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RPG Anyone who signed up for my Anime Worlds RPG read this!!!!!


What should I do to the guy who torched my house?  

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  1. 1. What should I do to the guy who torched my house?

    • Sic the cops on him
    • Sic my Lawyer on him
    • Beat him with a Golf club
    • Nothing at I Think you deserved to havve your house torched UMX

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Sorry about the long delay, but long story short, my house was torched, by someone who wants me dead, my fire insurance "resurves the right to not pay arson damage" And my dad's computer (The one I'm using now) Is a piece of crap. As soon as I get a new computer I will re-start Anime Worlds, Please send me A PM If you signed up and you read this. Thank you
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