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ok, well, I sorta took this off a korean movie called shiri...
It's about a hi-tech (sorta) south korean army and an 8th army in north korea ( no one even in north korea knows about their plan)
The presidents have decided to reunite the two countries after watching the world cup tournament. (in this, north korea was qualified for the games) The 8th nk base also wants reunification but, not really the simple way... they want war. The army bases both have two main spies on the job,- and a couple o others...
the sk army has just recieved a chemical-bomb called ctx.
it can destroy Seoul in just minutes of heat. The 8th base has gotten a hold of it after slaughtering the ones that were supposed to deliver it.... the main spy knows where they are all the time,....
- make up a play for this story... I sorta didn't like the ending as much as I could of... so... Let's see what u can come up with...

Please include info in these fields,

Which side:
weapons: (eh,.... doesn't HAVE to be real,... but nothing like lightsabers,.... that makes it too easy)
job:(just police, army, spy, whatever that leads to some sort of army)
Allies/friends: ( people u can trust 100%)

ok, I hope this goes well.... any questions? feel free to ask...

-and make up u own char.... not using regular, unless u've already seen it....
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