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RPG Digimon, The New Tamers(sign-up)


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Ok, This is well a Digimon RPG:rolleyes:
Post a Bio like this to join:
NAme: Lauren
Color of Digivice: White
Type:Tamer(you know, using the cards and stuff) you can also be like Willis or Davis and those guys
Bio:She loves making up jokes and entertaining people, sometimes her jokes suck, though
Apperance:She wears a Black Shirt with Khakies.
Have fun!:toothy:
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Name: Caitlin
Crest: Humility
Crest and digivice Color: [COLOR=skyblue]Bright Blue[/COLOR]
Age: 12
Type: Like willis(I don't know what it's called)
Partner: Demidevimon
Bio: Likes video games and computers.She is always overshadowed by her 4 older siblings,and has 2 younger ones. She was going through a humiliating year until the Dpower and egg appeared and started her new life as a tamer.
Appearance: Blond hair with pigtails and blue cap turned backwards and blue t-shirt and dark blue short-shorts.

Oh boy!:D:D:D:D:D
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Name: Dark Prince

Crest: Unknown (he's searching)

Digivice Colour: Multi Coloured

Type: Elemental

Digimon: Almega

Bio: Dark prince has a unknown past and origion. he doesnt even know his name(so he goes by his tittle) and he was just thrown into the digiworld and is very confused. his companion, he has had for as long as he can remeber. he is liable to attack any one who comes near him in his presnt state. (good start for rpg hint hint) has a cool personallity but a firery temper.

Appearance: Wild dark hair, sun glasses that hover just above his nose, long black coat that goes down to his feet and carries two guns in holsters(like tomb radier man form) consealed under the coat. :flaming:
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Name: anima
Crest: Virtue
Digivice color: Black
Age: 16
Type: season one character
Digimon: Tsukiemon (it's a purple pattamon baisicly)

Bio: anima has been going to the digital world since she was young, it was an escape from her crowded family, the digiworld to her was lie a special place that only she knew about and gave her security. aside from being absolutely abnoious, Anima is generaly protective of her friends and is always there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder ot cry on.

Apperiance: tall, short choppy black hair, green eyes, dresses gothic-ish, carries a dagger for just-in-case situations.
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k here you go i got the crest of memory and understanding the kids names are hannah majerus and dustin schiltz there digimon are pino,kora,iga,archangegoldenarchange and magnarch ange are dustins and the other is hannahs

freshs: pinomon,halomon pino is a little grey ball with tiny wings and a double houglass crest on his head like the crest of memory and halo mon is a black ball of fur with a tiny golden halo

Intrainings: koramon,zelamon kora is a lot like koromon but with huge ears and zela is a litte black ball with the crest of understanding on it

rookies: igamon and dark salmon igamon look like mew and mewtwo mix of dna and the crest of memory on it's head and tiny wings and dark salmon looks like salmon with a sliver neckalcae instead of a goldone

champions: archangemon and agatomon archangemon looks like angemon but lose staff and gain sword and get rid of the black rings and agatomon looks like a blackgatomon with black fur and purplepart where they are purple one gatomon and has a sliver tail ring instead of a gold one

armors:memormon and knolamon memormon is a fire/flying type of digimon and sport a retracted laser blade on each wrist while knolamon is a water/flying type it has jet like metal gururumon on her and has a long metal tail with a mirco jet on it

ulitamates:goldenarchangemon and archangewomon goldenarchangemon look like his champion but has golden armor and a staff like dars on beastmaster and archangewomon look like angewomon but with 4 wings insteed of 6 and her bra is more coned shaped

megas:magnaarchangemon and magnaarchangewomon magnaarchangemon look like his ulitamate but with teal armor and a long black metal staff with a clear white crystal ball on the top and a flowing teal cape hehe private joke
and magnaarchangewomon has light aquamarine armor and a pure white wood crossbow that can shoot 6 arrows insteed of 1

lol scream
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Name: Quatre
Crest:Yin Yan
didi egg:yin yan
Color of Digivice: black
Type:Tamer like hennry but like ken from evil
Partner:DARK Terriermon
Bio:he dosent like his digimon fighting but he dose if he REALY has to, he got taken over by evil so the dark part of the yin yan.
Apperance:wears dark green cargo trousers & black shirt.

so what do you think????????

:wigout: :whoops:
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Quatre is sitting on the internet playing the digimon game on the net next thing he knows his computer catches a virus and and his card swiper starts to glow and 2 cards apear a black vershon of the blue card and a terriamon card so he swipes the black card threw and a gray light apears and then his card swipe changes to a black digivice (Dark D-power)
then he swipes the terriamon card it changes to a dark terriamon and then a yin yan digi egg apears on the screen.
(***fade out***)
The Digi egg hatches and a dark terriamon apears!!!!!!!!!!!
the sky has turned red!!!!
(***fade out***)
Quatre and Dark Terriamon are walking threw the street and they spot a nother terriamon they follow it and they see a nother digimon taimer its no other than Lauren Quatre yels digimodifiy and swipes a power card threw his D-power And yells Dark Terriamon ATTACK........................

***********Tackit ChibiTerriermon (Lauren) & Terriamon******
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[COLOR=royalblue][B]Name: Thrasher
Crest: Warlock
Digivice Color: orange
Age: 9
Type: Angel
Partner: Angelsworddramon
Bio: He loves his digimon, and he loves to fight evil. He doesn't like people who are evil. His Digimon looks like a Angel with two swords. Not very bigg, shorter than Thrasher.
Apperance: Short, orange shorts that are real low, khiaks,plain blue t-shirt, sneekers, and a neckalce.

He has blonde hair, and tan skin.

Height: 4'5"

Weight: 75[/B] [/COLOR]
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meanwhile back in north america a kid gets strange e-mail

it say something about it is you time to do your part to save the worlds then a egg appers and it digivoules TO

a d- power apears and the boy nearly falls out of his chair.

he get another stange e mail it says feed me email and i will grow feed me e cookies and i will be your freind

so he starts looking for the cookies on the inernet

meanwhile a girl get her digimon and digivice but her digimon IS
HALOMON the girl take the digimon in to gher bed room and feeds it human food but before long it digivoulves to zelamon
intraining level
k pass the torch to the next person
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Were starting!
Lauren was sitting in her room playing computer when all of a sudden the screen went blank, but it was glowing
Lauren:c'mon, work!
She bangs the computer,But something shot out when she did
Lauren:of all of the Computers, I have the one that hits back!
???:Ohh, yur telling me!
Lauren shot up
Lauren:W-w-hos there???
she looked down to see a small creature with Long ears and one little horn on its head.
???:Hi, Im Terriermon, your partner
Lauren*slowly backs up*okkkk
Terriermon comes closer and hands out a small,vice with a few cards
Lauren shakely(is that a word?:laugh: )
Terriermon:Its a D-power
Lauren:oh, that explaines alot:rolleyes:
Lauren:well, lets go get some food, you eat food, right?
Terriermon:erm, yes
Lauren: good
Terriermon Jumps on Lauren's shoulder and they head outside.
There they see a boy Lauren's age, his DTerriermon is Heading straight for Terriermon!
Terriermon jumps off Laurens shoulder to doge.
Lauren:what do we do?!
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"Stupid computer!
Why won't you work???"

Caitlin yells at the computer, but the black out screen stays black.

"Stupid blackou....huh??!"

The screen turns Purple, and suddenly a winged purple ball bounces out the screen.

[COLOR=skyblue]"YOW!What is this???"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]"Geez...For my partner you sure are jumpy."[/COLOR]


[COLOR=purple]"Yes.Here is your digivice"[/COLOR]


*Fade Out*
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Terriermon:Use those cards I gave you!
Lauren:Erm, ok
???:*Slides card through D-power*Frigimon's Sub-Vero icepunch!
DarkTerriermon comes chargeing at Terriermon, his fist covered in ice,
Lauren*Slashes card throught D-power;Maramon's Fire ball!
Terriermon Puts his hands infront of him and Out comes a huge Fire Ball.It collides with DTerriermon and sends him flying into The boy
Lauren:Who are you!!??
???*gets up*:I am Quatre, you worst nightmare.*runs off with DTerriermon
Terriermon:That was close
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Quatre is running with Dark Terriermon than all of a sudden smoke comes around the road, Lauren & terriermon see the smoke and go running to wards it and see quatre and say i knew you were behind this and then all of a sudden a dark card apears and quatre swipes it threw Dark Digimondfi and than dark light comes out of Quatre's D-power and Dark Terriermon Starts To digivolve ( Dark Terriermon digivolve to .......:flaming: DARK:flaming: GARGOMON.....)
then a blue card apears in front of lauren and he uses it and terriermon starts to digivolve (........Terriermon digivolve to ....:naughty: GARGOMON:naughty: .......)
What will happen next with :flaming: Dark:flaming: Gargomon &
:naughty: Gargomon:naughty:

Take it away ChibiTerriermon (Lauren) & Terriermon
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Both Gargomon and Dark Gargomon connect there hands together for Gargo Pellet.
Lauren:Cool!You got pants now!
Gargomon:You asked for it!
:devil: Gargomon comes charging at :naughty: Gargomon.
Gargomon:Gargoo Pellets!
:devil: Gargomn doges each pellet by doing backflipz
Lauren:uh oh:eek:
:devil: Gargomon:Dark Gargo Pellets(darker and faster)
Gargomon slid into a wall, he came back out as Terriermon.
Terriermon:Im ok*collapses*
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"Dark Gargo Pellets!"

[COLOR=skyblue]"What was that?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]"I think that's a digimon!"[/COLOR]
That's Gargomon,but it looks....evil.
And that's terriermon!That's Gargomon's rookie form!

[COLOR=skyblue]"Should we stop them?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]".......I don't know.
Let's watch.[/COLOR]
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*a kid and a strange shadow are shown walking through the desert*

????:Where are we?

???:Dont ask me i was following you, Shadowmon.

SM:So we're lost?

???:I guess so.

SM:Oh well.

???:I think i know where a town is but we better hurry, ok?


*Shadowmon(is a mega but he is not merged with his tamer and when he does he becomes Dimensionmon)merges with his Tamer to become his fighting mega form, Dimensionmon*

DM:Now we can run faster!
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Lauren Runs over to Terriermon.
Lauren:You ok?
Terriermon*gets up*:Yeah
A new card appers infront of Lauren
Lauren*without looking at it*swipes it
Terriermon:I feel stwange*he has the speech inpedement like Terriermon in the moive)
Terriermon:Terriermon, armour Digivolve tooooo!Jokermon, bringer of Humor!
The other kid and Quarte watch in awe:eek:
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Out of nowhere appeared Grimm Reepe-x arrears, at first it seems like a hologram but hen it all gets clear.

Grimm Reepe-x: Do you need some help with your digimon? I have alot of healing positions. We can type it in my computer and it will be transfered in seconds. SAo how about it do you need my help?
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