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  1. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Import GC :)

    Heh...well I kinda met more than aquaintences... I meant send the money to a friend and have them pick it up. It's way cheaper than importing any day.
  2. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Didnt have enough money damnit!!!

    About the HDTV... It isn't an S-Video plug, it's known as component. HDTV's have them and so do HDTV ready TVs. The component cable Nintendo makes isn't at the stores, it's only at their site. The thing costs 30 bucks though. As for Pro Logic II...I'm not sure if my sound system does it. I have a Dolby 5.1/Dolby Digital reciever along with 5 speakers and a subwoofer. I just got this setup maybe 5 months ago. However, I don't think it includes the decoding of Pro Logic II. necessary for Rogue to play the way it's meant to. If not you can just grab the decoder at the store, although it is rather expensive. I'll check if I can do it later tonight though.
  3. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Import GC :)

    You'd have to order from a smaller game site that imports. EB is not going to send you anything. However, since you live in England you are going to be paying huge markups no matter how you do it. The best way is to find a friend who will just mail you one. You also have that whole PAL/NTSC conversion thing to worry about. You should just wait...besides no one knows for sure that September is the real launch date... April is what is being thrown around now.
  4. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming pikmin

    The game isn't tedious whatsoever. If anything it's relaxing --the music and atmosphere are excellent. I loved playing the game and I'd have to say it is a great idea, and without a doubt the best GC game I played so far... The controls are simplistic, but let you do everything you could possibly want. It's just fun.
  5. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming !?nintendo Power!?

    I really do not see how NP is biased in such a way. Yeah they are basically Nintendo, but they are still pretty fair in their reviews. I've seen them be hard on games that deserve it... even if Nintendo themselves made it. As for its other problems...it is aimed at kids afterall. I really don't see them giving games that suck good scores based simply on the company. They have no reason to suck up to other companies seeing as though they are at the top. There are plenty of other mags around... EGM and GameGO being the better ones in my opinion. NP just needs a less lame layout... its too CG and tacky. If they get GCN demo discs I'll subscribe again though :).
  6. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Cube Club

    Lol, don't see many from Chicago on boards for some reason... Anyway, we went the first Saturday which I think was the 28th... but it's 3:30 AM and I cannot remember ;). I couldn't get into SSB... There were a lot of little kids on it yelling and going nuts. "Let's just all kill Mario!!" and etc etc. Not the atmosphere I like to play in :). I'll leave my judgement for later.
  7. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Cube Club

    My friend also went back... Although he still didn't get to play Luigi. He saw ED though and said it looked great, but he didn't get to play that either. I guess we could always play that at Target or something... They seem to be farthest along with their GC setups. I think I forgot to mention the rumbling too. It didn't seem to be two motors like the Dual Shock. It's more dead center...But I felt it did it's job well and is pretty powerful. Much better than on N64 or DC. Lastly, me and my friend noticed somethings at the Club. I really don't know how right we are but anyway... Pikmin in the booth seemed to be farther along than the Pikmin on the floor. I noticed someone running around a rainbow colored Frog...something I never saw before. The one I played mainly had those weird Lady Bugs. The one I played seemed to be the same burn from E3. Honestly, I think this was the best game there :).
  8. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Cube Club

    I meant to post this last week, but things came up ;). Anyway, I went to the Cube Club in downtown Chicago last Saturday. Me and my best friend went there when it opened at 11 AM and stayed until they kicked us out at 3 PM. It was in some vacant building in the middle of like an industrial section downtown. ---Club--- When we first walked in I was dissappointed... There were like 6 TVs and it was so small... But then they told us about the second floor which looks a lot more like the shots you see online. It that the lighted dance floor and all that... not that anyone was dancing. There was also a big couch there where it seemed all the moms and really bored girlfriends were sitting lol. I'd say there were about 30 systems set up, including four that were in enclosed booths. They were all on these Panasonic HDTVs that were really nice, but some of them had bad color...which was obvious in one of the Luigi TVs. The enclosed rooms had these BEAUTIFUL Tao (I think she said) TVs that were just amazing. They also had really nice sound setups. From what I understand each club had different games in the rooms...but when I was there it was Luigi, Smash Brothers, Star Wars and Pikmin. ---Controller--- The first thing we played was Wave Race: Blue Storm. I think the biggest thing to mention here was the controller... I grabbed it and didn't even think twice about how to use it. The whole thing feels wonderful. It seems lighter than the Dual Shock, but don't hold me to that. The handles curve downward into your hands unlike the PS2 and this to me gives the GC controller a huge advantage. The buttons are great too, the B button is not as annoying as it looks. The C stick also seems to be entirely coated in rubber, and it has little grooves in the edges like the N64 stick did. The control stick is at like a perfect angle; no problems at all. The L and R buttons are excellent and are easily pushed down...They don't push back like the DC ones do. The click is damn cool, but I found myself doing it on accident a lot -- especially in Wave Race. The Z button is just stiff... I didn't mind the placement, it just was not as easy to push as the others were. I found myself forgetting it was even there. ---Wave Race--- Like I was saying, this was our first game. We raced in the 4 available tracks. It looks great. The menus are very cool, especially the cool loading screens. They game has little load time, you barely notice it. The game itself runs perfectly without any slowdown. I'm not gonna go into details... you can go read some preview. My main impression was that this was TOO MUCH like the original. Sure it looks a hell of a lot better, but what it comes down to is how it plays. And it played exactly the same. To most this is a good thing, I just found myself getting bored with it. The turbo is a nice addition... but it's hard to turn when using it since the control is so loose. I could barely hear the sound at all over the speaker pounding techno in my ears. Probably the last popular game there, it was almost always open. ---Star Fox--- The game looks amazing. It plays almost exactly like Zelda. I didn't find it as endearing as Zelda since I don't care for the Fox characters as much as the Zelda ones, but good nonetheless. This also ran great and looked, the standout being the water which was amazing and the shadows the clouds left. I can tell this will be a great game, but I had NO idea what to do. There were 4 selectable areas: 1 adventure (which I was just talking about), the T-Rex Boss and 2 Arwing missions. For some odd reason both Arwing missions took you to the same exact level which only required you to fly through 10 gold rings. It played a lot like the 64 version, but seemed very incomplete. Looked great, too bad it was so damn easy. Lastly the boss -- No idea what to do in this. He chases you around this looping hallway... I just gave up. It look sooo cool though, I was very impressed. Again, I didn't hear much sound other than Slippy's horrid voice. This was open quite a bit, probably because no one there knew what the hell to do at all. ---Star Wars--- I didn't play much of this because I want to save it all for when I buy it. It looks good in vids and shots and even when you stand at the club and watch someone play it. But once you grab the contoller and play yourself you will realize just how amazing this game is. It looks incredible. The ships are amazing, the explosions kick ***. I also enjoyed the menu screens, as they featured clips from the original Star Wars trilogy. I heard some voices, but it's hard to say how good they are yet. As for levels I saw three: Hoth, Death Star and Tattooine Training. Hoth is most impressive, even the snow looks great. ---Pikmin--- Only a 3 day demo... but in my opinion it was the best damn game there. Once I figured out how to throw Pikmin I was set. The control is so simple, but at the same time allows you to do everything you could possibly want to do. I was completely sucked into this game. It was the only one I played where I zoned out every other noise in the place and just paid attention to the game. It looks beautiful, shots do it no justice. The textures are just amazing, especially zoomed in. It looks real. The Pikmin themselves are cute, but at the same time very cute. I managed to kill the 4 legged spider thing on the third day and that was that. By far the best game I played, and I'm getting it the second it comes out. Another game a lot of people just walked past, but it still had a following. ---Smash Brothers--- Looks great... However, I didn't enjoy it. Probably because they were rushing us to get out of there. Also throw in the fact that I had to play as the horribly slow Bowser, and that I had no idea what the controls were. I'd say if you like the orignal get this. It still looks damn fun, and was probably the most popular game there. ---Luigi's Mansion--- I did not get to play this! The place has no time limits, and kids would just not get off this game. It looks great though. The ghosts are amazing, look as good as something Pixar would do. ---Kobe 2002--- I HATE basketball games. But I LOVED this. My friend is huge on sports games and he and many others seemed to think this game was great. It was really fun and played very well. I had no problems doing any moves. The C-Stick passing is probably the best idea ever too. It looks great, the floor reflections and replays were going too. Someone did crash it once though, it was probably the earliest game there. The loading time before games was LONG though, hopefully they'll fix it. ---Madden 2002--- I haven't played 2002 on Ps2 yet... But this is way beyond 2001. It looks and plays excellently. No control problems at all, the sound was great. Madden was even talking already. It ran great, and is a lot of fun. My only problem was the rather crappy looking video it had before the title screen... ---Monkey Ball--- FAST. FUN. I don't know what else to say. It's pretty damn cool, but I would think it would get old fast unless you love party games and have four controllers. The monkey race is fun, as is like as fast as F-Zero...wish that was on there :). I didn't get to play in the booths, and since we went in the morning I didn't see ED-- it's only out at night. My friend went again and said it looks great though. Sorry this was so long, but it's something to read lol. Don't complain if you think it's too long to read ;).
  9. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Worst game ever made for a Nintendo system?

    Worst game I can think of was Super Pitfall on the NES. The game made no sense, and was full of bugs. Pitfall Harry's gun could shoot like 2 feet and the bullet was the size of his head. I have no idea what the point of the game was. The worst game by a normally great developer was I think SaGa Frontier. I kept playing it hoping it would get good eventually...never did. Only video game I ever just gave away.
  10. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming X Box????

    Someone asked this a few days ago... Bits mean next to nothing anymore, so it doesn't matter in any system argument. Of the next 3 consoles, the only one that is 128-bit is the PS2. The GCN is 64-bit, and the Xbox is 32-bit. Obviously the Xbox is more powerful than a PSX, so you can see how useless this is.
  11. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Zelda Screenshot

    According to Nintendojo there were two versions being made at once, but Miyamoto ultimately decided on the cartoon one. I suppose if it flops they would go to the mature version right away, but I think we all know that won't happen. Even if some people are turned off by it, an almost equal amount will be interested in it just because of the new look...I think it would do even better this way. And I think that even though it's more of a cartoon style that doesn't mean it can't still be as dark as Majora. Afterall, the same guy who did the story for Majora is doing the story for the GC game, and I believe that's the first to actually deal with any sort of death. I'm not saying blood and guts...but maybe some more serious themes and some genuine character interaction. Have to wait and see though.
  12. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Are you looking forward to Ico?

    Just stand on the very edge of the bridge and keep calling her until she comes to the edge of the cliff and attempts to jump across. You may need to do it first to show her what to do, but I'm not sure if you need to.
  13. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming star tropics!!!!!!

    Startropics was one of my favorite NES games. I got to the Spaceship at the end, but I don't remember ever beating it. I never use GameGenie's though :). Star Tropics 2 is also awesome. I got lucky and got it new at Toys R' Us for 5 bucks last year. I liked the first one better, but this game really needs a sequel on GBA or GCN.
  14. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Ddr

    I love this game...but for the most part I suck at it. I've only played it at the arcades once against some girl...and she whooped me. I just got the PSX version recently and one of the soft pads. The pads are about the same size as the arcade version, but they move around and wrinkle so much that is makes it even harder. I also have one of the inch thick hard pads which simply rock...although they cost a hell of a lot more (I paid 80 for it-- not bad compared to some prices I've seen). Can't wait until I get the DC version in the mail :).
  15. Gr3ymalkin

    Gaming Are you looking forward to Ico?

    ICO is **** cool. I've played the demo on the JamPack, and I can't wait until it comes out. Anyway, the girl's name is Jorda. Like Cecil said you take her by the hand and lead her around... She can't do anything for herself really, so you have to help her climb and protect her from monsters. Basically the game is made up of a series of areas, and to get to the next one you have to reach these green stone gates that are blocking off the next area. Once you get Jorda there she opens the gates, the problem is getting her there. There is a lot of stuff to get around and fight off. The game seems to have the gloss effect that Bouncer has...the only difference being that is looks good and works in this game. Everything has this glow to it...it's like a dream or something. I recommend everyone at least rent it.