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HLapel: Hey. This is Spikey from otakuboards, you don't go there but I am N-mans little brother. So ho9wde.
DesertShadow72: why do people still IM me from there??
HLapel: dont know
HLapel: if you dont want to talk to me say it
DesertShadow72: lol
DesertShadow72: okay
HLapel: so you dont want to talk to me
DesertShadow72: well, not really
DesertShadow72: see
DesertShadow72: i don't know you
DesertShadow72: so there's no point in developing a relationship
DesertShadow72: it won't go anywhere
DesertShadow72: now, if i knew you, then i'd love to
DesertShadow72: but you see, there's no point
HLapel: well you could get to me right here
DesertShadow72: get to know you, you mean?
HLapel: yeah
HLapel: whatever
HLapel: i cant speak veryw well
DesertShadow72: i cooooould, but there's no point
DesertShadow72: that's okay
HLapel: yes there is
HLapel: we could be friends
DesertShadow72: explain the point please
HLapel: only if you would like to talk to me
DesertShadow72: and whats the point in friendship?
DesertShadow72: to feel loved?
DesertShadow72: when that can so easily be faked
DesertShadow72: to serve someone else?
DesertShadow72: it's a good idea
HLapel: no i8 lie you your drawings so i thought i could bve uyour frined
HLapel: *like
HLapel: please
DesertShadow72: oh i see
HLapel: i just wantto talk to you
HLapel: thats all
HLapel: you get mad or tha
HLapel: iuserend
DesertShadow72: ah, feel free to ask me about drawing then, if that's what this "friendship" is based upon ^_^
DesertShadow72: i'm not mad at all
DesertShadow72: lol
HLapel: nope it is based upon that i like you as a friend
HLapel: but i dont real;ly need drawinb tips

HLapel: but i love your drawins
HLapel: i trace them
HLapel: ur so good
DesertShadow72: lol
DesertShadow72: thanks so much
HLapel: ur welcome
HLapel: s how are you
DesertShadow72: i'm great
DesertShadow72: how 'bout you?
DesertShadow72: see, there's really no point in learning how i am
HLapel: good goodso what you wanlk about
DesertShadow72: cuz it won't ever effect you in the least
HLapel: well your to seirus
DesertShadow72: i derno, nothing
HLapel: just calm down man
DesertShadow72: i'm not usually not serious
HLapel: whatver
DesertShadow72: i'm jes' being... different today, if you don't mind
DesertShadow72: lol
HLapel: i agree about your dissagrement about agreeing
DesertShadow72: i'm actually bouncing up and down in my chair and smiling
DesertShadow72: cuz i'm listening to fun music
HLapel: lol
DesertShadow72: now i'm drumming on the keyboard
HLapel: hahah
DesertShadow72: i want to live each and every second of my life doing something useful
DesertShadow72: but right now, i'm not
DesertShadow72: unless you count me being an example to you as being useful
DesertShadow72: right about now, i should really be replying to an email from a very close friend
DesertShadow72: but that would be difficult to do if i'm still talking to you
DesertShadow72: that is why i got a new SN, so that people from Otaku would stop IMing me, so i could get something else done
DesertShadow72: it's not like i don't like the people at Otaku
DesertShadow72: it's jes' that i'm busy
HLapel: oh so iu guess this is good vye
DesertShadow72: :-D
DesertShadow72: could be, could be
HLapel: ok bye then
DesertShadow72: you should post this whole conversation on Otaku Boards
HLapel: what why
HLapel: talking to you
HLapel: what for
DesertShadow72: lol
DesertShadow72: just because, i want to see if people would stop IMing me
DesertShadow72: it's an experiment
DesertShadow72: my theory is, that even more people will IM me
DesertShadow72: mostly to ask what the heck i was talking about
HLapel: so you want me to tell themn that i talk to Desert Shadow and he doesnt like people except for me to im them?
DesertShadow72: no.
HLapel: ok what do i tell them
DesertShadow72: i don't want you to say anything. Just copy and paste the whooooole conversation, including this, and put it on OTaku
DesertShadow72: :-)
HLapel: in my sig
DesertShadow72: no, as a thread
HLapel: oh i might be ban though
HLapel: maybe it will get closed
DesertShadow72: hmm.
DesertShadow72: i'll post it then
HLapel: no i will
HLapel: me me me
HLapel: me
HLapel: not you
HLapel: me
HLapel: me
DesertShadow72: lolk okay, do it
DesertShadow72: :-)
HLapel: here i go
HLapel: htis is going to be so mmcuh fun
HLapel: lol
HLapel: heheh

This is on an im so enjoy
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[color=deeppink]Ok, so I guess the point is for everyone to stop IMing DS...even though I bet people IM him because he was a most respected and favorite member.

Spikey, please don't post IM conversations in the future :)[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Desert Shadow [/i]
[B][b]Please don't blame him, i was the one who told him to post it, BabyGirl[/b] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=deeppink]I'm not blaming it on anyone, I'm just asking him, no matter [i]who[/i] asks him to, to not do the same thing in the future.:)[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by BabyGirl [/i]

[color=deeppink]I'm not blaming it on anyone, I'm just asking him, no matter [i]who[/i] asks him to, to not do the same thing in the future.:)[/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

[b]Good stuff! i'm glad to see your still taking your modding seriously BabyGirl ^_^

Yes, Dessert visited me recently, and i do say, he's incredible! Far greater by far.[/b]
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