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ok here it is (crosses fingers)this occurs B4 the Kokiri extintion. Link, just hoping for a few days of normal life. (Lets face it saving Hyrule continuesly kinda bites after awaile.) decides to head to the lost woods to see his friends again. As he heads back to the woods, he stops for a break. All of a sudden, from nowhere, golden beam comes down from the sky and surrounds Link. he is sucked up by the beam and beamed to a place that has lost its magic, a place where elves and dragons dont exist,a place where guns and bulletproof vests have taken the place of swords and sheilds.Its a place where pointed ears are considered freaky. Its a place called Earth. Link now a total outsider and now being hunted by those who dont understand must find those who still have the belivif to help him return to his home.

we will need 5 people (an estimate)of both good and bad, good guys help and bad guys wanna hunt him down because they are afraid (you know how it is lol) bad guys are like bounty hunters or cops or the national guard!

(yes you CAN use guns and swords but no real big guns ok?)
good or bad:

ps sry but Link is taken sry about that
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name: Karina
age: 15
weapons: a smaller sword, throwing stars
good/bad: good
personallity: shes caring and smart she knows things you wouldnt think she would know. She likes keeping to herself. She hates fighting but will fight if she has to.So when she does fight its for a good reason. She honestly doesnt exactly know what to make of Link yet.

description:an average teen small but quick shes 5'8 with light brown hair and hazel/golden coloured eyes. Shes smaller in build she likes wearing her cloak with the hood up.

History: she lived with grandparents. Her grandfather taught her magic so she can do some pretty cool spells. but then both her grandparents died so she had to fend for herself making her more edgy around other people. she heard of this freak on the loose and since she knew of where he was she decides to help a fellow outcast out only to find out she got alot more than she barganed for.
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[color=indigo]Yay, I'm finally back! Thanks for letting me be Link, this will be fun!

[b]Name:[/b] Link

[b]Age:[/b] 19 (I'm guessing this is set awhile before A Link to the Past, so I'm guessing he'd be around this age).
[i]Master Sword[/i] - A sword that can shoot magical beams of energy when the users life is full.
[i]Mirror Shield[/i] - A shiny, magical shield that can deflect both magical and physical attacks.
[i]Bow & Silver Arrows[/i] - A long-range weapon, with magical arrows that are even stronger than the Master Sword.
[i]Magic Boomerang[/i] - A bright red Boomerang that flies very far before returning to the user. It can also pick up items and carry them back to the user.
[i]Bombs[/i] - Bombs that are round, black spheres with a wick coming out of the top. They can fit in the palm of your hand, but explode with tremendous force.

[b]Good or Bad:[/b] Good

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment, only with the Master Sworld and Mirror Shield instead of the Fighter's Sword and Fighter's Shield.

[b]Personallity:[/b] Confident and courageous, Link knows what he's doing. Having been on adventures and been in great danger many times before, so he keeps his cool even in the heat of battle. Sometimes he can be a little cocky, but he wouldn't do anything that would put his friends in danger.[/color]
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Age: 16

Weapons: Large sword, used by one hand or two if needed


Personality: Very very stong willed, he is couragious, and believes in him self very stongly. Crash is a born hero...

Apperance: Crash wears no shirt but baggy black pants. He has two platnuim arm bands. His hair is silver, as well as his eyes. he is about 6 feet tall, and very hansome.

Bio: Crash was left in the woods by his parents when he was only one year old, He raised himself and has fought hardly throughout his life, now at the age of 16, he has gone searching for other humans...
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Name: Happy. The Mask sales man
age: 35
weapons: His Masks, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
good or bad: Good
personallity: An annoying idiot (The Comic Relief. I will try not to get too wild)
Bio: Happy has taken up the job of a gun shop owner. He wears a human mask so he doesn't get chased. He came to earth before Link because he was bansihed from Hyrule and sent to an unknown demnsion which happened to be earth.
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Name: Smoke
Age: 21
Weapons: Twin Katana's
Side: Bad (someone has to do it)
Personality: Ruthless. Will do anything for a certain price.
Bio: Ruthless Assassin. He was let out of prison to hunt this "Alien" down. He is usually closely watched by feds to make sure he doesnt try to get away. But do to the goverment paying him a large sum of money and freeing him upon the "Aliens" capture, he plans on sticking around and doing the job.
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Name: Gary Dor
age: 36
weapons: modified 9mm and 3 extra clips
good or bad: Bad
personallity: Coldly logical, Malicious, Relentless, Highly intelligent.
background: Not much is known about Gary except that he is a recent addition to the FBI with absolutely no history, social security number or anything, it's as if he never existed.
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name: kredion


weapons: a modifyed sniper rifle and a set of metal knuckles

good or bad: bad bad bad lol

personallity:well lets see he wants to STEAL LINK AND TURN HIM IN TO A slightly MODIFYED HUMAN WHAHAHHAHHAHA!

mind if i get the ability to turn in to a were cat?it would be human
dna spliceing stuff lol
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Name: Shining

Age: 17

Weapons: A gigantic axe

Good or Bad: Evil

Personalality: A very insane person. Dreams of world domination. Tortures his enimies, and never gives up.

Appearence: Shining wears all black and doesn't care what you think about it.

Bio: Shining is a very ill-tempered phsyco path that was discovered as a boy by Ganondorf. Soon Ganon morphed him into the perfect right hand man.
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Name: Agent Smith
age: 25
Good or bad: not just bad.....EVIL :devil:
weapons: Desert Eagle, Shotgun, Knife and contacts that are very dangerous people

Descripyion: He has long Black hair but pulled back in a quif, with a black suit and contacting earpiece. check out what he kinda looks like except teh hair, [URL=http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/img/hugo2.jpeg]Here[/URL]

personallity: He is one of the main FBI agents, he is a very dangerous man when you get on the wrong side of him.
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