comm[/i] Abob, fire at them! take out their turbo lasers now!!

Abob: Roger [i]he fires taking out 1 turbolaser before the rest start to fire. the hits rocked the ship[/i]

Matt: Shields at 70% and dropping. We got to go into hyperspace.

Dria: Tie fighters coming in at .06

Matt: I see them. [i]i turn the ship and fire the foward lasers, knocking out 2 ties. The other 5 streak by[/i]

Dria: Rear shields gone! forward shields at 20% and dropping like Abob's IQ.

Matt: No time for jokes. I gotta get us out of here. [i]in comm[/i] Abob, get up here!![i]just as he gets out of the gun, a blaster bolt hits it destorying it. i turn the ship around and jump into hyperspce[/i]
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*As the ship jumps into hyperspace, they escape the ties and SD*
Matt: Well that was REALLY close.
Abob: HEY! I almost got fried!
Necare: This is no time to be arguing, we should find someplace we can fix our ship.
Lance: How far are we from a Rebel base? We should inform them that the Empire isn't really finished.
Abob: We're about 1 day away.
Matt: Okay. We'll go there. The Leaders at Rouge Squadron will help us out.
*As their ship heads twoards the base, Everyone headed over to sleep while the crew hoped they wouldn't run into more trouble*
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[color=deeppink]Dria: Nice job Ace. [i]she pats Matt on the shoulder, leans back in her seat and sighs[/i] That was great.

Matt: Yeah, and I handled it.

Dria: Yeah, [i]she rolled her eyes and smiled[/i] you sure did. We all did.

Matt: If the rest of our trip is like this, we're in for a wild ride.

Dria: And we'll also be in for some fun. I'm going to find Necare and look at all of that junk she collects.

[i]Dria exited the cockpit and left Matt calculating the flight time to the Rebel base.[/i][/color]
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[i]dria walks in Necares room to find her sitting on the floor back faced to the door. Necare gave no acknowlegement that someone had entered the room, she was strange like that sometimes[/i]

Dria: necare i-

[i]Necare lept to her feet and placed a pistol against Dria's head. after realizing who it was Necare backed up[/i]

Dria: well that's a fine hello.

Necare: sorry, just don't ever sneak up on me like that again or we'll have one less member on this ship.

Dria: I'll keep that in mind...so what are you working on?

[i]necare sat down on the floor again.[/i]

Necare: eh, Matt's light saber. peice of crap is gonna need some work...

[i] Necare pressed a button on the light saber that made it spark to life, causing Necare to jump back and scream in surprise, knocking down Dria along with her. a few moments later Matt came running in. his eyes grew wide as the light saber's blue glow filled the room[/i]

Matt: wow! you fixed it!

[i] Necare turned the light saber off and threw it at Matt, she looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown from shock[/i]

Necare: That was your first and last Favor EVER!

[i] Necare then slamed the door in Matts face, leaving him and a rather dumbfounded Dria in the hallway[/i]
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[color=deeppink]Dria: Ugh, that blasted girl...not a sensible bone in her body. Is the ship on auto?

[i]She turns to find Matt staring at the ignited blade of the lightsaber.[/i]

Matt: Huh?

Dria: You're too transfixed in that thing it seems. Nevermind.

[i]She squeezed past Matt in the narrow hallway, carefully evading the deadly blade of the saber. As Dria rounded the corner by the small room she shared with Tursi, she ran headlong into Lance.[/i]

[i]Lance laughed and steadied her[/i]

Lance: Dammit, Dria.

Dria: Yeah, nice to see you too. Great day for warm welcomes.

[i]Dria tugged her arm out of Lance's hand and squeezed past him as well.[/i]

Lance: Aw, Dria, I was kidding.

[i]Dria entered her quarters, then poked her head back out into the hallway.[/i]

Dria: Shut up.

[i]Lance shrugged and walked off.

Dria found her pet luma, Beezle, curled up on her cot.[/i]

Dria: Hey Beez, wake up.

[i]The small, gray ball of fur slowly uncurled and his huge green eyes slowly focused on Dria's face. Recognizing her, he started to make his strange growling purr that tended to scare people away. Dria picked him up off the cot and hugged him.[/i]

[i]Sarcastic, Dria held him out at arms length...[/i]

Dria: Well I'm glad someone around here is glad to see me today.[/color]
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[i] i wave my lightsaber around. it's blue glow takes all darkness out of the hallway.[/i]
Matt: This is soo cool. Thanks Necare![i] i yell. i get no response.[/i]
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Abob unstrapped from the gunner station. he was annoyed. Why did a stupid imp have to mess up there plans... He hated imperials, he remembered the day his deep and undieing hatred started 15 years ago.......

He was riding with his father to the Lars homestead for some replacement droid parts when they heard a explosion. They arrived at the homestead 10 minutes later to find two schorched skelatons. they turned around and headed straight home , hoping they wernt next..

He remembered when he was little and he sat on the floor of toshi station when his father went to buy parts. Luke and Biggs were always hanging out there and luke and his friends seemed so big then..

But this was now. he had to start thinking . they were in a wounded ship heading for the nearest New republic base . he was going to need all his luck just to survive..
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[i]i put away my lightsaber and walk to the cockpit. i look at the controls[/i]

Matt: O Sh¡t.[i]i drop out of hyperspace.[/i]

Dria: Matt, what's wrong?

Matt: Those imperials damaged up more than i thought. they hyperdrive is leaking. if we continued much longer it would have been totally useless. lets see if we can get Necare to fix it, but she seems to be in a mood.

Dria: But if she wants to go anywhere.....

Matt: Ya, she'll have to try. but if she can't, we don't have the money to pay for a new one. we will have to land on the nearest planet [i]checks computers.[/i] Crapper. the nearest planet is Kareda, the base of the Imperial Training Facility. We can't land there. What can we do if she can't fix it?
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[i] after a while Necare slowly ebbed out of her bad mood and became restless, so she decided to wander around the ship[/i]

Necare: hmmm.....i need something chalanging to fix...

Matt: I've got the perfect job for you!

[i] Necare did an akward jump to the side to see matt's "favor" grin, Necare rolled her eyes and tried not to blow up in Matt's face[/i]

Necare: What IS it with you people!!!! next time let me know when you're comming!

Matt: boy you're awfully jumpy for a mecanic...

Necare: well, being a slave does that to you, now what do you want?

Matt: well, you see, the imperials did more damage than I thought and i was wondering, since you had nothing to do, could you fix our problem?

Necare: well let's take a look.

[i] Later in the engine room [/i]

Necare: hmph! I dunno, It'll take me awhile, at least She'll hold up by the time we get to another planet, then we're gonna need a new Hyperdrive, wich can be pretty pricey but I can scrounge one up and make it like new...

Matt: Oh! can you do that!

Necare: yeah but only under one circimstance....

Matt: uh, yeah?

Neacre: don't EVER sneak up on me again!
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Abob went to his quarters exausted. he was worried about the hyperdrive, it was going to take 40,000 credits to aquire a new one . even if they got it used they were in a fix . they needed a ot of $ fast . How could they possibly get that much $???
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[i] Necare walked by abob's quarters [/i]

Abob: Necare wait!

[i] Necare came into his room [/i]

abob: how's that hyperdrive coming?

Necare: bad I dunno if she'll hold if you go into hyperdrive, it has a high possibility of blowing up under high pressure.

Abob: great what else could go wrong?

[i] suddenly all the alarms on the ship went off[/i]
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:devil: :devil: :devil:

"why did i bother asking " Abob ran down the hall toward the bridge yelling at people to man the repair and battle stations. then he assembled th bridge crew and they identified the threat.

There in front of them was the answer to their problems, on the moon they were passing by was a crashed imperial star destroyer. the records said that it had gone missing after the battle of hoth in a training exercise. All they had to do was land and they could repair and modify their ship and get it totally operational. then he finished reading the record of its dissapearence. it had been recorded at this location earlier but the previous scavengers had never returned from the moon . it had become a "forbidden" place and nobody went near it now.

He asked for a shipwide vote and the results were unamous. they were going in..............

:devil: :devil: :devil:

:mrt: I pity da fool who dont like Star Wars!
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:devil: :devil: :devil:
where is everyone?????????????

Abob walked into the cockpit and sat down. he was worried. the team that would go to the moon was assembled in the docking bay . he still didnt like this but...
he walked towards the docking bay trying to ignore his concerns.......

:devil: :devil: :devil:

:mrt: I pity the fool who dont like Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry i've been sleeping


*Tursi walks out ready for combat, and goes to the docking bay*

Tursi: abob, when are we going to get this thing going?

*SHe tosses back one of her tails that was getting in her way*
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  • 4 weeks later...
Not a goo excuse(just kidding). It is going to take a lot of work to revive this, so all you who are still interested(if there is anyone) please post...:shifty: If there is anyone new who wants to join, feel free

Abob and the rest of the team climbed into the escape pod that they had modified to allow the pod to fly back up to the ship.

When they landed on the planet they put on their enviro suits and climbed out of the cramped pod.

The Star Destroyer was heavily damaged and covered in jungle looking foilage, execpt the foilage was all dark grey and brown.
They climbed onto the side of the Star Destroyer and peered inside. There, thirty feet in front of them was a set of closed blast doors. Abob walked up to them and pressed the old control panel. The doors opened without a sound. The team walked in and Abob closed the door behind them so none of the jungle scavengers would follow them. Then they made thier way to the bridge.

When they got there they found a computer console that had actually survived the thirty years since the ship had crashed. Necare located the shuttle bay, where they , with luck could find a working hyperdrive. They set off but couldnt help wondering, how was the ship so well maintained and still functional after a crash and thirty years in the jungle?............
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Ill join Boba, just add me in somewhere.
belongings:Light Sabre(green)Pistol
bio:Abandoned as a child, she learned to live in the wild, one day she witnissed a gorey battle between two Jedi, after one was defeated, the other left and Lauren took the green Light sabre used by the dead one and learned to use it well.
skill:Speacel(cant spell:bawl: )
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