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Okay, this is the first RPG I've ever made, so bear with me on this one.

There have been many "natural" disasters happening lately that have devestated the world. There was a major rock slide in Blackthorn that took out almost the whole town, a forest fire that got out of control and burned down half of both Azalea Town and Goldenrod City, the Magnet Train derailed in Saffron City, and so on. But there are a group of teens that know that these happenings weren't natural. They know because they saw who caused these events. It was one of the most powerful Pokémon in the world, Mewtwo. Now this group must put a stop to Mewtwo's actions once and for all.

Okay, here's the sitch. Each one of us specializes in a particular element, so specify when you sign up what you're taking so there won't be any confusion. Here's how to sign up.

Pokémon that travels with you:

Name: Tani
Age: 16
Hometown: Mahagony(sp?) Town
Element: Ice
PTTWY: Articuno
Bio: After her parents were killed when the Onix ramapaged through Mahagony Town and destroyed almost everything, Tani became an orphan and left to wander around Johto looking for whatever killed her parents. She evetually came through the Ice Path where she befriended an Articuno and it became her Pokémon. She saw that Mewtwo was the one that caused the Onix to rampage because she was coming back from Magikarp fishing at Lake of Rage and saw a figure floating in mid-air with glowing eyes and at once recognized it as Mewtwo. She's been searching for him ever since.
Appearance: Tall, with white hair and light blue eyes. Always wears a black jacket, a white shirt, blue jeans.
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Name: Ron
Age: 15
Hometown: Lavender town
Element: Fire
Pokémon that travels with you: Cyndaquil
Bio: When saw the news about the destrution he ran with his bike with his food,clothes,and money he hug his mother good bye to new bark town.When he got there he got his new pokemon cyndaquil. he got pokeballs equipt with him.he was kind to every pokemon.Because his father was Mr.fuji.Now when he got to Goldenrod he go to the derailed train.there an explosion came up. and he saw mewtwo. he saw it through the fire and ran to the police.When they got there it was gone.So his destiny was to fight mewtwo and stop his rampage.
Appearance: Red backpack and jacket,black shirt,Denim pants, and blue hat.
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Name: Zee
Age: 14
Hometown: Olivine City
Pokemon: Lugia
Bio: He was 12 when his parents got killed in a "accident" but he knew it was Mewtwo because who else could be controling a rampaging Snorlax through Olivine City. And he also saw Mewtwo on Snorlaxes shoulder. Nobody else saw Mewtwo for some reason. His parents told him to run so he did. He got on a boat and sailed far away to the sea thats when he noticed Lugia in the ocean. After he got 10 feet or so Lugia started to run away but he pleaded it to stay. For some reason Lugia seemed attached to Zee and obeyed him . He told Lugia the story and Lugia agreed to help him. But soon became his Pokemon. They are both determined to have revenge on Mewtwo.
Apperence: Addidas Red hat, Bilabong shirt, Baggy Shorts, Nike shocks shoes

Element: Water
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Name: Seto
Age: 15
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Element: Psychic
Pokémon that travels with you: Mew
Bio: He was on his way to Cinnabar when he heard the news. He rushed home to see that it was destro
yed. he got all his things and went to leave but stopped when he heard something. He looked and met Mew. they became best friends and both hate Mewtwo.
Appearance: Looks like Gohan from the Cell Saga without the cape and he is taller. He has some Denim Cargo Pants, and his backpack with his Pokegear and everything.
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dustin lightborne
hometown: cherrygrove city
element: light
pttwy: pichu
bio: he met pichu when he was a little boy and raised it it even beat the best trainer in town but when he heard that azule town was nearly destoryed he got on his bike and hurryed to find in just in time to see a weird pokemon takeing off in to the sky.he swears that he would find the pokemon who did that and kill it
apperance: looks like squall from ff8 but with a backpack with a poke ball on it.
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Yes, we can start now, even though you didn't specify your element like I asked. Since your Pokémon is Lugia, and Psychic has already been taken, you'll have to specialize in the Flying type. Go look for the play thread.
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