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RPG Pokemon, A new journey


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Okay, in this, you can be a Gym leader,or a Trainer, If your a trainer, you are just starting out, you can choose any pokemon(just not legendaires)but they will be at lv.5, Gym leaders, it depends if you are last, middle, or first, if your last, you will be the strongest. State your name, if your going to be a trainer or gym leader(only 8 gym leaders!)First pokemon: or all. like this:

first Pokemon:Eevee
Bio:Young, starting out Trainer. She tries to be everybodys friend.shes wanted to be a Pokemon trainer since she could talk.
Looks:Short Black hair, brown eyes

Have fun!
:ball: :ball:
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POKEMON: ......Ponyta

LOOKS: ratty......like shes been living by herself for years

BIO: been living by herself for years and only lives with her ponyta
her parents hated pokemon and when she got one...... they moved away with out her so now she lives alone with ponyta
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OK, we'll wait untill some more peeps join.
While were waiting...
Ill be the main Charachter(since I wrote it)sorry!
:( TWO of you can travel with me. And whoevers left, can be there rival(good, not Evil!) unless you want to be evil:devil:
And you guys can have your own little story. Dont have to wait for me!
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WE HAVE ENOUGH TO START!!!!!:D :toothy: :) :cool:
Lauren stood, looking out of her window.
Lauren:nice morning
she walked down stairs, the final step she took, her mother was huggin her like there was no tomarrow
Mom:todays the day you leave me *snif*
Lauren:Erm*cough*mom, your choaking me
Her mom let go.
She said her final good-bys and walkeed down to the Prof.'s house.
Prof.Metto:Lauren, good your hear.
Metto showed Lauren 5 pokeballs.
Lauren:hmm, should I take Psyduck, nah, Scyther, nopies,Pichu nope, squirtle, no,*pause*Eevee...Ill take it!
Metto:Good choice!
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ros stands infront of a kid about 4 feet tall.....

kid:....that was a good battle to bad i lost.....i will be back you know that right.....you know i will come back for that badge

ros:...if you traine thos pokemon you may one day get that badge but untill then....dream on....

kid:....i guess i will *walks out happy he got to battle a gymleader for the first time*

ros stand sthere smiling from her victory

a boy walks up wearing nothing but black and his hat had an R on the top

ros:..its about time.....*stops smileing shuts the door and windows*......what took you so long

guyinblack:........to long of a story...lets just say...pokemon problems.....

ros:....anyway.......lets get this show on the road.......we dont have long...

GuyInBlack:..... yeah yeah yeah here you go *hands over 6 pokeballs*........got them today......hope our boss likes them...

ros:...he better or i will fire you....i cant get bad rateings cause you suck at getting pokemon

GIB:........he will love these dont worry

ros:.....he better or it will be your job
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