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RPG Hogwarts: A New Term (play)


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[color=teal][i]Seamus walks into diagon alley and looks around him admiring the craft off the buildngs. Seamus's mother called him over to go to Gringotts bank to get the money for his school stuff[/i]

Seamus: Hmmm ok I'm coming

[i]Seamus walks into Gringotts and gets a cart to hsi vault and takes out two bags of galeons and sicles then walks into Mr Ollivanders to get his wand[/i]

Mr Ollivander: Hmm Black is it I remember your father well. OK lets see your wand arm

[i]Seamus goes through 3 wands before getting a wand made of Pine 16 inches long and containing one pheonix tail and unicorn hair quite flexable as Mr Ollivander called it[/i]

Seamus: Hmmm I'm heading to get the rest of my stuff by myself you go back to the room ok Mum

Seamus'Mother: OK don't be late

[i]After a while more shopping Seamus goes back to the room with everything he needs and goes to bed[/i][/color]
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*tursi looks at cloaks from the window and sighs at the deep purple one, then looks at the amount of money she has, then sighs*

Tursi: how will i ever be able to get any thing with my muggle money, i don't have any other kind.

*Sighs and sits on the ground and looks at the other kids walk by*
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