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RPG Last Hope ... Guardian's return << Sign-up >> " Lets try this again "

Carren Heart

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Long ago a Horrid being spawned from the evil and wickedness of mankind it grow and festered like a vile seed into
the hearts of mortals. Mankind was on the edge of destruction and the spirits of the world cried out and so
mankind's last hopes were born. You were one of the seven Guardians of this god-forsaken world and you fought
well. But a last in vain you were imprisoned in a Tome of rock lost to the hearts of mankind until now a few mortals
have rediscovered ancient documents with the legends of your finial battle and now seek to awaken you.

(((Only six more people)))

Name: Vol'don
Age: 144
Gender: Male
Race: High Elf

Appearance: Very Good Looking he can attract nearly any woman if he puts his mind to it << Rarely ever does >>

Bio: (((include any background about other guardians you want))) Vol'don is the leader of the guardians he is kind
and strong willed ?. he has traveled the world looking for the other hopes for more then half his life and he found
them one by one and helped them discover how important they really were.

Powers: (((Please not ungodly powerful things you can gain more powers later ))) 2-3 powers please

Battle Telepathy: Can see thought other guardian's eyes and is still able to perform with out distraction.

Conjuring: Can summon objects with no or little moving parts

Power Field: A Barrier that protects him from harm << Absorbs equal to one bullet of force >>> << From a 9mm
pistol >>
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Name: Tani
Age: 240 (looks 18)
Race: Angel
Gender: Female

Appearance: Pretty girl with light blue eyes and long white hair. Slender and wears all white, all the time (for obvious reasons). Can grow angel wings at will.

Bio: Tani is an angel that was killed a long time ago by an unseen force. She loves to help people in need, though it gets her into trouble sometimes.

Powers: Heal- Can heal people almost to full health.

Pure Light- Creates a ball of pure energy that is fired at enemies. A little weak, but it gets the job done.
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Name: oceana
Age: 127
gender: female
Race: Centuor.

Apperance: tall and slender, has black hair and soft blue eyes and very pale skin, and has a black horse body.

Bio: Oceana lives alone in the plains off the coast of the ocean, in which she got her name.


Telepathy- can read minds and pick things up with her mind.

Flaming arrow- when she uses her arrows in battle she attaches a spell that gives them fire attributes. Other wise she just uses arrows for hunting.
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Name: siren kojia
Age: 119(looks to be 15)
Gender: female
Race: dragon

Appearance: (in human form) long black hair, black baggy pants, green tank top, green bracers, silver eyes (dragon) relitivly small about the size of a large man, black scales,silver eyes, black wings
Bio: (i refuse)
transformation: is able to transform into any creature.
night shade: a dark ball of energy is fired froms hands/mouth
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Name-Kain Yoshinoda
Age-149(looks 19)
Appearance-Red jeans,red shirt,Red armor with a big emerald in the middle,Red blood sword on his back in a black leather sheath,red wings and tail.
Bio-He is one of the guardians with the strength to control light and fire.He isn't a dragon or a human or an angel.He is a rare race that has gone extinct(there were only 70 of them).
Flame shot-A ball of fire is released from the hands.

Light-A bright light emits from his body temporarily blinding his opponents.
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if see could please pick some not dragon ... o/r angels are okay but note that your not ungodly powerful in fact you'ld most likly be weak for a angel but you all will get stronger << Please no one post and i'm unstopible things okay >>

Look for the play thread <<< More poeple can still join >>
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Name: Thrasher Slarer
Age: 22
Gender: male
Race: Human
Apperance: Short baggy orange pants, blue shirt, balck spikey hair. An axe by his side, with a gun and a sowrd across his back.
Bio: He came from the land called [I]No Man's Land[/I] He grew up all by him self in a deserted place, with big animals. But he was such a strong fighter. He ate whatever animal he could kill. And now he is on his journey.
Powers: blk wht magic, energy blasts,Flamer:flaming:, and shoots cans from his head. (I know weird.)
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Name: Drak'kon
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf
Appearance: Bloodred tunic over dark green leggings. Wears magical studded-leather armor under tunic. Has 2 scimitars and a bow. Brown Hair. Brown Eyes. Does NOT Carry Elven ears.
Bio: His father was a great fighter, then one day he gave Drak'kon his scimitars and went off into the Ice Cave Mountains. The father was never heard of again. Having no-one to protect his tribe, for they were under constant ogre raids, he took up his fathers legacy and became the town protector. He has grown wise over the years and, while still protecting his town, resides in a hut with the infamous Drizzt Do'Urden.
Powers: Stealth, Herbs=Light Heal, Conjure Black Wolf
X-Tra Stuff: Best Herb Forager in all surrounding villages
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