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[i]3 years after Takato and the tamers save the real world from the D-reaper 4 dark tamers come to the digital world with there digimon BlackWargreymon (this ones pure evil people not the dead S2 one) Metalmeramon, SkullMamothmon,Millenniummon, ChaosPiedmon, (just like piedmon just diffrent attacks) DarkGargomon, and Blackomnimon (fic digimon) destroy most of the digital world and make it ther own.

Back in the real world a boy name Zach Matsuko is walking whne he see's a portal.............a digital one he remembered well the Digimon that destroyed the D-reaper so he was atonished to find a portal to the digital world he quickly ran home grabed some thing s and came back to the portal when he got there a digivice and a shadow was there when the shadow came into the light it was a Guilmon and it claimed to be his partner. So the Guilmon told him about the tamers and they went through the portal to the digimon world. When they got there it was destruction and dry land a little Veemon and a digimon called Jedimon (fic) came up to them and wanted to join them to beat the tamers. so they set of on a new journey.

Ok this is what you need to fill out.

Name: Zach Matsuko
Age: 12 (optional)
Digivce info:D-arc and it's Crystal
Digimon: Guilmon, veemon, and Jedimon (you may have up to 3 )
Digimon info:
(Attakcs may be posted if wanted)
Bio: Zach Matsuko was born in Tokyo and loved digimon at a young age when he got older and saw that digimon were real he kept wishing he had one untill know.
Personallity: Nice and likes to have new friends and is sometimes sensitve and explodes his anger.
1. You may battle other digimon that are evil.
2. Your digimon may come back as an egg then a baby if it's data is not asorbed.
3.Calumon may be a digimon fighting on your team.
4. No cheapness like destroying all the dark tamers digimo in one hit take some damage give some back.
5. You may fight other tamers.
Well thats it untill we have some poeple who want to play.
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