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Gaming Twisted Metal: Black Help Needed


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If you've played this game, I need some help. I've unlocked all the characters, including Minion, but I'm having trouble unlocking two multiplayer battlefields. They are the Power Plant and Prison Passage. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work.
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[I]To unlock the [B]Power Plant[/B] level[/I], head down to the bottom of the Snowy Roads stage with the gas station and the long building. Drive over to the barricade and blast them away. Drive down and there should be a small flat area. Once down there, turn right and drive up the hill. Slightly over that hill is the black cube tucked away.

[I]To unlock the [B]Prison Passage[/B] battleground,[/I] head up to the carnival section of the Suburbs level. Then jump to the nearest depot building. From there, jump across the buildings until you reach one with a block on it. Destroy it and grab the black cube to unlock the Prison Passage.
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This is basically what Charlie said, but it's step-by-step, and a bit more descriptive:

1.Go to the farris wheel area of the suburbs.

2.Find the gas tank on the hill of the enterance of the farris wheel area.

3.Run into it and keep driving
(You will go on top of the building of where you get Warthog)

4.Do NOT go into the hole on the building.

5.Instead just jump to the building to your left

6.Then use your turbo and jump to the building to your right.

7.There is a structure on the building,blow it up and it will reveal a black cube.

8.Hit the cube and a message will tell you that you unlocked the Prison Passage.

Source: GameFAQs (I am legally required to do this, apparently)
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