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Gaming Lost Kingdoms

Dragon Warrior

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This game looks freakin' awesome. It's for GameCube, of course. I'm getting it when I go to the market next. I read about it in my Nintendo Power and it seems to be a game about a kingdom lost in a mist of monsters and the only survival is in a princess with her cards which can summon over 100's of awesome monsters.

This game seems like another pokemon to some, but trust me, it's not. These monsters aren't cute and cuddly. Good graphics of course, but that's not what makes it great. I'll get this game and play it forever. I'm sure my friends will want it also.

[SIZE=1]the game's cover[/SIZE]
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Guest Morph
I have heard and read about this game. Its suppose to be pretty good, I may make my friend rent the game or he will suffer!
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Lost Kindoms rocks!!!!!!! i never rent games.i seem to have ood tates cause i just buy them and hope a like them.i always do.

And finally a rpg game for nintendo without turn-based battle style!!!! RPG fans rejoice a new era of role plying!!!!

I personally love fantasy/monster stuff.This to me is gift from heaven!!!! There is only one word to describe it: Awesome
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Well I've had this game for like 2 weeks now.

It isn't getting good ratings, but I'm not sure why. The battle system is very unique and entertaining once you get used to it.

The graphics are probably on par with most DC games. The style though is amazing, and the character designs are great despite the somewhat low poly models.

Music is geneally forgetable, and the the main title theme is simply crap. The sound effects are cool though. Everyone you talk to has some Japanese word they yell at you when you start a converstation, which I thought was cool.

The battle system involves getting cards. You are allowed 30 cards per deck, and only one deck can be used in each area. You can leave and enter an area whenever you want if you run out of cards though.

You can buy new cards, you will also find them... Generally the best thing to do is to try and capture a monster. You use a "card capture throw" on an enemy and if he is weak enough he will be added to your card collection. However, using the card capture throw wastes cards and it doesn't always work.

As for fighting... well Katia cannot attack at all. You run out of cards and you are screwed. Thankfully some cards allow you to bring cards out of the used pile so you can use them again. Some cards allow Katia to attack, some cast spells and some summon a monster like in FF. You can use 4 cards at once, and each are assigned to a different face button. Once you get used to it , it's pretty cool.

The game is short though, like 10 hours. But I certainly think it's worth pickin up.

Sorry about the long post *-*.
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well my friend just got it and it looks good.The game takes no time at all to learn.Though for some reason it reminds of the Castlevania for N64.but it looks like a great game to me.I cant wait till i get it.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SemjazaAzazel [/i]
Sorry about the long post *-*. [/B][/QUOTE]

Heh heh, no need to be sorry. That was a nice post. It's good to see people put time into what they write. :toothy:

Now, the concept of creating an action rpg game based on playing cards seems a little unorthodox at first, but the developers of Lost Kingdoms have taken an obscure concept and made it work.

The GameCube isn't rich in the rpg department yet, so I feel that it's nice to have an innovative title with deep character customization.

I have to admit that the lack of physical inteaction in this game (mainly in battles) seems like a turn-off, but hardcore gamers should always give strange concepts a try.

The game combines elements from battle and strategy games, while keeping stats, collecting and combining in the formula.

The flat characters and plot are the game's main downfalls though.
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Guest Deranged Gerbil
I have seen a few trailors for it and the game is looking pretty damn sweet, the game GC needs more rpg's and lets hope this will be the first of many good rpg's to come
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Lost Kingdoms is a great game. I liked it. Its fun to beat and then play again different levels again. Well my fav card I have yet to get because its so hard to get, but the best card I have is the God of Destruction. Its can transform into a Doppleganger and it goes around the stage and kills the first thing it touchs, instantly. I really want it, but it takes 9999exp. to get. That really sucks, but worth trying for.
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