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[FONT=century gothic]Okay, folks, I'm gonna give this thread another day or so to straighten itself out....

quailman25, what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? I don't think anyone understands.....[/FONT]
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so do we just type facts that we know about digimon...like each day is a different topic..say monday, digivices, then tuesday, digivolution...and so on... please Quailman25 ...u didn't explain...

[COLOR=blue]Calumon: Quailman25... You are confusing my tamer...and i don't like it one bit[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by quailman25 [/i]
[B]I just started a school of Digimon, and I want to have my friends at OtakuBoards there. [/B][/QUOTE][FONT=century gothic]I don't mean to sound harsh...

What do you mean by 'Digimon School'?[/FONT]
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Besides all the people here should be teachers because everybody knows so much about it,trust me!

Well maybe i just shut my mouth about this issue...
Do what you want:therock:
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lol i am in and i will be a tento i like izzys knowlegage and i know way to much about digimon and pokemon for my own good hehe:cool: :p oh and do we get to use our digimon in digimon battles or do i have to go to mega and blow up the school i bet that could get very pricy quick lol! oh and one more thing why not make a patamon house lol i love the cute guy hehe and i hope there is not any dangerous sport beside digimon battles hehe
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well why not check out side the digimon area i left to check i came back loooking like a ghost it is so scary heheh had to have igamon beat every scary guy up whahahahah igamon go

igamon: what did you say dustin?
dustin:welll what are you waiting for get off you tail and move like lightspeed
igamon: no!
dustin: k igamon you are going to be sent to the tamers area
igamon you wouldn't
dustin in a dangerously sweet voice:wanta bet?
igamon: nope so HYPER TACKLE
the scaryguys: [SIZE=1]owwwwww![/SIZE] :blackeye:
dustin:whahaha:devil: :devil: :devil: :angel:
k good job
igamon: thanks dustin
dustin: np
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