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Final Fantasy: The Revival of Evil...


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OK, lemme see if I can get this to work this time!!! :rolleyes:


[I]Ryu had just arrived back to his hometown, Alexandrea, after travelling the world, to find it was a mess...Dead bodys were everywhere, and pieces of houses were spread all over the streets.

Ryu was gutted...He couldn't even shed a tear. He ran over to an old man, that was still breathing, and tried to get some imformation about what had happened.

"Tell me, what happened here?"


"What about the mist!?"


"No! Wait! Don't die, damnit!!![/I] :mad:

[I]Then the old man passed away...Ryu suddenly noticed that the castle was completely ripped apart.

He rushed to it, and looked inside...There was nothing but dead bodys everywhere...Ryu then checked in all the other rooms, but it was all the same...Bodies. Dead bodies. Dead, bleeding bodys. He then ran into the only room he hadn't checked: The Queens room.

There she was, Queen Garnet, lying on the floor, dead...



It is 5 years after Garnet became Queen, and as most FF9 players know, the mist has stopped coming out of the Lifa Tree, so life has been pretty peaceful so far.

To sign up you just put your characters starts like this:

Name: Ryu

Height: 5' 6

Age: 20

Weapon: Mithril Dagger (Not allowed the good ones yet!)

Magic speciality: White Magic - Curing techniques

Personality: Ryu is usually calm, but if anybody ever gets him angry, the next thing they see is a pointy end of Ryus dagger in their face!

Appearance: (I've put a picture of what he looks like in the attachment, just remember to make his sword be a dagger and his hair black! ;))
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I'll join.

Name-Kain Strife



Weapon-Green Destiny



Personality-Calm and quiet.He can turn mean and harsh in a second.

Apperance-He has blue hair and dresses like Goku eccept he has black pants and a black shirt.Here is a pick of my characters face.
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Name - Cid

Height - 6'1"

Age - 16

Weapon - Various Spears, starts with Dragon Lance.

Limits - Hyper Jump, Blood Lust, Rush *strong charge*, Ultimate End.

Magic - Cure, Cura, Curaga, Thunder, Thundera, Thundraga, Bio.

Personality - Very outgoing and energetic, Alough always takes an opponent seriously.

Apperance - Blonde slicked back and spiky hair, very light blue eyes, wears a plain white T-Shirt with a flashy blue and gold vest and dark tan cargo shorts which go down to his mid-shins. Wheres Black boots which go up to his ankles.

Bio - The son of Regement Cid, he was raised idolizing Zidane, always wanting to have adventures. He tryed to go along with his father In the great air battle against Memoria, be was forced to stay at home. He was trained in spear fighting for many years and longs for something to happen.
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