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What will be the meaning to get an higher rank?  

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  1. 1. What will be the meaning to get an higher rank?

    • good weapon
    • win much battles (probably)
    • Be nice to others (haha what a joke)

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A long time ago there where 3 races:
The Galligars, the Ferontarc & the Ulimika.

info 'bout the Galligars: the Galligars are beast wit great strenght but low wisdom. there elemetal is earth.
This is the Galligars stat.

Strenght: 78
defense: 46
Wisdom: 12
Weapon skill: 39

info 'bout the Ferontarc: the Ferontarc have got high wisdom and defense. they can choose 1 elemental and there weapopn skill is even lower then the weapon skill of the gilligars.

strenght: 41
defense: 57
wisdom: 84
Weapon skill: 34

info 'bout the Ulimika: they are good with the weapon and average weapon skill and wisdom (50 is average) and good battle power.

strenght: 64
Weapon skil: 56

rank: (you start with 8 and I keep raiting you higher if you are good)
elemental: (fire metal thunder water ice earth or Hell fire :devil: )
Weapon skil: (how good he is with the weapon he has)
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no one will join, due to the fact that it has no plot, no train -of-thought, an no one seems to know where the Hell this came from... Oh, wait... I remember..... You posted this in General Discussion...... Ugh, Flash, Warlock......Please.....Somebody save me.. :rolleyes:
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