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Writing My Grandpa Poem


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Im not a real pro at poetry. I don't really like it a whole lot, but I wanted to share this with you guys.....


Austin Warner Sr. was your name.
You are as original as they come,
always laughing and having fun.
You are the reason I am who I am.

You nicknamed me Woody
on the day I was born.
Even though Grandma thought
that I might end up being called Stump.

You always took the time
to play with all your grandkids.
Stories, games, and candy,
was always on your list.

You are a hero of the family,
along with the rest of the world.
You risked your life for freedom
and we will always love and respect you for that.

I know you saw some horrible things,
in the war to end all wars.
Yet you always hid your feelings,
under that jolly old man facade.

73 years you lived on this Earth,
which wasn?t nearly enough.
Your memory lives on inside of me,
as well as in the pictures I keep.

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