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Ice Dragon v2

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Wow, I've never seen the game, but I've heard of it. Is it good? How big is the dance pad?

I probably would have picked the game up if I'd seen it, but I have never seen Dance Dance Revolution in stores. Did they even [i]bring[/i] the game over from Japan, or do I have to get an import?
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I love this game...but for the most part I suck at it. I've only played it at the arcades once against some girl...and she whooped me. I just got the PSX version recently and one of the soft pads. The pads are about the same size as the arcade version, but they move around and wrinkle so much that is makes it even harder. I also have one of the inch thick hard pads which simply rock...although they cost a hell of a lot more (I paid 80 for it-- not bad compared to some prices I've seen).
Can't wait until I get the DC version in the mail :).
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these are my favorite songs
drill instructor, boom boom dollar (fast and slow), so many men, butterfly, bumblebee, dam dariam, dub i dub and mr wonderful
i dont really care on the difficulty since i still suck at it, but ill get the hang of it one day. if you only lived in my town, u could have taken on a bunch of my friends.
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cool, there's a lot of competition where I live, but it seems only the japanese are good competition against me, here's my songs....

Afronova revenge-Expert

Do it all night-Expert

Paranoia Rebirth-Difficult

Dead End-Expert

End of the Century-Expert

and most other songs....
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