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RPG Diablo III: Last Stand


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Deep in the forests surrounding Scolsglen, there stand the mighty Druid Colleges. Huge, mortar-less stone towers, covered in vines and safely hidden beneath the leafy canopies of the dense forest.

At the Tur Dulra, the greatest of the Druid Colleges, stands the magnificent oak Glor-an-Fhaidha, the moest revered source of the Druid's guidance and teachings. Under it's mighty trunk, many Druid's were training, honing their skills. One knelt before it, head bowed, preying.

After a short time, he got up, and faced the Tur Dulra. He looked up at the great structure, and a smile broke across his face. His long brown hair waved in the wind. He looked all about him, staring at his fellow Druid's, the trees, the sky, the birds and the bugs.

He suddenly paced with great haste over to the Dor-Takar. This was the sacred building of the Druid's, where the blessed twelve dwelled. The sentries at the door allowed him pasage through. He entered into a huge hallway. The twelve were seated in a semi-circular covanent, and another Druid stood before them, dressed exactly as Durumir was.

Councel3: Welcome Durumir.......... please come forward.

Durumir stepped forward slowly, stopping next to the other Druid.

Councel2: Are you both ready?

Durumir: Yes..........

Seifer: Always.....

Councel5: Unfortunately we cannot offer you better arms than clubs and bucklers. We need al of our best arms incase we need to unleash an army. May the good spirits watch over you...... the sacred brothers of the Druid race. Make your way to the Rogue Monastary, where the sister's of the sightless eye can give you better supplies. Now go!

Without another word, the two Druid's turned and headed for the door.
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Guest QuickSilver
seifer: this is it brother we finally get to adventure out

durumir: yeah i guess

seifer: i cant wait until we get to improve on our skills the blaze is getting a bit boring but it is still cool.

they both step out of the door and seifer looks around at the landscape

durumir: lets go
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Ugh..... no-one except the Druid's know where that forest is. Plus, the entire forest is Druid territory, so if you did manage to find it, you would be killed on sight.

Durumir and Seifer headed West from the Dor-Takar, towards the armoury. Durumir knocked the door, and it slowly creacked open, nothing but darkness could be seen inside. Durumir and Seifer entered, inside there was a huge hall, with many shelves littered with weapons, shields, armour and helms.

At one end of the room, a mighty Druid stood over a machine, sharpening an axe. He stopped suddenly, and turned to face the two Druid's.

Hitan: Ah, about time you showed up. I have your things over here.

Hitan led the two Druid's over to another corner of the room, where the weapons became much......... lesser in quality. There were two ruggged clubs and shoddy bucklers resting against the wall. Durumir already knew this was to be their weaponry. Seifer still hoped for something better...... and so was in some denial.

Hitan picked up the bucklers, and one by one strapped them to the forearm of the Druid's. Then he picked up the clubs, and handed them over proudly.

Hitan: There.......... all kitted out. Good luck my friends. Maybe we shall see each other soon when the Druid army marches North.

Durumir:*Smiles* I hope so...... goodbye.

Durumir and Seifer turned and headed towards the door when suddenly:

Hitan: WAIT!

Seifer: What now?

Hitan ran over to the other two Druid's...... acting as if he was hiding something even thought they were the only people in the room.

Hitan:*Whispering* Now don't mention this to anyone........ because I'm notsuppose to be doing this.

From behind his back, Hitan drew two Wolf Helm's. He handed them over to the Druid's.

Durumir: You are a good man Hitan. I'll make sure to bring you the best axe I find.

Seifer: Thank you Hitan........ I hope to see you again soon.

Hitan: Yes well, keep those out of sight until you leave the borders. I'm just sorry I can't do more.

Seifer: Well you've done more for us than most. You should be on the councel Hitan........ they need someone as pure of heart as you.

Hitan: Heh, my place is here.......... I love to be around my weapons....... keeping them in good condition and watching them gleam with pride makes me very happy.

With that, the bode farewell to eachother, and the two Druid's set off, into the forest.
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dustin: well time to leave this dumb old forest and start on my way

[I]on his way out of the forest he notices a strange animalin a near by bush.[/I]

being the uncaring person he was he checks to see what is spying on him

the animal suddenly jumps at him and he stummbles to the ground

the animal started to talk

animal: hi my name is vixi

vixi looked like a runted fox pup with a yellow coat and a white tail tip

dustin: hi my name is dustin but why have you been spying on me?

vixi: well you see i want to come with you but i am to small to make such long jounarys by my self so will you take me with you i don't take much space and weight very little hehe

dustin: all right but don't talk to much and stay out of my way

vixi: cool { gets hyperactive runs in circles} thanks she says panting

dustin: sure now get in and be quiet or i will drop you off at the next city!

vixi: yup

dustin:ok time to get out of this dumb forest

they walk to the end of the forest they camp for the night and prepare for the next day.
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Guest QuickSilver
Seifer and Durumir stepped outside.

Seifer: what are these wolf heads which he gave us.

Durumir: i aint to sure but somepeople say that the give the wearer special druid skills.

Seifer: wow cool, let me try mine.

Durumir handed the wolf helm to Seifer who looked around to see if anyone was coming then he slowly put the wolf helm onto his head.

Seifer: whats surposed to happen.

with that Seifer could feel great power flowing withing him. this power was so great it knocked Seifer on to all fours

Seifer: what is happening to me

hair started to grow all over seifers body his muscles started to buldge and his claws gripped the ground harxd.

Durumir: dont worry its like that the first time you are turning into a wolf.

the transformation was now complete. Seifer stood onto two feet and looked at himself. the a loud screeching noise could be heard from over a nearby hill. the noise was getting louder and louder then a bird could be seen circling around them in the sky.

Durumir: and thats the second skill.........Raven. he will acomponie you for are certain amount of time.

then raven the landed on Seifer shoulder as Seifer turned back to his original form.

Seifer: now you try yours
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Yeah Flash, it's still going........ truth is, I was waiting for someone like you or 'Locky to post.

Durumir slowly put the Holf helm securely on his head. He secured it so that it looked half decent. Suddenly, a large crowing sound was heard.

Durumir: Looks like mine had Raven also........

A Raven suddenly appeared beneath the canopy, and rested on Durumir's shoulder, echoing another crowing niose.

Durumir: I think that i....... GAH! My hands are burning!!!

Durumir extended his arms, and two small fire balls shot out of his hands and shorched along the ground.

Seifer: That's firestorm.......... your hands'll be okay after a while.
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the street fell into scilence and all eyes turned to the dead man in the gutter and the 17 winter girl standing over him...the girl kneeled and wiped her wrist blade on the corpse...sheathing it she stood and looked around...she cursed with the fluency that came from long years working as a mercenary assasin...she haden't wanted witnesses but the man had forced her to come into the open...again she cursed her stupidity she knew better than to be impatient...quickly she truned her face to the ground and sprinted across the street and into an ally...she vaulted over the wall and into a flower garden heading for her home of the week...

siren: (muttering) well this spoils all...i'll have to move again...

she lept over a fence,felt the cold tingle of magic and froze...this wasen't where she was supposed to be...it appered to be a temple of some kind...but...that was impossible!! the nearest temple was miles away from her position she coulden't have travled that far...unless...magic...she tensed...she hated magic...it killed her twin and her mother...suddenly voices sounded and footsteps aproched...franticly she looked around the barren stone room...no where to hide...she'd have to fight her way out
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[I]Prince smashed his Staff into the skull of the Skeleton, smashing it in two, and rendering the undead warrior useless, falling to the ground in a heap of dry bones... Prince smirks, and can feel his own power rising... He grasps his Staff tightly, and points the end of it, a red jewel embedded in it's center, at the pile of dead bones ahead of him... The jewel glows, and Prince speaks the words, [/I]'Rise, Warrior of the Dead...'[I] The Skeleton's carcass explodes violently, leaving a trail of bone marrow and the like in the vicinity of the area... But from the corpse's place rises a Skeleton Warrior, under Prince's control... Although he is armed only with a short sword, it's a start... [/I]

Prince: *sigh*, better than nothing, I guess.

Skeleton: ....

Prince: Come now, let us move onward... I believe I have to be somewhere...

[I]Prince and his Skeletal Warrior walk onwards, over the small hill, and out of the graveyard... Prince turns around, and takes one last look at the Mausoleum, before heading out into the wilderness... A faint noise of thunder can be heard, and the dark clouds in the sky begin to rain...[/I]
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A figure is shown standing near a tree trunk eating an apple.

Flip: Well ive got my small bow already, arrows on my back! Lets go!

*Flip sets out on a journey.......

ooc: Ummm guys? I feel really dumb right now, but what is my journey? I have no clue what to post right now and I really wanna post, someone gimme a head start or just tell me somthing.

*runs away screaming in high tones.
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[i]Marth the mighty Paladin drew his sword, and waved it in the air, tracing the oxygen around him with holy energies[/i]

Marth:If you still want to fight, deamon...

Deamon:I do...Paladin. I will kill you, and eatssss you brainsssss...*licks it's lips*

Marth:Then have at thee, heretical abomination!

[i]The deamon lept at Marth, and Marth brought up his buckler, and the deamon wrapped itself around it. Swinging his sword to hold it in a dagger posistion, Marth swung it downwards, smashing through the deamon's skull. Flesh parted and blood flowed, and the deamon's eyes rolled back into it's skull, and blood gushed from it's nose and mouth. It's grip on Marth's shield slackened, and Marth flung it into a rock out-cropping, smashing it's frail yet deadly body.[/i]

Marth:*sheaths sword*To easy...

[i]Suddenly, all around Marth, a frantic gibiring got lowder, and lowder, until masses of Fallen covereged on him, lead by a gross miscunduct of nature.[/i]

Marth:A challenge...
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Prince: I call upon a Skeletal Mage!

[I]The corpse of a nearby Zombie rips open and explodes, sending a splatter of blood and guts in a 3 metre radius of the decaying body... A lone Skeletal mage rises from the gore, an aura of fire covering both his hands... The mage joins with another 2 Skeletons that Prince has called, now forming a small army of 3 undead warriors to do his bidding... He stands atop a high hill, and sees something in the distance...[/I]

Prince: That must be Kurast... Excellent. Come, my warriors..

Skeletal Warrior: ....

Skeletal Mage: ....

Skeletal Warrior 2: ....

Prince: That's right.. You can't talk... Heh...

[I]Prince leads the way down the hill, and his loyal ressurected soldiers follow..[/I]
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looking around franticly siren tried to fins somthing to defend her self with... seeing a stone carving on the alter she ran for it hoping it'd be more affective than her swichblade but as soon as she touched it she felt the same tugging sensation and was hurled back into kurast...landing painfully on the ground she rolled and looked around she was on the outskirts of the city so she stood and headed away from it...

siren: *muttering* i don't need to be told twice... i'm leavin...
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Guest QuickSilver
durumir: we better take off the wolf helms before someone sees us or we will be in big trouble

seifer: yeah you are right.

the two druids took off thier helms slowly and the both hid them so noone could possible find them.

durumir: the burning..................its gone

seifer: hey wheres the birds going

the two ravens flew up towards the sun and then vanished into thin air

seifer: i was starting to like him, its not fair.

durumir: *tapping seifer on back* there there now they will be back when we put the helms back on

seifer: yeah probably.

durumir: come on lets get going, we have a lot of travelling ahead
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  • 2 weeks later...
dustin: finally i am almost out of this forest then we shall head to the port city nearby and there i have no clue where we will go but i have heard the place reeks with quests and lost treasures i am sure we cna find something
vixi: cool
dustin: well i got a question for you you little runt for a fox
vixi: ummmmm ok
dustin: can you fight at all?
vixi: sure can i may look small but i can stand my own
dustin: hmmm good thing to cuz i meele as good as a chipmunk
vixi: snickers at the coment
dustin: whats that for?
vixi: nothing
dustin well it is a a 2 day walk to the city sighs
vixi: k and?
dustin well i was hopeing to find a carvan arcoss the desert
we will need food water and some kind of tradeing good
vixi: nothing smpler lol i go get the food and water you look for the vabulaes lol
dustin: sigh ok good huntin
{the 2 of them spilt up to to there tasks}
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Lauren:Raise skeleton!
[I]Lauren raised her stff and thrust it down infront of a pearly white skeleton.The bones started to shake and rattle,and slowly they started to form a soldier.[/I]
[I]She reached out to wipe off some dust from her tall skeleton warrior,as soon as she touched it, the bones fell apart and landed loudly on the floor[/I]
Lauren:[I]sigh[/I] Well,i guess I should practice some more,and that wont be hard,[I]looks around in her Kurast[/I] theres plenty of Skeletons here...
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[i]Prince arrives at the massive gates of Kurast... The area around it is dead, skeletons and corpses of the fallen strewn across the battlefield. Prince looked around, unaffected by the amount of mutilated bodies and pools of blood which would have usually made any other man sick to his stomach... But Prince doesn't even seem to notice. Death is is heracy. He walks to the massive wooden and steel gates, and strikes it thrice with his staff, and waits for an answer...[/i]
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After a lot of walking, the two druids finally reach the edge of the forest. They come out into a rich field of grass, that lead for 5 leagues or more over to a small mountain range.

Seifer: Maybe we'd better camp here tonight.

Durumir: Yeah, that'd probably be for the best.

Seifer went off to collect kindle for the fire, and Durumir started toset up camp. The druid's weren't people to rely on tents or anything like that... their beds would be grass and soft straw.
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siren rode away from the city to the forest... her buckskin horse called mage sensed her urgency and danced nervosly...she should have sensed trouble the minate it surfaced but she was so caught up in her thoughts she diden't notice... a flickering flame attracted her attention...

siren: *thinking* that's odd...most people are in the city this time of year...i won-

suddenly mage reared flailing at the undead riseing from the ground...siren swore and kicked him into a full out gallop... in these odds she would be killed no contest... although she knew it was a bad idea she drove mage into the forest towards the fire dancing between the trees... frightened, mage plunged through the folige the trees branches cuting wicked slashes in the scared animals hide... siren rode low over mages neck leaning with him and doging overhanging branches... suddenly he tripped sending siren crashing into a old oak... she cried out then her eyes rolled up into her head as she moaned and slid to the forest floor...the last things she saw was mage scramble up and bolt then mounds of earth rising from the ground...then the blackness took her.
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