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Shinra is gone. Sephiroth is dead. Cloud and his friends have been heros around the world for 30 years. However, a new threat is rising. The monsters in the Mako Reactors have matured. They have broken out. The Mako beings are attaking every inhabited area on the Gold Saucer continent. Nibelheim and Rocket Town have fallen. Cosmo Canyon is almost gone. Every survior is flocking to the Gold Saucer. It has become the Headquarters for the resistance. No longer is it a place for fun and enjoyment. Now it is a compound for discovering new weapons for the battle with the Mako Beings. They cannot be fought against with magic, for they are living materia. You are the new group of recruits to replace the ones that died in he raid on Nibelheim. Good luck.

----This is what I need from you... You can't be Cloud or Barret or anyone. You can't be a child of a hero either.


Here's mine-
NAME: Ryan Schezar
AGE: 25
WEAPON: Bladed Whip
BIO: I was born about 10 years before Cloud and his team saved the world. I watched the spectacle of Holy saving the planet through ten-year-old eyes, from the top plate in Midgar. It was burned in my memory forever. Since there was no more SOLDIER I trained as hard as I could. My parents died in a fire when I was 16. I contiued to train in memory of them. When the Mako Beings appeared I took the chance to travel from Junon, across the sea to the Gold Saucer.
APPEARENCE: 6', Brown eyes, Blonde hair, slightly muscular
SKILLS: Speed- My speed is my greatest asset. I can outrun anyone.
HandEye- My hand eye coordination is incredible. I tested myself in a simulator in Midgar while the power was still on.
PERSONALITY: Quiet, Observant, Serious
ITEMS:35 Hi-Potions
5 Gernades
2 Ethers
1 Tetra Elemental
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]NAME: Vukodlak Stavis
AGE: 22
WEAPON: Twin Scimitars
BIO: Vukodlak Stavis was born, abandoned, and left to die. He was taken in by a family of assasins. Knowing no other life, they educated Vukodlak in their dark craft. Vukodlak left them when he was 15, after suffering severe mental problems that stil occasionly haunt him.
APPEARENCE: 6 ft tall, with inky black shoulder length hair. Vukodlak is slender, although it is hard to tell due to his concealing black clothing that in no way hinders his movement.
SKILLS: Agility, knowledge of assasination techniques (poisons etc)
PERSONALITY: Dark, silent, melancholy.
ITEMS: None. (Prefers to rely on his own means)[/font][/color]
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NAME: Gregory Stanton
AGE: 25
WEAPON: Twin Colts
BIO: Gunslinger from out towards Nibelheim. His father was murdered by an uknown assasin. He spent most of his life searching for his fathers murderer. Then when the recent events broke out, he joined the resistence at Gold saucer.
APPEARENCE: 5'10" Close cropped black hair. Always wheres his grey overcoat and black sunglasses.
SKILLS: Has excellent Marksmenship. Also very Agile.
PERSONALITY: Serious, but out spoken. Not afraid of offending anyone. Sometimes quite, other times in your face. Depends on who you are.
ITEMS: 3 X-Potions
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NAME: Pheobe Aquas
AGE: 22(in appearance) in actuality she is 3 years old.
WEAPON: Charge Buster
BIO: Pheobe is actually an android, the most advanced type ever made. She was designed, developed and made at the Gold Saucer to be a tour guide at that time she had appeared to be human perfectly but when the mako monsters appeared she was reprogrammed. With her new free will and an urge to kill monsters added with a small enhancement which would be her left hand removed and replaced with a charge buster that includes several materia slots.
APPEARENCE: Pheobe stands about 5'4" tall with long flowing blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. She wears a tight short black dress and always walks around barefooted.
SKILLS: Scan-Her superior programming and composite materials has given her a natural scanning ability to tell generally how strong her opponants are... Self Repair-Part of her construction includes a housing of nano repair machines that work to reconstruct her if she is ever damaged.
PERSONALITY: Suprisingly Human, Sometimes cheerful but mostly just a logical robot
ITEMS: 1 mega-elixer
1 Materia(to be decided.)
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