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Writing My Story (Kinda Graphic)

Sui Generis

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Well I am not sure if this should go in my poetry section...or in a whole different thread considering it is a story...

This is a cross of alot of Poe's writing styles so if you are a POE reader I am sure you will find alot of connections!!...Its kinda graphic, well my teacher said so...she wouldn't enter it into a contest cuz it was to graphic...*shrugs* tell me what you think! And last but not least!! ENJOY!

Note: I do not have a title for this...so erm...any ideas would help!!

Why people say I am mad, I do not know. If anything I am lucky. I have been bestowed the gift of acute senses and the ability to enjoy life, and in this case take it. While others suffer the same boring fate, I will live forever in the simplicity of happiness. Now I shall tell my story in such a dignified manor that you shall see that I am not mad. It happened one year ago to this day. I did not hate the old couple themselves, but I loathed their feebleness, and neglect of me. Yet worst of all I loathed that cat! The plan came to me as I lie in bed deep in thought of my wasted life. That day I had gone to the couple's house, just to see what happiness had been granted on them today. What I found out annoyed me, annoyed me more than the fly annoys the cow. It seemed that the next week they were scheduled to go on another vacation, only the sixth one this year. Even though I take care of them EVERYDAY, yet again they neglected me from their journey, without an once of sorrow or thought. Instead they were going to bring their son, and leave me with their hideous creature, Mr.Fluff. That cat, that hideous demoralizing, cat was the very thing I despised more than anything else in this world. That cat influenced me more than anything to kill the couple. True I tried before at my hand at killing the cat, but always it came back. Like the relentless night settleing over the sun. So that night I thought if I got rid of the couple, I would finally be rid of the monster. It took me many more nights to figure out how to get in most stealthily. You see, in a back room on the ground level, there is a window that if you tap in the right spot will come out, and so that is where I concluded I would come in. For five nights I would tap that window, take it out, and put in back in just so I was sure that my deed would be flawless. On the sixth night, I was prepared to kill the couple. The night was the eeriest night I have ever experienced. The sky was jet black, except for the slit of a moon, that gave off just enough like to see ten paces in front of myself...and the silence! There was no noise except for the pounding of blood in my ears, and my heart, which I was sure, would give me away. I walked across the yard with the most extreme care, avoiding every strip of light there was. WHen I finally got to the window, it took me two hours to open it. Finally as I stepped into the room the first thing I saw was that cat! That horrible creature was just starring, as if mocking me. I honostly don't rememver the events that un-folded for the next hour, but what I do remember is that I locked that cat in the grandfather clock. That bloody mess of a cat. I remember starring at the cat, and enjoying every second of watching all the blood ooze out of his chest as he slowly died. Oh so slowly. After I was convinced the cat was dead, I started for the stairs; I crept up thos stairs quietly. WHen I reached the couple's room I peered in. What I saw enraged me to the point of chaos. That cat, that hellish cat was at the foot of their bed. I jumped in the room with a scream of rage, that went straight to the pits of hell. Before the couple could react, I grabbed the old man's can, and with all my might delivered a crushing blow to the man's skull. The old man fell dead immediatly. Unfortunatly the can had broken. The old lady only had time to scream, but once, before I pounced on her, and buried the broken cane in her chest. Without a single grunt she too fell dead. It was the cat's turn. I buried the other half of the cane in the cat's stomach. I was still so enraged that I stuck the cane with the cat still on it in the ground and lit that damned cat alight. I watched untill the last embers died out, with the last stars in the morning light. Tge another question arouse, where was I going to hide the bodies. After some diliberation I concluded to bury them in the woods near their back yard. When I finished burying them, and cleaning the blood of the clock, and floor. Two police men came, reporting they had hear a scream. I showed them the whole estate. after they surveyed it many times, they concluded that it was nothing. Just as they were leacing that cat, that cursed cat, walked in. I screamed a scream that could have only came from the dephts of hell. The policemen thinking me mad just took me to an asylum. Now every night that cat from HELL, comes into my room, and mocks me. To this day noone has found the couple. But now I suffer a fate worse than that of death. I have to endure enternity of damnation with this cat. Even now it paces my room mocking me. I pray to the heavenly god, that he would take my life...and rid me of this demon.

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Guest Imsirion
That was really good, and I saw the the realation to Poe's work. It was like The Tell-Tale Heart, a demented person bent on killing someone and well Im sure you know how it goes. Good job!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cera [/i]
[B][FONT=century gothic]Heh, i defininetely see the conncetion to Poe's workl. I wrote a story modeled after his witing style a while back..I was a disturbed child....:shifty:[/FONT] [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]I was more disturbed!!! I talked to a tree once! And it answered back too............[/COLOR]
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