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RPG DragonBall: Saiyan Games [Play]


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Note: If you signed up for this in EITHER one of the Sign-Up threads, you may choose to join in or not. Here are the people that signed up..

Me (of course)
Rico (That's a first.....o.o)
DBZMAN! FELLOW CRAZY-PERSON! YAY! [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/avatar.php?userid=96&dateline=1016659286[/img]
Craig/SS Trunks
Cactuar..(I'm still reciving therapy thanks to you...)

*cough* That's it.. If you don't see your name here, please don't post or PM/AIM/Contact me in any way asking to join up.
-- -- -- -- --
[i]Blank stood at attention, as the long list of names for competitors were rattled off..

Xain (*)
Zio (*)
Paranus (*)

Those were the qualifing competitors..[/i]

Elite Saiyan Paranus (He's the one that set up the tourny): If you did NOT hear your name listen, then please vacate the area, and let our fighters have thier peace, as they view the match-ups!

[i]Blank flew slowly to the waiting area, ahead of everyone else. His tail swished back and forth, as he looked for his name.[/i]

Blank: "Hmmmm.....

1. Li vs. Athen...
2. Siren vs. Andrew...
3. Zio vs. myself..
4. Sugara vs. Warlock...
5. Zarith vs. Bishop
6. Craig vs. Suzuku
and fight Number 7. Chole vs. Xain...

First round........ Sounds easy enough..."

[i]And then, Blank turned off to start walking to the Dinning Area, reserved for fighters and the Saiyan Elites who paid for a Box Seat atop the arena, as the other fighters scrambled to find their names.[/i]
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Remember, this is going to have some plot twists in which you'll need to stick around for even if you're defeated..

And as always, good luck..
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[I]Warlock reached the waiting area along with most of the other competitors, and began to search the board for his name...[/I]

Warlock: Hmmmm... Interesting. Sugara, I wonder who he is... He better be a hearty warrior.

[I]Warlock glanced around, looking for who could be Sugara, when a small boy, about 9, with red streaks through his black hair... The little boy looked up at the board, obviously searching for his name...[/I]

Warlock: "Oh, I'll have a good laugh at whoever that boy is picked with."

Boy: "Oooohh... I'm with someguy named 'Warlock'!"

Warlock: ...*faint*...
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Andrew walked from the waiting area just behind Warlock and the small boy. He peered forward and saw his name next to Siren.

Andrew: *thinking* hmmm..........Siren, Don't I know her from somewhere? Either way it should be a good match.

Andrew quickly turned and headed to the dinning area. He sat at a table and began stuffing his face. He commanded the women saiyans there to bring him some more food.
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As the training sphere closes, one last glimmering ray of light from the inevitably defeated day shines upon the sweltering stadium. There kneels an ominous figure. Down on his right knee, the blustering wind blows his hair and clothing back. His massive black trench coat is raised parallel to the ground, denied it?s escape into the currents of the wind only by his amazingly broad shoulders. Underneath the cloak are black leather boots met mid-calf by black leather pants, and a shirtless torso riveted with rock-solid muscles harder than concrete. His jet-black and red locks, long enough to touch the crest of his breastplate, flow majestically in the wind and reveal the warm glow of his pale face.

Due to the cold, his white, almost translucent skin seems to hide the key to his unspeakable secrets ? a young face, untouched by years of unknown terrors of the past that haunted many of the older warriors. But for all this, he kneels in silence, concentrating his energy, his blood red lips pursed tightly together in the face of unforgiving Nature. Though young, the boy had become one with any enviroment--his true mother and his eyes give away a fire deep within that cannot be cleansed from his body. A fire that rages stronger than ever before. A fire that roars without hatred, vengeance and anger, but with benevolent grace. A fire that can never be quenched, for he is that fire, and his will is indomitable?

The small figure regains his feet, showing an unexpected, imposing stature. Standing like a burlesque, miniature, monolith amongst the gale force winds, he is unfettered, unmoving, unaffected. He stands tall in the face of Nature? and wins. With his head tilted towards the ground, his jacket and hair blowing about violently in the wind, he is a cold, calculating monstrosity stoic in the face of Nature?s petty attempts to topple him over. A shrouded smirk crosses his face, bearing icy-white teeth and crimson gums? and that smirk portrays not vengeance, retribution, anger and deceit, all rolled up into one big, nasty, violent, terrifying ball, but pure joviality. That joviality is wrapped, saturated and laced with pristine innocence, the ever so sweet desire for the fight.

"This tundra training sphere is stupid, " Sugara says, his lips twisting up in a disappointing grin.

Shrugging he adds, "It isn't even [I]that[/I] cold. I wonder if that funny looking Warthog guy is awake yet....He looks pretty tough; I wanna kick his butt. First I need to put on my Gi though."

Sugara's muscles relax as he powers down, once again giving him the appearance of a scrawny young boy. Climbing out of the training sphere, was a boy that would prove to Warlock that big surprises come in small packages.
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Neil, you only have 7 rounds... That will be quite difficult to do, as you should always have a number divisable by four during a tournament, otherwise people get bys, and that's unfair...

[I]Bishop walks into the arena grounds, holding a large golden staff, and with a large white tunic covering his armour underneath... He looks around, many other fighters around him... He wonders how many are entering the Tourney.. He notices a large chart, with his name on it... He smiles, and walks towards the waiting area...[/I]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SuperSayian [/i]
[B]Bys? What the Hell is a by? In any case, I didn't want some certain members in this RPG... This ISN'T as popular as DB:BF, ya know? :p [/B][/QUOTE]

*sigh*, Observe..


As we can see, doing it this way leaves multiple errors, which can only be fixed by giving alot of people 'bys' to move up to the next round. Not very effective, or fair on the other competition.


By simply adding two more contestants, and one more fight, you delete the problem altogether. See? ;)
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OOC: hmm. .who's Li? jus' asking. .

What about putting in a battle royal? That would be cool:whoops:


[i]Athen walked to the chart, eyes darting towards his name[/i]

Athen: First match, this will be good *turns and walks to the fighters area*
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