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RPG Mortal Combat: The Final Judement


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[color=teal][i]The time has arisen again for the tournament to take place to decide the fate of Earth. Earth which has lost the last nine contests against the planet Rydar. Lord Trilex a new warrior to the tournament is hammering away at the Earth's best fighters none of whom seem to be able to stop him.

Raidin the God of Earth has sent a group of his students to participate in the tournament and cease Trilex's chances of merging his planet with our own. A young man named Li leads the group on their way to the tournament. You are a member of Trilex's or Raidins warriors choose wisely.[/i]

Name: Li
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Martial Art: Ninjitsu
Height: 5'9
Bio: A member of Blue Fire Dojo. He has trained all his life for the competition. He is quiet and keeps to himself. A very competant warrior who keeps his wits about him when in battle
Appearance: Looks like Jin from Tekken only he wears a ninjitsu suit.[/color]
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Name:Chun Chi Chi Chan
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Job: Teaches martial arts
Height: 6,1
Weight: 175
Bio: The strongest son of the Shin Shou family. He's the best at martials arts, he never losted a fight. He's defiently the strongest in his family (of 70) and probaly the whole world( some say)
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[COLOR=purple]Such stunning grammar you all have.. losted... uh huh... :rolleyes:[/COLOR]

Name:Yuki no ooi Sanrin
Martial Art:Judo
Special Powers:Can control Ice, but much more powerful than SubZero, can summon faerie spirits that bind her enemies from moving so she can deliver the final blow, and the Taiyo No Negai
Appearence:Long, flowing, light dusky blue hair, reaches down to her butt. Silver eyes. Tall, skinny, very beautiful.
Bio:Sweet, kind, and from first glance you'd never guess that Sanrin can kill you 8 different ways with her thumb :)
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