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RPG Gundam Fighting Tournament (sign up)


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Kind of like in G-Gundam where they had those tournaments. You must create an original character and gundam/mobile suit.
we need lots of people for this so please sign up:D
Name of Pilot:
Name of Mobile Suit:
weapons(max 4):

Name of Pilot: Damien
Name of Mobile Suit: Rokoniki
weapons:Sheild,Beam Sabre,Beam Cannon
Bio:Will unravel in story
Apearance: will attach file later
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I guess I'll join lol

Name: Ril
Gundam: Aeglos
Weapons: Double Beam Sabre (Like wufei's just one laser not three) Twin Mounted Shoulder Machine Guns, and Left Shoulder Rocket Pack (Trowa) Erm if the twin mounted machine guns count as two take out my left shoulder rocket pack!!
Bio: Later
Appearance: later
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Name of Pilot: 00k
Name of Mobile Suit: DeathArms custom
weapons(max 4): 2 Dobble gatlin guns, 1 dobble scythe, Chest opens and packed with a secret wepon
Bio: Just like hero youi His Gundam has a system like wing0 & Epeon, Keep an eye on your power generaters or they will be destroid.
Apearance:Looks like a mix of duo & Quatre
Try to talk first and wount kill unless he has to!!!!!!

Attack stratagy: Talk, Defend, attack, kill if has to or makes mobile suit brake down.

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Name if Pilot: Thrasher Slarer
Name of Gundam: The Shadow
Laser Sowrd
Laser Gun
Machine High powered gun
Bio: His gundam is all black, it is high powered and it is very cool. The sowrd is on the back. The two lasers and one gun are on his belt. The sheild is in one hand.
Apperance: He is short, blonde hair, black pants, and a normal orange sirt.

I have submitted mine.
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name of pilot: Grimm Reppe-x
Name of gundam: Death star
weapon: Laser screech, speed attack, Saber chip, and Switch attack
Bio: Alone and likes it like that, GOT A PROBLEM WIT IT
Appearance: Does it really matter........I will destroy you before you even have a chance to look.
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