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Writing Gundam Rising


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[SIZE=3]Gundam Rising[/SIZE]

It is the year, AC 214. The Great War between the Mafia, Imperials, and the Earth ended 2 years ago. The Mafia collapsed due to internal politics and the Imperials were defeated by the Earth's General Infantry Force, better known as G.I.F. Commander Mac Castilonge, was killed in action whilst fighting his son, Riobella Castilonge. Both he a his gundam, Gundam Neo, were completely obliterated. With Gundam Neo, went the first ever "neogundam." Which is a gundam, who's gundarium armor is fused with neo, a newly discovered element. The fusing of the two make a lighter, stronger gundarium. Riobella and his mobile suit, Gangster Gundam 1, which was also the Mafia's first ever attempt at a Neogundarium mobile suit, escaped with little damage and are still at large. It is known he attempted a take over on the Mafia which succeeded, but led to the Mafia's collapse and his disapearance. The G.I.F. is currently searching for him. From the ashes of the Imperials rose a newer, stronger organization, the Crision. It immediately began onslaughting the Earth with its vast forces that have come together from the far corners of the system. Their general force are not average mobile suits but, instead, are gundams themselves. Of course they are more expensive than titanium suits, but, with the Crision's income coupled with their inheritance of the Empire's vast riches, they can far more than afford it. This is why Earth developed neogundarium. The current projects for Earth involving neogundarium are, in this order: Gundam Rising Sun, Dayhawk Gundam, Gundam Pegasus, Gundam Poseidon and Raptor Gundam. Now we begin our story...

"Gundam Pegasus...it is the largest undertaking in mobile suit history." said Officer Tank.
"Indeed it is. It will be the defining point of Earth's military." agreed Commander Yui.
"We have completed 3 of the 5 neogundams, now we need pilots." suggested Lt. Romano.
"We want you to pilot Gundam Pegasus when it is complete Lt." said Admiral Chovanov
"Me, sir?" Romano asked.
"Yes, Lt....you. You're the best pilot for the job. You've got outstanding performance records with all other soldier units you've yet piloted; and you know Gundam Pegasus inside, and out."
"But, I thought you'd have me stay with the bulk of GIF, sir." Romano stated.
"Well, we changed our mind. You'll be joined by pilots from the state of Japan. Their names are: Iko Nagashiga. He'll be piloting Gundam Rising Sun; and Koru Yamamoto, who will be piloting Dayhawk Gundam." the Admiral finished. Then Admiral Chovanov left the room.
"Good luck, Vincent." Yui said to Lt. Romano.
"Thanks." Romano left in the direction of the barracks.

Its been months since I started working on this, but I just found it while looking for a file in Microsoft Word. Tell me if you like it, and if you do, I'll keep adding on.

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"Have you read the profile on the Italian?" Nagashiga asked his partener.

"Yes. His statistics are impressive." Yamamoto responded.

"How about the the stats for his soldier unit?"

"Yes. They're are the best of any I've studied, actually. 'Not as fast as Dayhawk Gundam, though."

"That's some consolation..." Nagashiga said as he turned to the window. "We're here."

"Yes. We should buckle our seat belts."


[i]moments later...[/i]

"Konnichiwa. Welcome to Rome Base, gentlemen..." an attendant said.

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"The arrangements for your modifications have been made, Mr. Castilonge." a small, sly looking man said.

The dark figure standing alone in the room turned to the man. With ghost-grey eyes he peered at the man."I don't like you."

"Excuse me, sir?" the man asked puzzeled.

"I said I don't like you, dumbass."

"Well, I'm sorry, sir. I can send for someone else..."

"Where's my gundam?"

"Being modified. Remember, sir? You wanted to have a new addition to its shield? Are you all right, sir?"

"I'm quite fine. When will it be complete?"

"By tomorrow I'm sure."

"If it isn't. I'll like you even less..." Riobella moved his eyes of the little man and back towards the painting on the wall.

"Understood." the man left the room.
"The stats on this gundam are incredible. Though, I must say its design is lacking." one engineer said as he worked on the GG1.

"Yeah. I don't really like the concept of the two 'quick-draw' beam pistols at the sides. But, I do like the retractable gatling guns. I bet they're Hell in battle."

"Yeah. It'll look a little better at least. After we add this shielding attachment and replace these pistols with larger, more powerful beam weapons."

"I reckon so..."

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