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RPG Super Anti-Terrorists


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I bet all of you know what Anti-Terrorists are. Well in this RPG they are a little bit advanced. But they still do the basic job of keeping terrorists locked up.

Heres the information you need to give me if you sign-up.

Weapons: ( 3 is the limit )
Vehicle: ( Everybody needs something to get around with :) )
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name: dustin darkborne
weapon: sniper rifle and surkins
vehicle: small starfigher [starswars e-wing]
apperance: black clothes and a long black cape
bio: hates terriorists personally wants to take out some ringleaders for fun.

can you say crazy?:laugh::laugh: :D
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Heres mine

Name: Zee
Weapon: Uzi and 2 Desert Eagles
Vehicle: McLaren F1
Apperance: Black shirt, Black Baggy Pants, And black Hat
Bio: His parents got killed in a plane crash. But it wasnt a accident . He is determined to have revenge on whoever did this.
Age: 21
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weapon:uzi,laser sword,pistol with silencer
vehicle:yakuza (motorcycle)
bio: father murder and mother kidnapped and now wants to get mother back and get revenge on whoever murder his father
appearance:black boots,baggy black pants, gray shirt,black hat
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Name: Lance Carter
Weapons: Desert Eagle, G.U.S.(see attatchment), Styer AUG.
Vehicle: Ferrari 360M Spider
Age: 23
Bio: Has been collecting weapons since age of 9, Joined the force when 16, One of the force's best agents.
Appearance: (See attatchment) Has a leather jacket, but doesn't wear much
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Name: Thrasher
Weapons: Machine Gun, Laser, Pistol
Age: 20
Bio: He has loved the army since he was a kid. His favorite sport is Footbal. And he loves his guns.
Apperance: An Army Vest and pants. Sun glasses, And yellow hair.
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if im not to late this is my bio

Name: 00k
Weapons: Sord, Nunchucks, Pistol
Vehicle: Quiet motor bike
Age: 19
Apperance: Ninga clothes
Bio: japanies, trained in japanies marchial arts

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name:tom red
wepons:rechet a high tech gun with four barrellles
vechical: porsha
age: 21
apperance: a button up shrit that is unbuttend
bio: parents were killed when he was five meet zee at the age of 11 and been freinds eer since then
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hey i would like to join you but my business is mine just know my name cause it is the one you'll be begging to let you live if you ever cross me!!!!!!!! Grimm Reppe-x is what the call me. My real name is Xavierianne and that ois all you'll know. Take it or leave it believe me you could use someone like me to help defend the mother ship. I am the best friend but the worst enemy.:devil: :flaming: :mad: :devil:
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[SIZE=1][color=firebrick]I guess I'll join this schpiel... :D

[b]Name:[/b] Piro
[b]Weapons:[/b] Desert Eagle, M-16, large combat knife
[b]Vehicle:[/b] Four Wheeler Dirt Bike, speeds can be reached as high as 175mph and armored like a hum-vee
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Apperance:[/b] Tall, about 6' 2" 164lbs. Dresses in dark faded camouflage fatigues. Wears a long military trench coat where his M-16 is held inside, his desert eagle at his side in a holster, and the combat knife tucked into his boot...
[b]Bio:[/b] Piro never really wanted to join any type of government agency, his parents forced him into it at age 17. He was first sent off to a military boot camp. He didn't actually do anything until age 18. Not long before his 20th birthday he got out of boot camp. In those 2-3 years his view changed on what he wanted to do. Struggles had risen between his country and terrorists and he wanted to help in any way possible. He joined the Anti-Terrorism forces where he was then trained in that field. After his first year there he was moved into the Super Anti-Terrorist branch. For the next year he went through rigorous training in there and was finally released into the field. He has been active in the forces for about a year now, at age 23.

And to think I came up with that on the spot :p Lol...[/SIZE][/color]
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If Tom joined, I might as well...

[color=crimson][size=1][b]Name: Axel Nessron
Wep: Long Sword, Giant pods of missles inside trenchcoat, PSG1-Snipe with enhanced scope
Vehicle: Rocket Rampager -A veihicle from my comic, can fly but not very high. Even though it has tank treads, it can move very fast.
Age: 19
App: Has a red shirt with baggy black jeans. A long black trenchcoat cloaks every bit of it. His silver, spikey hair is covered by a decent-sized cowboy hat. He has a long chain that comes down to the bottom rim of his shirt. The charm is an X-like design. He has a giant missile launcher that latches onto his back. He has pods resting on top of his sholders, under his arms at either side, and going down the outside edge of his legs. He says it's hard to move, but he doesn't mind. In the missle launcher there is a place for his long sword and sniper rifle. and the trenchcoat conceals every bit of it. He has been dubbed "Shadow," but he refuses to be called by it. He also likes to mix it up with is enemies, sometimes, during the winter he'll wear a white and blue sweat jacket and his black jeans. He would get more clothes, but he has to refill his missiles constantly and the good ones get expensive.

Bio: To most, he is one of the most dangerous and leathal killers there is. They say that if you can see the shine of his green colored eyes, it's too late. He doesn't carry a small gun that is easy to carry around, instead he relies on his launcher of over 200 missiles and his long, titanium sword. If you see him using his sword, he's probably out of missiles, but don't count on it, he likes to save a few for the kill. His sniper rifle is for long range combat and if his enemy has'nt spotted him. He knows Tom and Zee personally, as they used to be neighbors, until he got thrown out of his house for murdering dogs for fun when he was eight. He was raised on the streets, he knows them by heart. The only people that he would get in a good conversation with are Zee and Tom. Otherwise, he can be a smart-mouthed jerk. He also likes to hit on the ladies, he tends to like bad ones more than good ones, but everytime he gets into a serious relationship, he would have to kill the woman because she knows too much. Don't worry, he trusts everyone in this group. He likes to refer to everything as [u]his[/u] and he does not like to share. He is also known as a bounty hunter, he doesn't care who he kills, as long as he gets paid good money for it. As a bounty hunter, he has never failed to get his man.[/size][/b][/color]

Wow, I did a complete overhaul of my usual character!
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OK!!!...This is cool..... will start first and more people can join if you like...

Zee was joy-riding in his McLaren when he got a call from the base..

Base: Zee Bin Laden is on the hit again I will call the others but report to the coast he is traveling by the sea.

Zee: Got it!


Zee: What are you talking-*Spots a hot lady* -hey baby-anyways I do not fool around.

Base: Ill tell the others to keep and eye out for you just in case

Zee: I do not need a babysiter

Base: You better get going you only have 2hr to get there

Zee: Ok..Ok..Im on it

He speeds towards the coast at least 160 MPH.
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[SIZE=1][color=firebrick][i]Piro was in a ground vehicle storage building fixing up his four wheeler from his meek last house raid. He was just putting on the finishing touches when a command came over his radio.[/i]

---- : This is for all of you SATs (Super Anti-Terrorists). Recent info has come in and bin Laden has been located traveling over seas. We're not exactly sure of his destination. But get to the coast a.s.a.p. and there will be a military escort awaiting you. You have until 21:30 before it departs. If you're not there, then you've missed it. Over and out.

[i]Piro quickly put his tools away and threw on his trench coat and took out his M-16 from the inside and clipped it on to his vehicle. He pulled out a set of keys and used them to mechanically open the garage door. Other SATs around him were still bustling around trying get there things together. He started the engine of his four wheeler and darted out the storage unit and on to a beaten dirt path that leads directly to the coast..[/i][/size][/color]
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*Lance was taking his Ferrari for a run, when he got the call and spots Zee doing stunts in his McLaren thinking he was the only one around*
Lance: Hmmm is that Zee? Yeah, it is Zee! Hmmmmm.....*goes into mischef thought for a while* Uh huh yeah that's it! * He speeds up in his Ferrari doing 200 and speeds past Zee spining him in circles*
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[SIZE=1][color=firebrick][i]Along a dirt path a gaitn dust cloud tacked behind Piro as he continued his trip to the coast. By now he could see the watch towers in the horizon. At seeing this he put his four wheeler at full speed kicking up chunks of the dirt path behind him. It was a matter of about five minutes until he came into the final stretch to the Naval base and in such he dropped his speed enough so he would loose control in switching terrains. Going from a dirt path to smooth concrete just doesn't work.

Piro entered the base reaching the pre-opened gate. Looks liek they were expecting him. He rolled through only going about 5mph around the base now. A commander walks out of a building and calls Piro over[/i]

Commander: You are that SAT Piro correct?

Piro: Yes, sir.

Commander: You cruiser in down to the far right at the end of the docks. It leaves in 15 minutes. Now go.

Piro: Yes, sir.

[i]The two salute, and Piro takes off down to the end of the docks and rides his four wheeler up the ramp on to his cruiser. It was the biggest ship there by far, but they wren't planning on making a big enterance. Piro received instructions on where to store his vehicle and he did so. As he came out a handful of his fellow SATs were arriving onto the ship. It was now 5 minutes until their departure.[/i][/color][/size]
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[size=1][b][color=crimson]Axel was hitting it at the bar with prostitutes that he had picked up 5 min. ago. Then, of the worst times, his cell phone just had to ring...

Axel: Wadd'ya want, Zee?!
Zee: OBL is on the run, going by boat, I want you to be on the reciving end of his boat....

Axel: Ok, meet you there!

Axel: Bye ladies!
Hookers: Bye Ax!

He then relized that everyone in the bar had heard his real name, he calmly walked calmly out of the bar and fired a couple of missiles at it and then slaughtered the hookers and took his $600 back from their pockets. He decided to invest in a house. He walked to the port of his city and waited... for [u]him[/u] to come...[/size][/b][/color]
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[SIZE=1][color=firebrick][i]On the cruiser, Piro went back into the vehicle deposit and opened up a back hatch on his four wheeler. He pulled out a canvas bag full of his clothes and other personal belongings. He closed the back hatch and proceeded out the vehicle deposit and down to the lower decks where he would set up his bunk. While doing so the captain's voice came over the ship-wide intercom announcing that that ship was now setting sail. A few moments later the engines could be heard as a low hum and the ship began to gently sway as it got started in it's movement. Piro continued his way do the halls being sure to maintain his balance. He pulled a tag out of his pocket which was given to him when he boarded the ship. It had his basic information among other info...[/i]


[b]Name/Alias:[/b] [u]Piro[/u]
[b]Rank/Status:[/b] [u]SAT[/u]
[b]Age:[/b] [u]23[/u]
[b]Height:[/b] [u]6' 2"[/u]
[b]Weight[/b] [u]164 lbs[/u]
[b]Sex:[/b] [u]M[/u]
[b]Race:[/b] [u]Caucasian[/u]
[b]Weapons:[/b] [u]M-16, Desert Eagle, large combat knife[/u]

[b]Ship/Cruiser:[/b] [u]Sentinel[/u]
[b]Type:[/b] [u]B[/u]
[b]Your Room #:[/b] [u]#119[/u]
[b]Vehicle Deposit ID:[/b] [u]Storage 1d[/u]
[b]Vehicle Tag #[/b] [u]#33[/u]

[i]Piro looked at his room number then looked at the doors around him and as luck would have it, it was right there. He tiwsted the handle to see if it was open, but his bunk mate hadn't come in yet. He used the key attached to the ID tag and opened the door. He threw his bag under the bunk bed and then climbed to the top bunk. He layed down to get some rest...[/i][/color][/size]
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[color=crimson][b][size=1]Axel checked his watch and shook his head.

Axel: The boat won't be here for about three more hours! I guess I should buy something with this money...

He goes to the local weapon shop and asked for a revolver, his favorite handgun, but they were all out and they weren't getting anymore for a while. but he did have some other guns, he traded his PSG1 for an enhanced magmum.

Axel: Hey, this is pretty good! Here's yer $600 fer the gun and the box of ammo.

Smithy: Here, take two. I know who you are.

Axel: *laughs under his breath* Yeah, I pretty well known in these parts.

An hour has passed since the weapon was bought, he went back outside for a cig.

Axel: Heh, finally, a good smith. I don't know why I've never been there before...[/color][/b][/size]
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[color=darkblue][size=1][b]Tom pulls out a deck of cards and they start playing...

Axel: I have a straight.

Tom: I have TEN OF A KIND!!!

Axel: Uhhh, this poker, I dunno how you got ten aces but the highest you can get is four, unless were playing wilds, but we're not.

Tom: So?

Axel: Let me see, hey, you didn't toss any cards to get new ones, and did you fix these decks?

Tom: Yep!

Axel: **** you! *Flips the finger*

Tom: Look, I can hold up all ten!

Axel tosses his hand and walks away...[/color][/b][/size]
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tom: yeah i love this
tom thowrs his gun up in the air and it spins for a little while then he cathces it
smithy: you think someone who's being hunted would be trying to get out of here faster
tom and ax: hahahahah
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