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RPG FF6 triv! ^_^


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Hopefully I posted this msg on the right forum, if not I'm sorry!
I'm not sure trivia will work good here but i guess trying never hurts anyone, please cooperate thanks.

1. what are the names of the 2 demons rampaging the earth and skies of the "new world" (after kefka destroyed the old one)?

2. What's the name of the relic that gives a character the ability to use magic twice in one turn?

3. what's the name of the strongest sword in the game? how do you get it?

4. what is the name of the Esper that can teach ice fire and lightning?

5. what weapons can Locke weild?

6. What's the name of the RIGHT statue? is it goddess death or ragnarok?

thats all for now, hope you enjoy :) hope it works..
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1. Phunbaba and Doomgaze

2. Gem Box

3. The Illumina as a power of 255, but if u're an imp so does the Imp Halberd, and Atma Weapon can have 255 depending on your HP. But anywayyou probably mean the Illumina, that you get by betting the ragnarok sword you get if u have the weapon shop guy in Narshe make u a sword instead of an esper. Atma Weapon can be just as, if not stronger, depending on your HP tho.

4. Bismark teaches u all of those, Maduin has lv2 magic and Triotch has lv3

5. dirks and swords (like atma weapon), and the imp halberd

6. The 3 statues are Goddess, Poltergeist, and Doom.....not sure which was on the right tho.....off the top of my head....Doom?

Btw wouldn't this be better in the Final Fantasy section? this one's more for roleplayng I thought.
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