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hey !!!!!!!!


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You lost 72 posts and I deleted the topic cause from what I read it was nothing but spam....

Here's the rules here.... You don't spam... spam is unaccpetable.... when someone spams it will gets deleted if we see it... if for some reason you care about posts, then post intellegently... that way you won't lose any if I or any admin deletes them....

Here's what SPAM is:

a) one word posts (ie: lol, what?, brb, etc...)
b) multiple useless posts in a row (ie: one post that says one thing and then a minute later another post, than another) there IS an edit button, USE IT!
c) Anything that doesn't relate to the topic going on at that point... (ie: if the topic is DragonBall and peple are talking about dragonball and you post something like... Mountain Dew is good..... that is spam and will be deleted)
d) anything profrain to a certain extent (ie: the F word in most cases) anything racial or discriminatory (ie: the N words, Faggot, ***, and all the above, gook, and whatnot)
e) Anything just plain stupid or rude.... if you don't have anything nice to say, don't make us all dumber by reading the rude comment you post (NOTE: not that you did, i was just using the word YOU in general, not refering to you)

The whole 4th page in that topic you had was Spam.... and that was 20 or so of your posts.... there's no need to post things like "brb".... it's stupid... and some of the other pages were spam.... it's just a watse of time and space.... i deleted.... you should have thought about it before you spammed.... next time be more careful and your posts won't get deleted..... and you shouldn't care about post.... it doesn't give you any more respect, in fact you lose respect esspecially since they are mostly spam.... or they were.... before I deleted them.
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