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RPG Digimon,The New Tamers


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Lauren stared at the newly digivolved Jokermon with amazement
Jokermon:Laughing Bomb!
5 bombs with:laugh: on them charged at :devil: Gargomon, and before he new it, they exploded in his face, making him fall down in laughter
Lauren:Thats your attack!??
Jokermon:Ive just started,JokerBlast!
Jokermon held his hands up high and a huge flower like gun appered,He aimed at the laughing :devil: Gargomon,
Quarte:Get up!
Jokermon pulled down the trigger, And some more bombs came out, but they werent:laugh: ,they were:flaming:.
They hit DGargomon with a huge boom.
After the smoke cleared, Dark Terriermon lay down in the rubble...
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Another dark card apears in front of Quatre he swipes it :devil: Gargomon :flaming: digivolve to :devil: Rapidmon

Cool Quatre: Attack
:devil: Rapidmon Rappid blaster

Before :devil: Rapidmon could deliver the attack he fell on the floor laphing from the Laphing bombs

De de digivolved to :devil: Terriermon

So Quatre Grabs :devil: Terriermon and run home
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[COLOR=skyblue]"Wow......I'm glad we were'nt that Gargomon."[/COLOR]


[COLOR=skyblue]"What's the matter?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=purple]"I've never seen the digiegg of humor before.."[/COLOR]

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Jokermon de-digivolved back to Terriermon, and fell from the sky,
Lauren caught him neatly.
Terriermon:Whoa, Digivolin takes alot out of you*falls asleap:sleep: *
Lauren notices a girl and a flying bat watching nearby.
She walks over to her.
???:Hi, im Catlin, your digimons pretty kool.
Lauren:Thanks!*looks at Bat*, erm, whats that?
Catlin:Thats my digimon, Demidevimon.
Lauren nods with Terriermon snoozing softly in her arms
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at Quatre's house :devil: Terriermon finaly stoped laphing :devil: Terriermon: Lets go show :naughty: Terriermon whos boss Quatre waight till you have more strength and then we will go :devil: Terriermon: just use a power modify card then i will have the power i need Quatre: Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
****Digimodifiy Power activate****
(:devil: Terriermon jumped on to his feet and Quatre & :devil: Terriermon went looking for Lauren & Terriermon.

When they found them there was another girl & a demidevimon there but :devil: terriermon didnt care he ran in ready to fight both of them..................
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Quatre slashed a card through the D-power and :devil: Gargomon was standing before them once again.


:devil: [COLOR=red]"Bunny Pellet!"[/COLOR] (Is that right?)

Caitlin jumps in the way,just before the pellets hit...

[COLOR=purple]"DemiDeviMon digivolves to......."[/COLOR]

Quatre[COLOR=red]"What is that ugly thing!?"[/COLOR] :laugh:
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:devil: Gargomon used :devil: Gargolazer

Quatre:Finish IT off ***:devil: Gargomon :flaming: Digivolve to :devil: Rappidmon***

:devil: Rappidmon::devil: Destruction ballet

(Terriermon Jumped in the way)......................................
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Lauren watched in horror as her Beloved Terriermon jumped in the way of the destruction Pellet.
Before LAuren could retrive Terriermon. the pellet exploded and Terriermon flew into Laurens arms, making them both fall down,
Terriermon lay in Laurens arms, Catlin and Vilemon ran toward them.
Lauren looked at Terriermon
Lauren(cocky Smile)How crazy can you get?
Terriermon laughed and said,
Terriermon:Lauren, whats happning to us!
They both started glowing, and coming together
Vilemon:there Bio-Mergeing...
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(cool pic chibiterriermon)

:devil: Rappidmon & Quatre jump in amaze ment what they are bioemergin but how did they do that okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :devil: Rappidmon how are they doing that
:devil: Rappidmon: They have became such good friends.
Quatre: Well why are we not able to do that?????
:devil: Rappidmon: because we are evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Lauren & Terriermon DNA Digivolve to :naughty: AngelGargomon ***

Quatre & :devil: Rappidmon: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quatre: how dare you, :devil: rappidmon i have a DNA digivolve card.........

*************Digimodifie DNA digivolve activate*********

Quatre & :devil: Rappidmon :devil: DNA digivolve to DevilRappidmon
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Its actully Bio-Merge, and me and Terriermon Biomerge to Megagargomon(see pic)

Lauren and Terriermon continued to glow untill they where both fully Biomerged.(im just gonna add some smoke to this:laugh: )After the smoke cleared, there stood a very tall, let me define TALL!:D
The tall figure aimed his HUGE gun(like Gargomon's) at DevilRapidmon.
Megagargomon(T-mon and Laurens voice together)Mega Gargo Blaster!
The huge blast EWmidatlly hit DRMon at amzing speed.After the dust cleared, Quatre lay temmporaily uncouncious with :devil: Terriermon following.
Lauren and Catlin ran over to them.
Catlin:should we help him?
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[COLOR=indigo]"You'll have nightmares for the rest of your life!"
"Nightmare Shocker![/COLOR]

The attack knocks :devil:Terriermon back seveal feet.
Then,for an odd reason, he starts squirming.

[COLOR=skyblue]"What's happening?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]"He's having a nightmare!"[/COLOR] :laugh:
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:devil: Terriermon is liying on the floor Quatre run's over and picks him up im his arms Lauren looks at Quatre and there is a tear in his eye.
Quatre Says to Lauren
Quatre: why did you stop him from killing :devil: Terriermon?

Lauren: Because I couldnt stang there and see a Tamers Digimon Die.

Quatre: Thanx i feel weard


Quatre's D-power & :devil: Terriermon Start to glow Quatre's Crest apears in frount of him and changes from All Dark To wight

Quatre: Lauren thanx but why did you save him?????????????

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  • 3 weeks later...
meanwhile the child in north america was wonder how many darn emails e cookies this digimon could eat it had just got done eating it's 20th email and 30th e cookie and was just about to grow bigger to it intraining form PINOMON DIGIVOLVES TO
KORAMON!with that he pop out of the computer and landed in the childs lap.
the other child was wondering how her digimon had got here currently she guess it would get bigger at least one more time to rookie if not champion. but she hope it didn't get TOO big or she might have a hard time hideing her new freind finnaly sadasfied that her new friend was comfortable and safe she headed to bed.
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Quatre: Thanx

Lauren: why do you want to fight me

Quatre: it was just a weard felling in me to fight you.

Lauren: So do you still want to fight me.

Quatre: i dont know im so confused.
(Quatre bursts in to tears and runs off yelling "im so confused what is happening to me!!!!!!" :devil: Terriermon runs after him.)
Take it a way chibiTerriermon (Lauren & Terriermon)
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the next morning the boy checked to see if his digimon parter was safe and all that had happened last night was not a dream but it was not he wonder if he could hide him for much longer if his freind got much bigger he would be found out before long al he could hope for now was that the food he had taken for him was not notice as missing.
she noice in the morning that her digimon freind had digivolved AGAIN! now she was a rookie she hope that her freinds next form was not much bigger then this one or she could not possable had it as a stuffed animal. the rookie called herself dark salamon.
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(at Quatre's house)

:devil: Terriermon has de digivolved and changed back to a digi egg and uatre has found a blue card but....

Quatre: i want to use this card but i dont understand what is happaning to me.

Quatre's computer starts to talk it is :devil: Terriermon's voice

:devil: Terriemon: What is wrong with me i feel weard (he studers) .......... where is my body im in the computer

Quatre: what is happening to us i will use the blue card to bring you back but i dont know if you will change or not i wish i knew what was happening.

(The Blue Card Swipes it self threw the D-Power )

Quatre: what!!!!!!!!!!!

A light comes out of the computer and splits in to and enters the digiegg and the D-Power.

...........:devil: Terriermon's Digiegg Digivolve to.....

:naughty: (Angel) Terriermon

Quatre: Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sighs darn it if you get any bigger you'll have to sleep in the basement repiles the boy from america to his new freind that has grown now to it rookie stage ugamon

ugamon: so what so bad with the basement?

boy: well it is dusty and it has rats in it

ugamon ahhhhh well we cna always scare them away!

boy : you are too ove confenente.

ugamon thanks!

girl: well i hope you don't get any bigger

as always the digimon grow to fast and now darksalamon is called agotomon a champion level digimon.

agotomon: well i think i only get bigger if i got a crest sighs.

girl well that s a relief

agotomon: yeha i like being a big kitty trough

girl well then go catch some mice k?

agotomon SURE!
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