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Guest ShatterdTears

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Guest ShatterdTears

empty tears on endless nights

dreary winds blow left then right

darkened clouds hover over my place

jet black shadows hide my face

flowing like the rain that drains

my tears are symbols of infinite pain

the skys are grey as is my heart

my soul feels trapped and torn apart

walls closing in, i feel so trapped

haunting nightmares of my hurtful past

falling freely, but there is now end

no one to help me, no help, no friend

no one understands the pain i know

i won't tell a soul why my tears flow

these trials overcome, my life they claim

the tears that represent their tormenting pain

bumps on my road with puddles of tears

from bottled emotions of those forgotton years
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Guest ShatterdTears
[B]I drift away
From everyone
No ones with me
To comfort or talk to
They cant understand
Whats inside
I need a hand to hold
And tell me why
I cant see whats to come
Or whats to become of me
A tear falls
From my eyes
Emptiness is the sound that kills me now
I've got to find my soul
Find my life
Find what I really want to tell me how
It stings my heart
Stings my eyes
Got to find myself
So I'll be just fine
Calling your name
No one there
Cant tell where its the beginning or the end
Ask the world
Whats my purpose?
But no ones there to look or wonder why
I cant be found
In this dark
Nothing to see
Or to hear
So I find myself
Find what Im looking for
Twice I see the meaning inside me
So Im not broken
I have survived
This is me and I dont wonder why
I've got the hand
To hold onto
I've got the one to fly me away
Through the air
Through the sky
I see now where I have to go sometime
Is not for me
I've become who I want to be


My heart is a worthless object
It has been broken over and over
Fallen but not catched
Shattered all over the floor
Please come back and put it back together
Make me feel something other than this pain
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