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Animal Forest on GCN/GBA


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Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrated the new Animal Forest game for GCN and GBA.

Read the following article for details so far:

[i]"Always enthusiastic to show off his company's technology, Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrated the connectivity features of the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance using the upcoming Animal Forest. As in Flippin' Kirby, Miyamoto plugged the handheld into the console...naturally, since Animal Forest is a GameCube game, there was no need to have a cartridge plugged into the Game Boy Advance. While on the GameCube, Miyamoto walked one of the game's characters onto a boat and took him to an island, afterwhich the game switched to the Game Boy Advance mode. Miyamoto also used the handheld system to change the patterns and outfits of the various characters in the game.
Developed by Nintendo, Animal Forest will be available for the GameCube in Japan this December. "[/i]
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i think it's like this: there are some gba games that link to the cube and some of the cube games link to the gba. it depends on the game, i don't think they're going to be able to put too much overlap into making specific games for both systems.

whoa, i think i'm starting to confuse myself.
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