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RPG Digimon Tamers:The Hope of Two Worlds(play)

Ryo the Tamer

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ros walks slowly through the trees and comes upon a small pond

ros: ....thats strange......waters never black....whats p with that yeah this worlds strange but.......this is just wrong

???: tell me about it now would you mind pulling me OUT of the ponds mud so i can actualy see

a black claw reaches out of the water and ros grabs it and pulls out a sholder hight dino crerature

ros: WHOA what are you and may i ask WHO are you?

??: oh i am i a digimon

ros: ...digimon...ok.....got that now whats your name?????

??: BLACKGUILMON why?...whats your name human?

ros: blackguilmon?....cool name....my names ROSWELL TIRANOCA...just call me ros and yes i am a human

BGM:...ros nice name

ros:so why am i here?

just as she finished that a digivice appeares above her head and slowly floats down into her hands

BGuil:....well i guess to be my tamer *shakes off mud*
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