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Sign Up star trek rpg ~sign ups~ (my first one)


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star trek rpg

The borg is the biggest treat to all life in the alfa quadrant.But the federation with the use of new technology and technology they were able to steal from the borg have built a starships advanced enough to hopefully stop the borg.

ok what you need to post is

rank:(lower then captain)
bio: optional


description:tall, black hair,blue eyes, but face looks likecids (ff7)
bio: he has been in star fleet since he was 18.now he has just been made captain.
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name: krediene digiborne
age: 13
description: looks like matt from digimon but with dirty blonde hair.
bio: grew up on earth but at the age of 9 his parents were kill so he ran away to japan on a transport when there a few strange things happened before joining starfleet. even thru he is young he was the reason that large amounts of data were given to starfleet due to one of those data packages they invented a new weopon and even met a new races that they neaver knew existed in the same solar system as them the DIGIMON! k there you go.
ps commder is right after the captain in rank just so know
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Guest cloricus
I have no idea if this is where I sign up?

anyway -

name: jake o'neal
age: 22
description: human, male.
rank: weapons officer.
bio: born on earth - joined star fleet age 20 - fast tracked to weapons officer for outstandingness.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by cloricus [/i]
[B]I have no idea if this is where I sign up?

Yes Cloricus, you sign up here.

And if anyone has any questions regarding this section, ask one of the Moderators.

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And on another note, in the Star Trek Universe, Commander is one rank below Captain.

Off the top of my head, it's like this...

Lt. Commander
Junior Lt.
Chief Warrant Officer

There's a whole lot of Admiral ranks as well, but I forget those...
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[b]Name:[/b] Rex
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]description:[/b] quite tall, has red hair, brown eyes, hates carrots.
[b]bio:[/b] has experience in the Star Fleet (been with the Star Fleet since he was 17), and has great accuracy with lasor guns.

Sounds good....
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Name; Abob Ttef

Age; 18

Rank; Ensign

Description; Short with black hair and ears that are not quite pointed, but not quite normal.

Bio; He is half vulcan and half betazed. He was a excellent student in the academy and is quiet and shy. His father and mother were killed by the borg shortly after he was born.
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Sounds fun, you'd be surprised at how mutch of a trekie I am....

Name: Ari Natima
Age: 17
Rank: Cadet
Description: Short black hair, Multi colored eyes, Has a silver mark above her right eye.
Bio: She was one of the top students at the academy, and excels in space mechanics and Physics. Ususaly a loner she can have her moments where she'll be sociable long enough to get a bit of her past through.
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Pretty cool sounding.

name: Ryan Schezar

age: 24

rank: Ensign

description: Human- 6'1", Amber eyes, blonde hair w/brown streaks, large build, mildly muscular

bio: When I was four my parents dumped me in a starfleet "orphan house." They didn't want me in the first place but were forced to keep me for a few years due to a law. When I was old enough I started working. five years later i bought a rundown, twenty-year-old shuttle. I set off on my tour of the universe... and was immediatly looted and ransacked by criminals. A barge picked up my shuttle and gave me a ride to their destination, Earth. There I found starfleet and became a cadet. That was 6 years ago and now i have been assigned to a starship. My major at the academy was experimental weaponry. I can whip up a missile or torpedo out of spare parts and a little antimatter in seconds. I also can figure out the technology of an alien weapon in a snap. With my charming personality I feel i will be an asset to this crew.
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Is it to late to still late to join in? if not heres mine

Name:John Little
Nickname: Biggsy
Bio: was an ensign on the melbourne at wolf 359. partially assimilated(had arm removed) but when the enterprise attacked borg drones that were assimilating him were incapasitated ran to transporter controls and beamed to enterprise. since then has had and artificial arm atached (has built in phasers, tricorder, armor (like voyagers), and minature photon torpedoes).
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