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Sign Up Everworld Re: the new begining


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okay ive just started reading these everworld books and they are really good so i wanted to start a thread.
im qoutint the book"there is place that shouldn't exist. But Does. and there are creatures that shouldn't exist. but do. welcome to a land where all your dreams and nightmares are very real- and often deadly. Welcome to Everworld."
the plot : a group of kids are hanging out behind a building and a figure shaped like a wolfs head protrudes from the wall they look at each other and see there skin turning inside out all of a sudden a girl(also a very good freind of theirs) that is ten feet away walking toward them is snatched up by the figure as it goes back into the wall they all run to try and stop the figure but get sucked in the wall and wake up on the other side hanging from a cliff with razor sharp rocks protruding from the ground and a large castle above they see a ship coming toward a small beach...

sign up stuff:

race:i need 4 people counting me to be human, and the other races are hetwan, aztec, mexica, viking, dwarves, troll,humans(the ones in everworld)
items: one person besides me may have a book bag with 10 items(no guns or knives except a swiss army one but you may take swords of enemys)


name:Angel Isis
Alias:angel or ice wichever you prefer
race: human/ wiccan in training
items in my bookbag are: 1 notebook, 1 pencil case (with pens pencils and a pencil sharpener)1 full bottle of pain killers, sweater, calculator, pocket knife,2 bottles of evian water,a book titled"ancient myths and tales" and her journal.
appearence:long blond hair with red highlights, blue eyes, and freckles, she wears blue jeans and a a pale blue t-shirt with Ice embroidered on it.

note:one person may have preminissions, and one may be wiccan.

we will start at the begining before they are sucked into everworld i hope this will be fun ^.^
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Guest PyroMaster
my sister forced me into this....

name: Alex Hernandez
Alias: Pyro
race: human
items: $50.00 and a pocket knife
appearance: 5'6" brown hair and blue eyes blue jeans and a tee shirt.
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