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RPG Resident Evil: Salvation


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[I]Sorry if this is a bit detailed. I just like a good backstory.[/I]

The junkies of Needle Park sit in the shade of wild growth trees and shoot their poison into track marked arms, the homeless litter the streets like human refuse, trying to find sanctuary among the giants of glass and steel surrounding them. Strange how the part of the city that essentially runs an area where 4% of the total US population resides becomes such a stinking hole of filth and decay as soon as the sun goes down when during the day trillions of dollars flow through over phone lines and fiber optic cables, the glass giants of business serving as hubs where the rich get richer in climate controlled, leather seated, modern deco decorated splendor. Among these uncaring, unfeeling giants that tower over the trash, both human and industrial, there stands a building that towers above all the rest; a building that at the top resides a man who has seen civilization grind on. A virtual god who watches the city below and finds what is happening to it no different then Rome? or Carthage? or Constantinople? he even likens it to the great walled city of Babylon. Take your pick of civilizations, your Samarian, your united Jewish Tribe? your Roman or Byzantine empire. He has seen them all rise? and has seen them fall. This? this was no different. For in the decay, among the ashes of the immolated husk of building left to rot after fires? stood rebirth.

Stone sat in a black leather chair that seemed to blend into the background that shadowed him, the darkness surrounding him seemed to cling like the silken caress of a lover to his ever mysterious presence. A soft light slowly illuminated, small features of the mysterious man, revealing him to be dressed in one of the finest suits ever crafted. Staring at the figures before him, his fingers steepled as if in deep contemplation over some matter, and his lips curled into a definitive smile.

Inhaling the wind that blew into his 50th floor window, the scent of clean air just high above the stench of pollution below served to refresh his senses. Dabbing his forehead gently, with a violet handkerchief, he told his audience, "You all know why you are here today."

Slowly a perfectly manicured hand, the tail tips of the tattoos that mark his palm and back of his hand highlighted in the soft light that illuminated his office, reached out and removed the finest cigars you could get from Cuba and he slowly went about cutting off the tip and lighting it with the rather simple silver Zippo he carried as a lighter with him at all times. If ever asked as to why he carries just the simple silver Zippo instead of something a bit more in tune with his social stature he would respond with the rather simple answer: It never failed to light. It did not once fail in the hands of the arsonist who thought him the devil and was now entombed in place of a believed dead arson investigator and it had yet to fail him now. Slowly he inhaled the smooth and thick smoke of the hand rolled tobacco before turning the humidor his cigars were stored in toward the guests in his office and waited for them to take one each before exhaling the fine tobacco smoke and finally spoke.

"The system owns of all of you," he said slowly and deliberately, "And I hold the solutions to your desires. All of you may open your designated envelopes."

Their hearts beating a mile a minute, adrenaline clogging their arteries, the opprotunists trembling outstretched hads seized their respective manilla folder. Taking a deep breath, some scoffed at the prospect of the whole endevour. Wrongfully convicted, or imprisoned quickly, all served as discarded dolls of fate. Upon cutting the top of their evelopes off, with small knives, so graciously provided for them by their benefactor, their eyes widened further.

Stone?s lips curled upwards into a sinister grin before speaking the next part aloud to himself, a grin that would chill the bones of the devil himself , "Umbrella Corporation."

His form imposing in the dark suit he wore, Stone remained seated in the rather large and most comfortable Aero chair, like an urban God. "Society has punished all of you, but fate has given you another chance," he declared boldy.

Stone, the feline stared at his mice playfully, as they nodded.

"Now, listen carefully," he continued, "because when you say, 'I know,' you cease to 'know more.' As your designated packages state, each of you is charged with infiltrating the Umbrella Corporation's headquarters in Europe. Once successful in this mission, you will then proceed to obtain samples of both T Virus and G Virus infected genes. None of you are guaranteed survival. Some of you, if not all of you, will perish. Your flesh may serve as a fine delicacy to an undead phantom. You may leave now if you wish, disregarding this opportunity. Go ahead an return to your the grey confines of your concrete containment facilities if your courage fails you."

Once again, he smiled a rather diabolical smile as his thoughts drifted to the fact that if he gathered a top dollar for these peoples' organs on the black market the total amount would not even begin to scratch what he had to pay for this suit; to have the Gucci company specially design and manufacture the suit he was currently wearing.

"Chosen ones, I say to you save yourselves so that we may save others," Stone passionately coaxed. "For if you bring the samples, the urban decay that has sealed your miserables fates will vanish. I will use the Umbrella Corporation's own technology to clense the world. Once injected into the public, this virus will clense the world of the filth that litters the streets."

Somewhere off in the distance a lone church bell tolled. It tolled for the death of a young man caught in one of the random drive by shootings that take place nearly everyday in the city of Los Angeles. But Stone found the sound fitting of the moment all the same? the moment when a little game of tit for tat turned into something more. The moment when the death certificate for Umbrella and his chosen "toys" was signed by the being who would be their executioner. A being who sat in his chair in an office bigger then any in the city of angels atop the only building that dwarfed the others like it in the city. A being who smiled a smile so slick that not a single soul could trust it? A being who went by one name?

Sign up sheet, by Neil:

[B]Name:[/B] Kyle Steinheiser.
[B]Age:[/B] 34
[B]Reason For Conviction:[/B] Supposedly murdered his wife and two daughters.
[B]Description:[/B] Approximately 6 foot, 3 inches tall, with a five O' clock shadow. Thin lines peek at the corners of his eyes, and his skin is leathery.
[B]Biography:[/B] A former Dectective of the Racoon Police Department, until he was convicted of brutally stabbing his family to death and found mentally insanse.
[B]Weapons:[/B] He carries around his ever trusty Colt Python.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Crazy White Boy [/i]
Sign up sheet, by Neil

lol! I get too much credit! :blush: :p
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Name: Drake Levia

Age: 18

Reason For Conviction: Murdered three, random people.

Description: 6'3", short-and-spikey black hair, green eyes with red-rimmed pupils. Wears a black shirt with red/orange flame designs, and black jeans. Devilish good looks. :mrt:

Biography: A lone young man, basically has no heart. He can barely care about anybody. But he does have a sweet spot, and suffers from random attacks of emotions. Gets nervous around the ladies..:mrt: :mrt:

Weapons: .45, Uzi with laser pointer, 12-guage choke shotgun.
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Name: Levyn Cecylon

Age: 18

Reason For Conviction: Drug possession, several murders

Description: 5'8" with black hair pulled into a french braid. Dressed totally in black, trenchcoat and all (think Matrix . . .)

Bio: Levyn never really 'hung out' w/ the crowd . . . she was always more of the loner type. She always seems cruel, but somewhere inside she's vulnerable. Horrible temper . . .

Weapons: Desert Eagle, Uzis, crossbow/witchblade thing . . .
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Name: siren kojia
Age: can't remember lookis 15-17
Reason For Conviction: was found in the hacked remains of a school bus staring and gripping the knife
Description: black hair w/ blood red streaks, black baggy pants, burgandy tank top, silver eyes, and a small onyx upside-down cross suspended from a cilver chain
Biography: sense the slaughter on the bus says nothing and remembers less.
Weapons: pistol, long sword (*glares* it's me siggy weapon...gotta problem??) small cross bow attached to wrist (think of the kid in the newer dune movie)
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Name: "Kame" the only name his known by

Age: 23

Reason For Conviction: He was a part of a military operation. The enemy catch him and now his a prisoner

Description: Japanese man Approximately 6 foot, 1 inches tall with light blue eyes and long jet black hair his well bluidt and "cut"

Biography: You'll have to find out.

Weapons: His bare hands serve well as weapons but his loves to carrie his Twin comstom made 9mm pistols around .
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Guest QuickSilver
Name: seifer.
Age: 30
Reason For Conviction: he was framed so the police think that he killed a guy.
description: he has bulging muscles. short brown hair and brown eyes. he his a tall man of avbout 6''6'
bio: he is the only one left in his family the guy who framed him killed his family. he as been weight lifting ever since in hope to see that guy again
weapons: knife, chain, brass knuckles, uzi, desert eagle
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Name: Craig

Age: 25

Reason For Conviction: Arson, manslaughter, murder and attempted murder

Description: Brown hair like teen SSJ2 Gohan. A white vest, black trousers with a chain going from the front to the back. He has boots like Trunks, and fingerless gloves. He also has the biohazard symbol tatooed onto his left arm. He is 6'6", 220 lbs.

Biography: His love of animal's and belief that they should be treated equally to human's, led him to purposely burn down a medical research facility where animals are tested on. (Arson). He meant to kill the lead scientist (murder/ attempter murder) but also killed his family who were with him at the time.(manslaughter). He has been declared mentally insane numerous times, and has spent most of his life in a mental asylum. However, what everyone consider's to be insanity, is infact his genious.

Weapons: His beloved Minigun.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by super goku [/i]
[B]Name: Kyle Steinheiser.
Age: 34
Reason For Conviction: he was framed so the police think that he killed a guy.
description: he has bulging muscles. short brown hair and brown eyes. he his a tall man of avbout 6''6'
bio: he is the only one left in his family the guy who framed him killed his family. he as been weight lifting ever since in hope to see that guy again
weapons: knife, chain, brass knuckles, uzi, desert eagle [/B][/QUOTE]

Lol, Super Goku is it just me or did you take just a few things from my character(name, age)? Anyway, if you really want to keep it, maybe I'll just play Stone.
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Name: Known only as Andrew
Age: 37
Reason For Conviction: Unknown. Andrew lost his memory but the police are after him for some reason
Description: looks exactly like Arnie on T2. 6'4" and very muscular
Biography: unknown
Weapons: Same weapons as Arnie on T2 (Shotgun, pistol and grenade launcher)(yep I like T2)
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Age: 23
Reason For Conviction: he was framed 3 counts of murder and one count of Arson
Description: dresses like squall (ff8) but face lockes like cloud (ff7)
Biography: unknown
Weapons: grenade launcher,Uzi with laser scope,9mm handgun, and a long sword (I like swords to)
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Name: Anima Necare
Age: 23
Reason for conviction: grand theft, murder.
description: short black hair, green eyes, dresses like a punk.
Bio: By day, Anima hires herself as a teacher of self defence to aristocrat's children, but by night she breaks into their houses and takes whatever she can find. Anima was convicted of murder when she "accidentaly" killed one of her cocky students.
Weapons: hand gun, dagger, taser.
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Reason for Conviction-5 murders and grand theft.
Description-blonde spikey hair(avatar),blue eyes,black cargo pants,Black shirt,gold chain
Bio-Kain is cold blooded,cold hearted,and callous.He hardly ever feels remorse for his actions anymore.He hardly ever speaks and is the type who likes to think alot.
Weapon-Uzix2,Desert Eagle,9mm,Shotgun
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I hope I am not too late. I basically just joined the Otakuboards, so I didn't see this until today.

[B]Name:[/B] Serge Schaufele

[B]Age:[/B] 38

[B]Reason For Conviction:[/B] Acts of terrorism, and mass genocide.

[B]Description:[/B] A large Russian man (About 6'4") with a semi-thick accent, long white hair with black streaks along the temples. His eyes are dark blue, and the dark bags under his eyes indicates that he rarely sleeps. A large deep scar runs down his face from the corner of his right eye to his jaw. He's a cold, and harsh man who feels pity for no one. His hands are covered with fingerless black gloves, and he wears black army/swat gear (Wesker style) covered by a dark brown trench coat.

[B]Biography:[/B] Serge was an assassin for close to five years in his mid twenties, up until he turned 32 years of age he had been apart of a Russian army. When he reached the age of 32 he went free lance, and was hired several times by Umbrella for clean sweeps and recovery of important data. About two years later an outbreak occurred in an Umbrella facility, Serge was sent in to retrieve research data. But as he was exiting the city he was surrounded by military and FBI agents, he was arrested for terroristic acts and the slaughter of thousands. At first he was confused, but the answer soon came to him that he was set up by Umbrella to soften the pressure on their company. In fact because of his past ties with the Russian army, Russia's armies were placed with the blame. Serge was awaiting the death penalty in prison, until this opportunity dropped into his lap. A man with little fear, and nothing to lose.

[B]Weapons of choice:[/B] A custom made gold plated Magnum with a black grip, various hand guns, as well as a sawed-off shotgun, and the combat knife
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